Thursday, February 07, 2008

Picture Share

I've got pictures to share! I've been meaning to share for a while but my pictures always come out so screwy looking when I take them at night. I decided to skip yoga tonight since I wasn't feeling all that well and didn't forsee me holding a downward dog position for 2+ minutes being a very good thing. I may fall on my head or something because my arms gave out! Did you laugh?! Yea, that would be a funny image! As I was driving home, I noticed it was still light out so I raced home and grabbed the camera but the light was pretty dim in my apartment. I'm still sharing anyways. I haven't worked on Sweet Dreams much since my Vancouver trip. That was almost a month ago! I had gotten a lot of Santa's jacket done and that had been my goal. I started knitting my afghan block after that trip and only pulled this out recently when I needed a mini break from knitting. I felt like I needed a break from red as my last few projects have had lots of red. Red is my favorite color but I needed to look at something else so I threaded the needle with a pale blue and am working on the curtain on the right side of the window there. It doesn't stand out so much as the color is pale. I was really hoping to be farther along in this as I want to start Fairy Moon but I will hold off a little more on that and probably start a couple of small projects to make into a pinkeep and a flatfold. Both firsts but I'm curious how it will come along. Plus I need something small to work on when I am waiting for my yoga class to start. Sweet Dreams is too big and uncomfortable to work on on the go so I've been carting Block #1 around everywhere lately. Just waiting for supplies to come in to get the two small projects started.

Since I mentioned Block #1, here is my progress so far. I've knit about 62 rows which measures about 8 inches. I only have 4 more inches to go before I start Block #2. I have to make a decision as to what my fourth color will be before I start Block #2 though. I forsee a trip to Imagiknit in the near future to help me make that decision. The lighter flecks you see in the picture is the variation in's mainly a pinky red with some lighter pink variation in color. Very pretty!
That's it for pictures. I'm hoping to have progress on both this weekend but with a busy Friday and Saturday, I may be forced to clean (ick!) on Sunday instead of stitch and knit. We'll see.

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Barbeeque4 said...

The curtain is really coming along!! and I really like that knitted square !! Imagiknit is my sisters favorite store here and she always make a trip there when they visit from Vancouver WA.... A friend of hers is opening an new knitting store there Vancouver on main street so you will need to check it out when next you visit. I know what you mean about the light and pics - I always take mine when it is pitch black outside so mine are all on the dark side.