Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And Another One

I had a productive weekend. Lots of time spent with *the boy*. Lots of errands were done. And best of all, I managed to get a decent amount of stitching done. At least enough time to get my section on Wendy's QFRR completed. As I mentioned before, I got a little backed up in the QFRR group and I have been working diligently to catch up. I hate being behind on deadlines! So I set my goal and warned *the boy* because I was determined to finish Wendy's RR by the end of the weekend. By Sunday night, I was doing my little jig around the living room. Below is the section I stitched. I had the upper right corner and stitched it in DMC 808. Wendy's RR was varying shades of blues and purples and the color I used was a nice dark blue.
And here is how Wendy's RR looks all completed. I was the last person to stitch on this piece as well so I get to give Wendy the happy news that her RR is finally on it's way home. Yay!!
I still have one more RR to stitch on for the time being so I will start on that tomorrow. I think that I can manage to finish it by next week and actually mail it before the deadline and be all caught up. I'll feel very accomplished if I get it all done on time.

On Monday, *the boy* and I decided to take a drive to Half Moon Bay...just because. We wanted to see some of the Mavericks competition but we saw that the waves were too mellow for that type of a surfing competition but I wanted to go anyways. We headed to the Moss Beach Distillery and the weather was amazing. 70 degrees on the coast!! Usually the coast on the Half Moon Bay side is a total fogpit! But we managed to get a decent spot on the deck and take in this view.
Amazing, isn't it?! Ugh, I wish I could spend every Monday like this. We sat, drank, watched the waves roll in and out and made friendly with the nice couple next to us with their very cute Boston Terrier.


Carol R said...

Wendy's QFRR looks great - nice to stitch last as you get to see them all finished!

CraftyT said...

Wow the QFRR turned out great! Yes have been enjoying this beautiful weather sad to see the rain come in this week. I just hate the cold LOL

Theresa said...

Beautiful QFRR!!!

Katie said...

Used to live in Walnut Creek, I so miss Half Moon Bay! Your picture brings me back to the Bay Area, miss it so!