Friday, June 03, 2005

Coming Out of the Woodwork

OMG! What is the deal? All the freaks are coming out of the woodwork. At least it's via email so I am not actually physically subjected to it and further tramatized.

First, my brother. Yea, he's my brother and I love him but he's a freak.

Then, CSB and his match weirdness about wanting to say something but not. Total freak!

And now, Bank Guy...he is the King Freak! Well, at least for the week because who knows what next week has in store.

So a little background...Bank Guy was this guy I went out with ONCE about two years ago and it was totally a "pity date". I feel weird saying that but it's true. I ran into him every two weeks when I did the deposit for my boss. He was my teller 8 times out of 10 and after two years doing the deposit, he asked for my name and then for a few months after that would ask for my name again because he had forgotten. Idiot...clue #1...forgetting girls names. So then he asked me for my phone number because he wanted to go out with me. Alright...not totally interested but he was nice despite the name forgetting thing. Why wasn't I interested...hmmmm....he's asian (not what I usually "go for"), he was short (i'm pretty tall) and he has a lazy eye. But he was nice hence the "pity date". The date was AWFUL! Not planned, disorganized, he had a dirty sweatshirt on and when I asked him to take me home, he said, "ok, but I need to stop off and buy my lotto!" at 130AM. That's bad...even worse is that he HAS to go buy it in the MARINA (insert eeewwww! here) and that's a very roundabout way of taking me home. In the days after the date, Bank Guy kept calling and calling and calling and I had to tell him I wasn't interested and he kept calling and calling and finally stopped. Finally!!

But since I have my face plastered on match (goddammit! When am I gonna meet a cool guy!?), Bank Guy found me as his mug is now gracing the site. Grrrr!!

Email #1:

hey valerie - it's nice to "kinda" see you again - it's been quite a while - let's see, i still live in the city, i still attend mass at st. ignatious regularly though i work in san rafael now - it's so nice out there - but hey, hopefully you can write me back or something - i do hope things are good and well with you - til next time and thanks bank guy-

I ignored the email. Then one week later I get...

Email #2:

why didn't you wanna write back? - just curious : )thanks

I ignored that one too. And then today, I got...

Email #3:

are you upset with me? bank guy-

OH MY GAWD!! He is a stalking freak! Seriously...what is this!? Yea, I rushed onto the site to BLOCK his ass and remove him from searches. Is this guilt trip via email from someone I barely know and only dated once?! At least I know he's working in San Rafael now. I've been avoiding THAT bank branch for over two years now. Seriously. I'm not kidding. I walk three blocks to the next nearest one since I didn't want to be confronted with the freakiness of this Bank Guy. Now I don't have to do that anymore.

So that is the conclusion that things come in three...usually bad...or in this case, freaky.

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