Monday, June 13, 2005

Neighbors, My Mom and Boys

And what do all these people have in common? They all drive me crazy! And not in a good way either. For some strange and bizarre reason, I was actually looking forward to today, Monday, because it would bring a really crappy weekend to a close. I hate yea, the weekend wasn't all that great.

Friday: Was probably the highlight of my weekend. I had a friend in from out of town and it was nice to get past a couple of things and just talk. Of course, I am so frazzled, I'm not sure how much I actually retained. Dinner was good despite the rude old biddy that made us move tables. Go C for yelling at the old lady! Even I wasn't about to do that. Apologies were made for the rudeness and Tia Margarita is still on my list for neighborhood mexican. After dinner and a pit stop for dessert, I was in major food coma. "Must go home and sleep NOW" food coma. So I went home and tried to sleep.

This is the part where the neighbors come in. Kel, did you really have to move to Portland?! F-in A...the "bimbette sisters" are at it again. The bimbette sisters are the girls who live directly below me and like to get fucking drunk on Friday and Saturday nights with their boyfriends and they get so damn drunk and loud that it's like they are talking through a megaphone...yet...amazingly they are not. But at 10pm this is annoying. At 2am, it's outright ridiculous. I am tired, in food coma, kinda buzzed and tired. Oh yea, I said tired already. Too tired to put something over my ratty pajamas and yell at the bimbette sister and her boyfriend. Around 3, neighbor B did that for me and yelled at her. But what did that do?! She slams the door and then has an emotional drunk episode. The sobbing, the crying, the yelling with her boyfriend who is trying to calm her down. Umm...helloooo...I can still hear you. Shut the fuck up. SOME people in the building would like to sleep you know. After about 30 minutes of that, it was finally quiet. All I know is that next time, I am calling the police because I am sick of this and it's ruining my beauty sleep. I've been using too much makeup and do I REALLY need to sleep with earplugs in? They are annoying. Earplugs and the neighbors.

I finally fall asleep around 5am and at 8am...BBZZZZZTTTTT!!!!!! Wha?? What's that? It's my super loud, freak me out buzzer. The roofers are ringing ME to let them into the building. So I barely get 3 hours of sleep and then have to deal with pounding on the roof for the next 5 hours while I am in this sleep deprived stupor on my futon while dozing to videos. Saturday sucked ass!

Boys: So Saturday in my stupor...I had 3 boys call me to meet up with them. Ummmm, hellowww boys! Calling a girl to meet up at the last minute is a huge no-no...especially on a Saturday. What the fuck are these guys thinking?! Haven't they learned anything in the online dating world? Obviously instead of drag myself off the futon...remember...I'm working on no meet these boys, I blew them off and went to the movies to see Monster-In-Law, went to Joann's and Nordstrom to wander my evening away.

Mom: My mother is insane and that worries me since she's my mom and I hope that her insanity isn't something I inherited. Sometimes...I think I may have. We were supposed to go do HER errands on Sunday and she calls me at just shy of 10am to tell me she is "too busy" to go and do these errands with me. Let me say that my mother barely leaves the house and if she does, it's to go to the store, bank, post office or doctors...all of which are within a mile radius of the house. I call her and after a much heated debate, find out she's too busy because she has "to make soup". MAKE SOUP! She's crazy! Like making soup couldn't wait. We had made these plans days ago and I made sure not to schedule anything that day so I could take her around. Annoying...

So between neighbors, boys and my weekend was a shambles!

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Kelster said...

Posts like this just make me wish there was something i could do for you :(