Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Bullet Points

Hello from Pasadena! I'm away on work travel this week so blogging may be more sporadic than usual. I already miss my fog. What is up with the smog in Southern California?!

The weekend was a usual. Why does it pass so fast? I made it to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at SFMOMA and it was great! The museum and the exhibit was so crowded though. I think everyone had the same idea on Saturday. I am happy I was able to see the exhibit as it usually occurs to me after the exhibit has already left. Now I just need to get to the DeYoung soon to see Chihuly. I went with a guy I recently met and still can't get over how shy he is. He'd make a good friend but not really a romantic interest. I like my guys a little bold and assertive. I have no idea how I've become a magnet for these shy, pansy-ish guys. Dating is extremely dismal and grim at the moment.

I went and met a friend for dinner at Burma Superstar on Saturday night. If there a day that this place is not crowded?! We waited over an hour for a table! But you know what, it was so worth it. I love this place. My favorite again was the wok tossed calamari. Tender calamari, napa cabbage, chili, vinegar....mmmmm, yummy! I need to get to this place more often so I can slowly make my way through the menu. And better yet, I had enough noodles and rice leftover for lunch the next day. I love leftovers!

I don't have an updated picture of my snappers since I left my camera at home. I managed to finish January and the surrounding border and have slowly made my way to February. As I sat in my hotel room, counting and winding down for the evening, I discovered a counting error all the way at the beginning on my heart! Grrr! I have to frog the entire thing! Looks like I'll have my work cut out for me later. But for's time to head to dreamland.

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