Monday, July 07, 2008

Dating Purgatory

Ha! This will make my old friends friends who tuned in for the crazy dating stories way back when, when I was truly a serial dater. Now I'm a recovering serial dater who still keeps her big toe in the dating pool but would rather be at home blasting music and stitching. Apparently, all I'm missing are the six cats but whatever. Don't my friends know I'd rather have six dogs than one cat?! Oh shoot, maybe I shouldn't have said that...there are a lot of stitchers out there with cats. Sorry...I didn' t mean anything bad about the cats.

Since I've taken my profile down from Match, I've tried not to think about dating and it's been pretty successful what with all the exchange deadlines and exercise classes I've been taking. I get home and barely have time to eat, shower, answer my friends' emails, stitch and blog once in a while. Dating Not totally into it. On the nights when I get antsy because I am yet again at home on a Friday or Saturday night, I will slum it and post an ad on that list there that our dear friend Craig manages. I've met people who have met off of Craig's list as well as Match and they are great couples. Apparently, I must be doing something wrong and exuding vibes that attract all sorts of guys than the type I would actually be attracted to.

That's not to say that there haven't been some decent meetups off of Craig's list. M was a match up through Craig but in the end, he was a self-centered pansy and drove me crazy. Yea, I said pansy...he was. The last guy I met through Craig was another M. He has no car which means that I've been the "guy" dropping him off at home. Not my idea of ideal. Not to mention he keeps suggesting that we meet up when I'm in the city which doesn't really work for me since I head to the city because I ALREADY have plans. Plus, he sounds like a muppet. I'm still trying to figure out which one. Ha! And I thought my voice was unique!

Off the same post, I was emailed by this guy, S. S sounded cool...seemed to like the same things I did and even admitted to being an old soul. In his last email to me, he sent me a link to his fairly political (i.e. boring) blog. I like to remain as anonymous as possible for as long as I can so my correspondance never has my last name nor any way for it to track back to me. If I feel ready and safe, I will share that with the potential suitor later. So no worries friends, I am a very careful online dater because of situations like this. Because there are crazy people (like S) and cautious people (like me). I love Google! Google is my friend and whoever invented it is a f-n genius! I will google guys I may go out with to see if their story matches up with what they've told me. This has come from having been stalked, approached my current girlfriends who are upset with their cheating boyfriends (I had no clue these guys have girlfriends seeing as they're using a dating site) and being completly lied to. I really do have enough material to write my own novel on the horrors of dating. Since S sent me the link to his blog, I briefly scanned it and saw that his username is different than his real name. So I googled that and found a huge array of applicable sites. Near the top of the list was Myspace. I hate Myspace but if it gives me more info, I shall follow and lo' and behold, S is listed as "married" and "proud parent". Ummm, what?! So I figure out who the wife is since she is in the number one spot and there are a bunch of pictures of both S and the wife at their wedding and their honeymoon and at Halloween and at Christmas and with her kid. Ummm, what the heck is a married guy doing trolling for girls on a dating site/section set aside for potential relationships?! It makes me so mad! All that wasted time emailing him when he's not actually available! What are men even thinking?!

I sadly had already sent S an email before I made this discovery so now I am waiting on pins and needles for him to email me back so I can TELL HIM OFF. Oh yea, I will. He is married, with a step-daughter and a wife who seemingly wants loads of his kids. If he doesn't want that, he needs to tell her instead of fooling around with unsuspecting women who don't bother googling his ass. I will completely relish in giving him a piece of my mind should he dare to write me back.

Now, I am left with just one other guy to chat with via email and we are both taking it slow. If he runs the course of S, I will act like an ostrich and bury my head in the f-n sand. The sand has got to be better than dating purgatory.


Ann Marie said...


No words. What a despicable slimeball.

You need to post a link to his blog/Myspace page so we can all leave a "lovely" comment or two.

Carol R said...

Great idea of Annmarie's. Better still if we could find his wife's blog/my space - she should know what a sleeze he is!

CraftyT said...

Oh my.. Yes there are some ral "winners" out there.What a jerk. I am sure his wife has no clue to his loser ways.

Keep your chin up. :0)