Monday, June 06, 2005

Shout Out...

I thought I'd give a little shout out to my PG friends. Better you than me! Ha... No seriously, I'm happy for you guys. Pu-lease don't ask me to babysit though. I don't know why babies like to spit up on me. So, I'd rather not be by myself with them until they know how to keep food down and are out of diapers. So not ready for that road right now. I still need to find Mr. Right. Hellllooooo, Mr. Right where the fuck are you? I'm getting tired of dating...and the FREAKS. *sigh*

Anyways, to S...thanks for the visit on Saturday and congratulations to you and V#1. I'm really happy for you guys!

And to Kel, the loud mouth commenter on the board and my old neighbor who would feed me ALL the time, congrats to you and K on the anticipation of "alien" baby. I'm excited! I miss you! I guess you have enough practice to be a mom since you fed me and still give me loads of "tough love" and have a kabillion cats! Dude, many cats!

Congratulations to you both!

1 comment:

Kelster said...

WOO HOO! I finally made the blog!

We miss you too. I will be down there soon and we can teach you how to cook. Well, at least I can cook you enough meals to last a week or so.

We have to get you up here too.

And we do NOT have too many cats. Your trying to pretend we do is not going to make me give up the Fuzzybutt.

Notice I did not argue the "loudmouth" comment?