Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Return of CSB..

This seems to be the day for interesting emails to share.

Back in February, I dated CSB (cat stench boy) for three dates. He seemed nice if not a little indecisive about date planning. One thing that drives me nuts is boys who can't plan a date...or at least come up with options to pick from. As a girl, I like dates semi-planned...because hellow(!), I plan enough at work! But with CSB, I did all of the planning...annoying! So by date #3, I met him at his place (everything was very worries or "scoop" there) and was assaulted by cat stench. We went out, saw a movie, had dinner and then went back to hang out and talk. By the end of the night, I had a headache from breathing in cat stench and there was no way in hell I could picture myself "getting it on" in a place that smelled like cats. Seriously...ewww!! Yea, wasn't gonna happen not to mention, we didn't really have much in common beyond movies, tv and being "low-key" people. But he was TOO low-key...he was dressed in a faded company logo tee shirt and ratty chinos for our 3rd date. I like casual but dating is about going out and having fun and not going out with a girl you may or may not want to be your GF in clothes you lounge around the cat stench apartment in. So I let CSB go, he didn't take it all that well and I moved on to date the many guys that have filtered in and then out of my life.

So I notices CSB checking out my profile on match since that site has become so incredibly voyueristic. Why is he checking me out? We've dated and I gave him the boot. He thought I was a bitch for doing so. At some point last month, I clicked on his profile and he changed it all around. If this was the profile he had up when he initially contacted me...I would never have gone out with him. He sounds like a bitter freak! So over the course of the last month, he's checked on my profile. I may have checked his but I am pretty sure I was logged off the site when I checked.

So last night, as I was running out to do laundry, I saw I got an email from him (!). This is what he had to say:

Hey Valerie,It's CSB*, I've noticed you on match and It seems you want to say something to me or you want me to say something to you? Or maybe I'm wrong and completely misreading it, I've been known to do that. So I thought I would send you a email and see if there's anything to be said?If I'm wrong about this than I apologies for bothering.CSB

What?! What does he think I have something to say...and what does he think I would even say? That I realized he was the guy for me and I would love to take him, his two cats and his cat stench apartment?! Yea, I don't think so. Dream on!

But seriously...what's his deal? I am NOT writing him back. I don't need more drama than I already have, thankyouverymuch!

Note to those thinking about getting a cat or already having cats...especially guys:
1. Clean out litterbox frequently and throw out grody litter OUTSIDE so that the stink is outside living area.
2. Ventilate! Get screens or whatever and OPEN windows and sliding doors to get air circulation in the apartment.
3. Vacuum and/or sweep frequently to get cat hair off the carpet, floor, furniture. I mean jeez, I have enough or my own hair shed all over me...I don't need cat hair thrown into the mix.
4. Air freshener can do wonders! Better yet, one of those ionizer thingies from Shear Image.

Hmm, that's all I can think about for now considering I don't even HAVE a cat...but isn't that common sense stuff?

* CSB...obviously not his real name. Must protect the innocent...or at least make it more difficult for them to find me and the things I say about them on my blog.


Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me he emailed you? Why? Is it b/c he saw that you secretely checked his profile out? Match has become so bizarre.


Kelster said...

First off, kudos for using the word "grody". I have not seen that in ages.

Second, wow. I wonder if there is not some type of male logic that says that if you pursue a woman just the the point before she files a restraining order, that she will realize she misunderstood you and that you really are the irrisistable key to her happiness that you fantasize you are.

Third, I hope you dont refer to us as the "cat stink neighbors"