Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on *the Boy*

Thanks to everyone for their kind and concerned comments about *the boy*. He made it through surgery okay and is in good hands. Luckily he was taken to the top trauma hospital in the city. It was a very long day at the hospital for me. Lots of friends and family calling for updates and making sure I know what his status and issues are from the many doctors and nurses. By 8pm, I couldn't handle another phone call and managed to drive home and fell straight into bed. He's on a lot of pain medication with makes him very loopy and nauseous. It concerns me that he can't keep much liquid down but maybe things will progress to soft foods today. I'm still not sure when he will be released from the hospital...maybe tomorrow...maybe Saturday? Things are still very much in the air and I am trying to organize things for next week. Things like where he can stay, when he might be able to reschedule his interview and options for him to get around. It's all a little stressful. To take my mind off things, I decided to work a partial day before heading back to the hospital this afternoon.

I didn't have the time or brain power yesterday in my post to comment about my anger. I titled my post "the state of the humanity" to comment that during this time, people attack each other instead of help and embrace each other. People are more worried about their financial situation and the downslide of the economy and do not really take other people into consideration unless it benefits them. In my 33 years in this city, my entire lifetime, I have never been hurt, mugged, accosted, raped or hurt in any matter. In the last week, I've heard of two muggings and now that of *the boy*. *The boy* has commented that in these times, people get desperate and you need to keep your guard up. Poor guy didn't have a chance against a coward who attacked him from behind and left him cast aside on the street like garbage. I am thankful for the people who called 911 for him and held him in a c-spine hold in case he had any head/neck/back trauma which luckily he did not have. And I am thankful for the people who were brave enough to provide a description of the attacker and I hope that the police find him and that he gets the charges that he deserves. *The boy* wonders "who could do this to him". He sadly was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. A minute of violence now equals 3 months of recuperation time and lots of planning.

I am also thankful to be a part of the stitching community; everyone is so giving and kind. Please continue to keep your kind thoughts and prayers headed our way. I can use all the kind energy and positive thoughts to help get *the boy* out of the hospital and on the speedy (hopefully) road to recovery.

I may be AWOL for the next few days and my stitching has somewhat suffered as I can't even focus and concentrate on counting and patterns. I'll be back soon with updates and stitchy stuff.


Theresa said...

I'm so shocked and sorry to hear about *the boy*!! He will be in my thoughts.

You hang in there!!!!


staci said...

How awful! I hope his recovery is quick and easy ;) Both of you take care!

Lisa said...

I will keep you and *the boy* in my thoughts and prayers. Remember to also take time out for yourself inorder to be there for him. It is time we all pull together - to help one another during this difficult time!

Rico said...

If you need anything Please let me and Edgar know.

Lisa said...

Valerie...still thinking about you and wanted to pass an award to you. Visit my blog when you get a chance ( Take care.