Saturday, July 05, 2008

Quaker Mouse Has Landed in the UK!

I received a lovely email from Carol R. in the UK saying that the Quaker Mouse I stitched up for her for the Quaker Inspired exchange made it to the UK safely. Whew!! I was so scared that this would be the package that would mysteriously disappear within the crazy postal system. I was so relieved it made it there in one piece and that Carol liked it. Yay!! That made me so happy.
Carol and I have become good friends within the past few months and she had talked me into joining this exchange. It didn't take much convincing though! We had both talked about the different Quaker Animals and how we thought the Mouse was so cute. Next thing I know, the moderator emailed me saying Carol R. was my partner! It was very hard keeping it a secret since I usually talk about all my exchanges with Carol! I was very excited but nervous to have Carol as my partner since I am very new to finishing and she is a super expert. I decided to stitch up the Quaker Mouse and make it into a flatfold. This was the first quaker pattern I've stitched and I really enjoyed the design. I didn't really envision how it would turn out until I made a trip to Britex, the super duper huge fabric and notions shop in the city. There I found some super Batik fabric and after staring at the wall of trim for about an hour and trying different combinations, my eyes landed on the funky ribbon trim and the snapshot entered my imagination. That was it! Here is what the flatfold looks like.
The Workbasket Quaker Mouse
32 count Vintage Light Examplar
Caron Waterlilies Silk in Flagstone
Finished as Flatfold with batik fabby and ribbon trim
I included some extras to make this exchange extra special for Carol. I sent her the Samplers and Such "A Spot of Tea I" chart with some coordinating Gloriana silk, some fancy french Bohin needles, a magnetic notepad, some cosmos flowers seeds and yummy chocolate bars. I had so much fun stitching and finishing Quaker Mouse. So glad you enjoyed your exchange Carol!

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Carol R said...

I love that mouse! And you spoiled me with all those goodies too - thank you Valerie.