Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tags and Awards

It appears that there is another round of awards and tagging in blogland!

I was tagged by Carol R. to list five of my addictions...so here goes:

1. Stitching...obviously...and shopping for stash!
2. Coffee...I move like a slug without a daily cup or two, or three or four.
3. TV...yes, I must watch tv and my shows to feel centered.
4. The foggy city I live in. Never moved away and never want to.
5. Baked sweets...cakes, cookies, donuts, pie, scones, brownies...OMG...keep it away if I am to have any figure at all! But I so love sweets!

I also received the following award from Lisa. Thanks Lisa! I feel so honored.
I am supposed to tag and pass on each to 5 people but I will gracefully decline to. I hope Carol and Lisa don't mind. If you feel like sharing your addictions or passing the award onto others, please feel free. I think everyone's blog is fantastic and I gain so much from everyone that I just can't even fathom choosing just five.

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