Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The State of Humanity

On a day that signified change in these United States and the plea and co-mingling of humanity to turn the state of this world around, *the boy* was assaulted. It's upsetting to begin with but now the day that Obama became President will be tainted as being a day that my boy had to fight to survive. As I sat at home wondering why he wasnt home yet, worrying and calling his cell phone multiple times, he was in a scary hospital all alone. I've never been good in hospitals...already much time spent in them for my somewhat short-ish life so far. Upon seeing him bloodied and bruised, I became hot, dizzy and faint. Luckily, the doctor brought over a chair for me just in time otherwise, I may have had to heed *the boy's* advice of falling on him versus falling backwards. It's been a long, long time since I've had a fainting spell. Stupid me! My boy got all beat up and broken and I go to him to pass out!

In the end, things could be much worse. The attackers could have had guns or knives. *The boy* suffered many bruises and a badly broken leg that requires surgery, casting and crutches. In a time that was already difficult, this makes things worse. He was supposed to have another job interview today for his job lead. A lead so good, it seemed like he would get the offer. I've had 2 hours of sleep and have been emailing his friends and his, hopefully, new employer to tell them all what happened. I also had to call his mother to tell her what happened and managed to get through that call and console her with minimal breaking down. I need to rally and they all need to rally to get *the boy* through this tough time and hopefully into this new job. His surgery is supposed to be at some point today. I would appreciate any kind thoughts and prayers if you're into that sort of thing.


Leila Jo said...

So shocking! I'm so sorry Valerie. Will be thinking of you and sending healing vibes to "the boy". Do the police have a lead on who did it and why?
Leila (from NIAH)

Ann Marie said...

Keeping both of you in my thoughts. Call me whenever you are up to it.

Anonymous said...

How awful! Sending healing thoughts your way. Hope "the Boy" is feeling better soon.

CraftyT said...

Valerie, OMG I am so sorry to hear of this. Please know my thoughts are you and "the boy" And I am wishing him a very speedy recovery.
((HUGS)) to you both. If there is anything you might need dont hesitate to email me.