Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Date, Imagiknit, Janeane Garafolo, New Starts and Cleaning

Wow, when I look at my title, it sounds like I had a busy weekend and I did in a way.

Friday was date night with the new guy and I had a really fun time. I'm still having feelings of "nice guy but not exciting" but that's just how I've been feeling about a lot of people lately. They're all nice but I'm not wow'd...yet...I can spend six hours in their company. Because that's just the sort of person I am provided the person I'm with isn't exuding stalker-like psycho tendancies. We had a nice dinner at Nob Hill Cafe and we had a sighting of the "doublemint twins" aka the Brown twins. I had read that Nob Hill Cafe was one of their favorite places and they have a standing reservation there on Friday nights. I was wondering how true that factoid was but low and behold, it was true. They walked in and waved as they made their way to their wndow table. They are such a San Francisco "institution" and I always get a kick when I see them cheesing it up for the tourists and the passer-bys. After dinner, we headed to Vesuvio for a cocktail and a mini-chatfest. Then I felt like walking to see how crazy North Beach was that evening before heading back to the car and the drive home. I should probably go ahead and set up date number three but I'm hesitant because I'm not feeling the crazy butterflies I so desire. I'm going to think about it for a day or so.

On Saturday, I headed to Imagiknit where I stood for an hour in a state of indecision! I think the staff was laughing at me and my hanks of yarn as I stood there trying out different color combinations and different sequences. I finally took the three colors I was trying to decide between to the counter to ask for a different opinion and they were no help! I just couldn't make up my mind. And I finally came to my decision which was the color I had discovered on my initial visit to Imaginknit a couple of weeks ago. The winner is:

Shocking Pink!
This means that my afghan will be more pink than red and I've never been a "pink" type of a girl but I think that the colors will be very nice together and will go well with the reds, roses and pinks of my throw pillows and living room area rug. I had really hoped for more red but a lot of the reds out there were orangy and just didn't look well with the yarn colors I had already purchased.
Later Saturday, I headed back to North Beach for a nice dinner at Ristorante Contadina and caught the Janeane Garafolo comedy peformance at Cobb's. I so love Janeane. She was really fun and I can't believe how tiny and tatooed she is. Plus, I love that she is a total advocate for eyewear. In a day and age where everyone asks why I don't wear contacts, it's nice to see a big name acress/comedian who is pro-glasses. Plus, they add so much character to her look. I had a great time at the show although the company I was with left a lot to be desired.
Today was a cleaning, stitching and laundry day. I didn't really clean so much as organize. My bedroom got another good dusting and I found another half a hefty bag worth of crap to donate to Goodwill. I can finally see the surface of my dining table and did a good three loads of laundry. I still need to organize my living room which presently looks like some tornado went through a craft shop and landed into my living room. There's fabric, floss, scissors and tape blended in with netflix, cds and magazines. This room will get some attention tomorrow and then I can start on the heavy duty dusting, mopping and vacuuming of all the rooms. I hate cleaning! I always ponder hiring a cleaning lady but then I feel guilty because I should be able to keep up after myself. It's only do I make it all so messy?!
I did manage two new starts. I started Halloween House which is a very small Lilybet design but with my limited stitching time and needing small projects to work on before yoga, this was perfect. I've only stitched the windows so far and it's not worth a picture yet since the windows are yellow. My other start is secret stitching so no details but that start got more attention than Halloween House today. It's a quickie so I'm already a third of the way done.


Michelle (Mollylanguedoc) said...

Hi! It sounds like you had fun and thats important! The butterflies will come when you least expect them. I'm not much of a pink girl either, but I think that will make a pretty afhgan.

I've been MIA, but I will drop you an email later!

Lien said...

You have been so on top of the blogging...unlike me. I did reply to your comment on mine so check back there.

Sounds like things are going well for you! I'll send you an email update soon...