Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fat Santa Hibernates!

It's February and I finally managed to put away all the Halloween and Christmas decorations that were scattered around the apartment. Yes, I know that those Holidays were ages ago! I was a major scrooge-ette over the holiday season and was lucky I even got decorations out. Once they were out, I liked looking at them and was too lazy to put them away. I had made an attempt a week ago to put the things away and did box up most of the decorations but there were some I forgot about. One was "Fat Santa". I love Fat Santa! He is the project I'm most proud of. Maybe because I actually made him for myself instead of someone else. My sister has a christmas sampler type pillow I made so she can decorate too but Fat Santa is mine! Isn't he cute?! Well, Fat Santa isn't really the name of the chart...I just call him that because he's kind of a fat santa...obviously. This is truly called Two Star Santa by The Design Connection. It's time for him to go into the storage closet until next holiday season.

Bye Fat Santa! I hope you have a good sleep and I'll see you in December!

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