Monday, February 25, 2008

O' Christmas Tree

Ok, like I said, I was able to sit down and stitch last night and made decent progress on the tree in Sweet Dreams. What kills me is that I could have moved onto the ornaments and the gifts in the tree is I 1.) stayed off the computer and 2.) did not get sucked into the trash on tv such as "Moment of Truth" or "Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious. Both shows are, by the way, utter garbage!! I can't believe I actually watched them and admitted it here but hey, we all have faults. I was actually horrified watching Moment of Truth....and I think the host was horrified too. The lengths that people go to for money is amazing! This woman admitted to her parents and husband that she cheated in the marriage, that they had bad conversation skills and that she still had feelings for an ex-boyfriend. The $100,000 questions was asked by her ex-boyfriend and it was "would you leave your husband if I told you I wanted to get back together" and she said YES! Can you believe it? And then she promptly lost ALL the money when she was asked if she thought she was a good person. She answered "yes" and I guess deep down, it's a no. So to go through all that and wreck her marriage and then she promptly lost it all. Amazing. And the Pussycat Dolls show is a complete fiasco with all sorts of teenage catfights. It's nuts! So shame on me...definitely should have gotten farther in Sweet Dreams. This project is feeling like a chore though. I just wish I was farther along in it. That just means I will have to start Fairy Moon and hopefully that will become my "fun" project. Not too much stitching time in store for me this week as yoga and gym will eat up a lot of my evening time. I'll have to sneak it in here and there.

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Barbeeque4 said...

You are really making some nice progress on the tree!! I hear you about that trash TV - I sometimes can't pull myself away from it. I do love the Sopranos and have hooked my sister and her husband on it. I have loaned them the first three and she has the 4th season now. Jungle Book is also one of my favorites, I really like those Disney movies!!