Monday, January 12, 2009

QFRR and Laptop

Well, during my Friday ramblings in my last post, my photos were still on *the boy's* camera and I truly had no energy other than to whine and complain and wonder what cocktail I would order for myself during happy hour. If anyone is at all curious, Ketel One martinis truly helped dull the pain away and put a smile on my face for the rest of the weekend. happy hour!

So after the 30th time of me asking *the boy* to send me my pictures already...he finally did. Ugh, that is the last time I have him take a blogging photo. I am reading that stupid camera manual ASAP!! So here is a picture of the section I stitched on Donna's QFRR. Please excuse the unevenness of the photo...the futon cover was all wrinkly underneath. I was a stand-in stitcher for this group when one of their original stitchers went awol. This is the first piece I stitched on and I was "assigned" the devil's horn section which consisted of two large motifs, two small ones and my initials. It was enjoyable except the devil's horns attacked me early on and I had to do a bit of frogging. But I didn't let it get me down! Plus...
I got to be the one to stitch the last section on this piece and send it on to Donna all completed! It's the group's first completed one! I heard she received it today and is very happy!
I have two other QFRRs sitting in the wings and I will begin stitching on Wendy's tonight. I was supposed to start yesterday but I keep getting these blasted migraines that prevent me from doing anything fun so my Sunday was shot and I spent most of the day lying about trying to forget I had a blasted migraine. Oh well...I get to stitch tonight.

Below is a photo of my new laptop (off the retail website). It's definitely not as pretty as an iMac but it cost me $500 less and I get 4GB! Talk about a great deal.


Dianne said...

Very pretty RR! All of you stitchers did a wonderful job! Congrats on the new laptop...hope you enjoy it!

Carol R said...

Donna's RR looks great - I can't wait to see an update on mine. I didn't like the devil horns section either!

Great new laptop.

CraftyT said...

the RR turned out great....Have a wonderful day:)

Melissa said...

I hope you like your new laptop. I have that one, and I love it!!!! The RR looks great.