Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Gift for BossLady

Last night, we threw BossLady a surprise birthday bbq. I think we had her fooled until her husband drove into the parking lot and she saw all the company cars in the lot. Ack! Well, what are we to do? She was pretty surprised and happy at the bbq and there was lots of food and drink. I went home sleepy and full. Good way to end the day. I managed to whip "Woof" into a small flatfold and is what it looks like. I decided to tackle making a bow and used Vonna's tutorial. Vonna is a lifesaver with those tutorials in guiding a new finisher like me to create some cute things like Woof shown below.
Lizzie*Kate Woof Flip-It
28 count Light Mocha Cashel
Recommended threads - WDW, GAST and DMC
Finished as Flatfold

Here is the side view. I really liked the ribbon I used for the bow and the backing fabric. Can you see it? The backing fabric is a cream color with hearts, bones and pawprints. It is very cute! I did have problems joining the trim on the bottom because it began to fray at a crazy speed. I had to use lots of glue to get it back in order so now there is a little bump. But at least that is on the bottom. BossLady seemed to really like it and I also gave her some dark chocolate and strong mints as well.

Now my obligatory stitching is all done and accomplished and it's time for selfish stitching. Instead of working on Santa or Fairy Moon (like I should), I decided to start a new project, the Bent Creek Snappers. I started it this past week but have only managed the border on the January square. I'll share a snap after the weekend to show my progress as I definitely have stitching in the weekend agenda. Yay!

Oh and please keep the state's firefighters in your thoughts. California is in bad shape and my department is now in it's 5th deployment since May. I really wish that it rained in the summer here...

Happy weekend everyone!


Carol R said...

Such a pretty flatfold Valerie- beautifully stitched and finished and what can I say about that gorgeous bow? Well done! Not sure if I owe you mail or you owe me?

CraftyT said...

.I love it Valerie. You did a wonderful job for it being your first time.

Vonna said...

Well what'd ya know?! I'm glad that you like my stop the ribbon/cording/braiding from fraying a put a dab of fray check or just Aliene's tacky glue right on the end and viola!
It looks perfect!!! HURRAY for you!!