Friday, June 03, 2005

Things of Three...Good or Bad?

So things of three...are they good or bad? People always say bad things come in three. But what about good things?!

So this week, I am supposed to have a meet up date with a match guy...I'll call him V#3. I wonder if this will be a good date because I already know a V#1 and a V#2 and they are great friends, good guys and (obviously) have the same name as V#3. I wonder if this is a good omen. All the guys I have met with this name are great guys!

I guess only time will tell. I'll find out Wednesday. I have come to the realization that whenever I am on the phone with V#3...I become a chatterbox. What is up with that?! He's new on match which means he is overwhelmed from being bombarded with girls contacting him. How many he's juggling, I've no idea. So he is juggling girls, starting a new job based in SF but headquartered in New York and did I mention he's moving up to SF from Central California? Yea, what the heck is this boy thinking. I would have already cracked under the pressure but he seems to be a good juggler. Ummm....good juggler...this could be bad...for me. So he moves to SF we speak. He is driving up with a month's worth of supplies to live in corporate housing before he finds an apartment and moves everything next month.

Seriously...don't know if this is good or bad. Only meeting him will tell me anything. I just hope he's not a freak. I mean...last week was full of them! I need a break.

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