Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fairy Moon - Challenge of '08

Lookie here...Mirabilia Fairy Moon by Nora Corbett!

This is my huge challenge of '08. I can do it...there's no question about me being able to do this piece. The challenge lies in whether or not I can actually finish it in 2008. Another challenge may be whether or not I will go berserk by the sheer size and monstrosity of the piece, by the amount of white I will have to stitch because of her dress or by the amount of beading I will have to do. What whole moon is stitched out of beads! But I love her...she is beautiful and I already know I will have to go get her professionally framed and she will have a prime spot in my bedroom over my dresser. I have been drooling over this piece for at least 5 years. Wow, I can't believe the chart has been in my stash that long. I finally became active about trying to work on this piece last year. Fairy Moon is a great example of how my stash grew. I bought the fabric and threads as indicated on the chart and then I realized that stitching a fairy that is looking at a moon on brown fabric is ridiculous! Since when has the sky ever been brown when the moon's been out?! Nora? What were you thinking suggesting that? So, I began a search for appropriate fabric and I chose Tumult by Sugar Maple Fabrics. Beautiful fabric...Mindy knows how to hand dye some fab fabric but Tumult wasn't quite right. It came out lighter than the picture on the website and the lighter blue-gray threads and beading would have gotten lost in the fabric which was a mottled blue and white like blue sky with white clouds. Very pretty...but not quite right.

Third try is always the charm. In the picture is my final color choice. Fairy Moon will be stitched on Dragon Moon by Sugar Maple Fabrics. Its a beautiful navy blue color with white and purply-gray splotches. It kind of looks like a stormy blue sky. Perfect! May the moon in the sky guide the fairy to her dreamy destination.

I'm hoping to have a start on Fairy Moon this holiday weekend but probably won't post a progress picture for a couple of weeks as I'm sure I won't have anything decent to share before then!


Carol R said...

A great choice of fabric. I look forward to watching your progress.
I have only just found your blog and enjoyed reading past posts. Being a Brit I had not heard of the Brown Twins but I googled them and today I learned something new - thank you!

Ann Marie said...

I love the new fabric for Fairy Moon. I also loved how artistically you set everything up to take the picture; it looks professionally done. =)