Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bookcase, Stash and Date #3

So far, it's been a busy weekend. Friday was a god-awful day and everyone was asking me if Iwas pms-ing. Geez, like a girl can't have a bad day without it being contributed to hormones. No, it wasn't that lovely time of the month. I ended up being the only one in the office on Friday as all kinds of stuff was hitting the fan. I had to deal with people who didn't follow procedures, people who didn't follow instructions, things falling on my desk with a deadline of "five minutes" and dealing with my own self-imposed deadlines that I was trying to accomplish. I was a stress case. But I was ecstatic once 5pm rolled around. My friend Claire came over to help me drag a new bookcase up to my walk up apartment and assemble it. Yay! I have a new bookcase IN my apartment. New project is to sort my books and make that bookcase look all nice in my apartment. After assembling the bookcase, we grabbed dinner at the corner thai place and went to see 27 Dresses. After such a crazy day, I just wanted to see something funny that didn't require too much thinking. I thought it was a cute film and James Marsden...OMG...such a hottie! I would watch that movie over and over just for him!

On Saturday, I decided to go across the bridge to my almost local needlework shop, Needle in a Haystack. There is actually a needlework shop three blocks from my apartment but they never have what I'm looking for and they are more geared towards needlepoint than anything else there. Plus, NiaH is huge and they have so much selection and so many options that I can spend an entire afternoon there getting lost in the possibilities. Really...I do this all the time and end up leaving the shop 4 hours later! So I will drive across the bay and pay my $4 bridge toll to go to Needle in a Haystack so I can fawn over everything. Plus, most important of all is that I get to see Mary. I love seeing Mary...she always helps me with a smile and she will always give me her opinion on things and anyone who knows me knows that I like a second opinion! I can spend hours paining over a decision and Mary knows how to pull just the right chart or fabric that will win me over! I had gone with the intention of picking up the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow chart that I had put on hold but once I saw it, I wasn't loving it as much. I was loving parts of it...but not the whole thing. And I definitely wasn't loving the Lakeside Linens Vintage Gold fabric that it called for. I was hemming and hawing and I decided to put it back. I still got stash doubt! Here's a picture of all my stash. I got two pieces of fabric. I was going to get the called for cut of Wichelt French Cashmere but in 32 count for Quaker Christmas but they only had 28 count. I liked the French Cashmere until Mary started pulling out all sorts of fabric and I really LOVED the French Latte that she suggested. So I got a good half a yard of that for Quaker Christmas and smaller projects down the line. I also got a small cut of 25 count Jobelan for secret stitching. I got a handful of Week Dye Works floss for a birthday present in July and some stitchers lotion that NiaH has been promoting for months. With the weather, my skin is so dry and the lotion says it is non-oily and will not stain so I'll give it a shot. I can't even imagine what my skin would be like in the Northeast with the constant snow and wind!

And the charts:

The Workbasket: Quaker Pig and Rooster and Lavender Wings: Moonlight in Vermont

OMG...don't you just love the rooster! He's my favorite!

Saturday was also date #3 with the new guy. I still feel mixed. I get frustrated when guys constantly cannot plan a date. I'm pretty old-fashioned when it comes to dating. I like being asked and planned for initially. At least the first handful and I'll put in my ideas and options and plan dates after. It's just that I plan for everyone else on a constant basis that when it comes to a guy taking me out, I kind of like it when the guy is in charge of the plans. I wasn't particularly thrilled with the dinner pick especially as I told him I had been there the day before and he really came up with that at the last minute. I like guys to have plans and be assertive and to be secure within themselves and fun and exciting and culturally aware. I just don't understand why... in a huge city that is amazingly cultural and diverse...I can't seem to find the guy who fits all those attributes.

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Barbeeque4 said...

Love that stash!!!! The rooster is the bomb!!! I gotta have him. I just love Mary, she is the best!!! I need to make a trip in the near future to NIAH as I need some linen for Hannah B.