Friday, February 08, 2008

A Pat on my Back...

I'm a little proud of myself. I think back to how my blog looked 2 short months ago and there weren't any pictures of my stitchy progress. There was no cute girl blog photo. There was no blogroll and hell if I could figure out how you could do a hyperlink. It was BORING! Well, it looked boring...

Now I have a cute blog photo, a blogroll, I can link to other people's blogs and I can post pictures of my crafy projects...albiet not the best pictures but people can tell what I'm talking about and referring to in my ramblings.

I was playing a bit more with it today and I've got the book I'm currently reading up in my sidebar and a stitchy rotation gridded out. Other stitchy bloggers have theirs up so I'm wondering if it will help me keep things organized and accomplish more. It's worth a shot...right? Instead of Sunday being my "day of rest", I set aside Friday for mine. I'm usually too burnt out on Fridays to do anything other than lie on the futon and catch up on Tivo. I guess tonight will be an exception as it's a "date night". I've decided that if I have Fairy Moon, which is a HUGE project, and Halloween House, which can be my small travel project, already kitted up and ready to go, I can at least work on them once a week and stick them into a rotation. So those will be new starts this coming week. I'll definitely start Halloween House this weekend so it can travel around with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Can't wait!

But the blog is looking better...didn't think I could master the coolness effect with it. Although I know others have blogstats and visitor mapping. That's kinda cool but a little beyond my techie ability. Now, if only I could figure out this iPod thing.

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