Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Round Robin Stitching and Work Woes

I haven't had very much time to stitch since last week but the little time I've scrounged up so far has been devoted to Wendy's QFRR. I'm a little backlogged in this group due to the holiday crunch. Not to mention I signed up for a lot of stuff thinking I was a single girl. Now, all of a sudden, I'm in a relationship! How the heck did that happen so fast?! I'm still trying to get into my routine for work, *boy*, stitching, parents/friends and classes and I still haven't gotten the hang of the juggling act. As you can see, I've done one medium sized motif, one tiny motif, my initials and I've just started one large motif. I just need to finish that one, do two more and then I'll be done. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the holiday weekend and ship it off to Wendy. I'm sure she will be happy to have her completed round robin in hand as I am the last one to stitch on it.
After this round robin, I am debating whether to make a start on Rowyn's RR or do my christmas ornament for my Christmas Challenge. I have the supplies but just need the time to make the start. I think it will all depend on when I finish Wendy's and my mood.

This week has been stressful as well but it's been a combination of work and personal. Work has been hellacious lately and I don't see an end in sight. I am the grantwriter for my organization and I am in the process of finishing up the management on one grant(that got completely screwed up), starting the management of another and brainstorming to write up a third and seeing where a fouth is in the planning process. This is on top of my regular work duties. Work is busy!!! *The boy* has been having a tough time. He took a job last month and he told me that the people have not been paying him so I told him to confront them and if they don't pay, to move on. This puts him in a hard position. Strangely enough, on the day he did not report to work, he had two phone interviews with a panel interview the following day for another opportunity. He has one more interview next week . Please send any happy thoughts and vibes his way. He really, really needs to find a good job...that actually pays him. I know that in this downturned economy, we can't be picky but payment is kind of necessary. Any good vibes are appreciated and I am so hopeful that he gets it.

Tonight, I am dragging *the boy* with me to the local community college so I can buy my books for the sewing class. Yup! I signed up. I figured that it was a good opportunity at a good cost and my schedule will never get any lighter so now is as good a time as any. Class starts next week and I will be sure to report. Afterwards, we'll have a low-key date night of dinner out and a video in. Should be nice. I hope everyone is having a good week...


Carol R said...

Great start on your section of Wendy's QFRR and no pressure on the Christmas Challenge - it says so on the blog - I should know as I wrote it!

I hope *the boy* finds paying work soon. I am thinking good thoughts so I hope the vibes make the journey!

Look forward to full report on your sewing classes.

Melissa said...

The RR looks great! Can't wait to see the finished project. Great job! Have fun at the sewing class.