Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend This and That

So the weekend flew by. I don't understand how each week, it seems to pass by faster than the week before. Must be a sure sign that I am getting old. I always heard that I should take advantage of time when I'm young because time passes faster the older you get. I'm seeing that saying is true and I'm scared how fast tgime will be passing when I'm 10, 20, 30 years older than I am now!

Highlights to the weekend

I hit the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom and managed to find some decent jeans (that didn't cost over $50) on sale as well as a comfy warm sweater jacket and some funky wedge heel shoes. The goal will be to not fall while wearing said cute shoes!

I went to Davies Symphony Hall to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in concert. I was excited to see them since they are a fun band but there are also some bittersweet memories intertwined with this group. This was the band that was playing during my first date with The Ex many, many moons ago. I've kept the lines of communication open with The Ex for many years to remain friends but about nine months ago, feelings and emotions reached the brink and we haven't talked to or seen each other since. He definitely isn't the same man anymore...the one who captured my heart so long ago. Many years later, after our break up, I was left with a broken heart again and it took me some time to find myself again. I don't think we were the best couple but we were both young and it was a lot of fun. I can't ever imagine us being a couple again. We are polar opposites so there are no worries about me losing my mind and running back to him. I'm too darn smart for that. He was a pretty decent boyfriend in the beginning but an awful friend to me as the years progressed. Now it's time to make real and true friends which is harder the older you get. Anyways, I digress, there are emotions tied to this group but they did such a good performance! It was so much fun and if I had been sitting in orchestra and had brought a dancing partner instead of a girl friend, I would have been down there dancing! I was disappointed that the Hall was only half full! They are great! I wonder if it's because swing music has fallen out of the graces of many or if people are being careful with their pennies because of the recession (come now...$4.50 a gallon? Total recession). Before the show, we hit Absinthe where I indulged in my usual sidecar, a Daedalus and some scrumptious shared appetizers and strawberry shortcake. YUM!

On Sunday, I headed over to Festa Italia and checked out the goodies and the vendors. It was nice and warm outside and fun to see all the different characters and the classic cars. I was able to find a toe ring booth and got new ones since my old ones had tarnished. So now I have adorned toes again.


I managed to actually get a good amount of stitching time in since I am pretty much carless until I find out what the damage is to my car. So I plugged away on my January Snapper block and started in on the border so I can do the border as I go instead of waiting until the very end. The pattern calls for WDW Bark. I'm working the border and I keep rechecking the pattern and it says Bark but why does Bark look so dark? I've done half the border and am really not liking the Bark at all. It's too dark for a viney-leafy pattern. So the frog is coming out and I have to frog out all the border that I've done. Gah! I should have followed my initial instinct. I probably won't have time to tackle that until the end of the week. I will replace Bark with GAST Dried Thyme. Since I can't stand how it looks with the dark border there are no snaps of my progress. Not to mention I haven't done the french knots yet so the poor snowman is eyeless!

With all the computer hoopla last weekend, I think my Tivo got bumped off my wireless router because it keeps giving me a message about program info. Seeing as I am the most un-techy person out there, I'm confused and a little freaked out at the prospect of figuring out how to get my Tivo back on the wireless router so that my program recordings go on uninteruppted. See...this is where it comes in handy to be dating a total geeky tech guy.


Carol R said...

Another busy weekend Valerie!
I'm sorry I've not go round to answering your mail but I haven't forgotten I just don't know where the time has got to! Soon ...

Carol R said...

]You have been awarded the Brillante Award - please visit my blog!