Saturday, July 05, 2008

Quaker Cat Has Arrived!

Last Wednesday, I came home today to find a huge box in my apartment! I was a little surprised as the box was huge and I was expecting a stitchy order in the mail but nowhere near enough to fill up such a big box.
But then my poor ailed eyes saw that it said Quaker Exchange on the box! I received my Quaker Inspired exchange from Margie. Oh my! She spoiled me. She stitched me up Quaker Cat on a very pale green linen and finished it up in a lovely green box. It is lovely. This is the first box I've ever received so I will be sure to study it. She did such a great job and the green cording and tassel are perfect!
Plus she filled the box with goodies. She sent me a couple of pieces of backing fabric, charms, 2 skeins of Vikki Clayton silk that I've been curious about, M Designs Rose Mosaic Needle Roll chart, a box set of a tape measure, pin cushion/threader and needlecase that looks very interesting and Altoids. I feel very spoiled. Wow...what a wonderful day to end a long day filled with work, an exercise class and a climb up 50 stairs! Thank you so much Margie!

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Carol R said...

Hey Valerie - the cat chases the mouse to me!

A beautiful box and full of goodies too!