Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm not really into football but one good thing came from the Superbowl...superbowl sales! I love sales and I love building up my stash. Now, instead of having plenty to work on until I'm 50, I have more than enough to keep me occupied until I'm at least 65! I don't know what I'm thinking about buying all this stuff when I barely have time to work on the things I already have. So here's some of what I've bought.

Quaker Christmas by ByGone Stitches - I've seen quite a few people working on this and it comes along beautifully. I love christmas stuff and this quaker stuff is kinda growing on me. So I've got the chart and also ordered the 24 skeins of Crescent Colors floss that's required. I love Crescent Colors and that's a pretty hefty haul right there.

Pumpkin by JBW Designs

Lots of Week Dye Works and Gentle Sampler threads for a couple of secret projects I'm currently working on.

Hmmm, after I list it doesn't seem so much. BUT, I'll be heading to my almost local needlework shop this weekend to pick up Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and fabric for Quaker Christmas and one of the small secret projects I'm working on. Why does Shores of Hawk Run Hollow have to look so awesome and why does it have to be so bloody expensive?! It's just the chart for me right now. The threads are too expensive and if I'm going to invest the time and the linen, I may as well use pretty threads. I have too many other projects I want to do but better to buy the chart now since you never know if they'll sell out and then go out of print.

I also bought 5 skeins of yarn for my afghan and am having second thoughts about the color scheme. Maybe I should use the color I started on and make it monochromatic in that color and each square be a different pattern/stitch. Ugh, the dilemna. So indecisive...cursed libra trait! I am the worst at making decisions. This is how I end up with so much stash! I buy things and then change my mind and end up buying and using different things.

Must stop the stash buying...but all those charts and fibers look so pretty!

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