Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Busted Ass!

I am now sporting a bruise bigger than the size of my hand on my ass. Lovely...I always did say that I was graceful! NOT!

So how did I fall...I was rushing down the stairs in my "vegas heels" to meet V#3 for our second date and my heel slipped out from under me. Owww! I slipped and slid down about four stairs and handed on my left butt cheek and left elbow. Both are looking pretty purply. I spent the last two days sitting on an icepack!

Luckily I didn't break anything and was able to muster enough energy to get up, meet V#3 downstairs and last thoughout the date which was a lot of fun...despite confirmation that V#3 is juggling 5...yes, as in f-i-v-e girls. Grrrr!!

1 comment:

Kelster said...

I think the pain in the ass should have been taken as an omen.

5 girls?? whatever.