Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Mishaps

If there was such a thing as a re-do button to start over the weekend, I would so push that button now. The weekend sucked. There were some nice points to the weekend but not many.


I got up early to go to an exercise class but drove to the wrong recreation center. By the time I figured it out, it was pointless to drive to the rigght center since I'd miss a good part of the class.

I went to get an oil change on the car and the mechanic wasn't there. I waited and decided to just leave my key and car there and have them call me when it's done. Three hours later, the mechanic is telling me that I may have an oil AND coolant leak. Great! Just what I needed. Some potentially expensive repair on my old dilapitated car. Can't really afford an expensive repair...or a new car right now. So I am worried.

I drove around to a kabillion stores looking for a storage solution for all my crafty supplies and good but cheap high thread count sheets...and found nothing. Frustrated!!

Finally got home and was dying to check emails and blogs and couldn't. Something happened with my wireless. I could connect in my "office" which is a converted closet I made into an office so is very small and claustrophobic. I don't like working in there really. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and techy computer problems make me anxious and stressed out. I asked my apartment manager to help me and he saved the day. Yay! But he lectured me about not writing important information in a place where I can find it later. Ummm, yea. The "office" is where I throw all the junk that needs sorting. There is more junk than I have time to sort through so it's a little scary in there. The whole router had to be reconfigured. Thank goodness he's techy because I may have blown a vein figuring it out on my own.

I wanted to check out art at Fabric 8 and I thought I knew where it was but apparently the store I thought was Fabric 8 was something else entirely and I was lost and confused in the Mission. It helps to look things up online before heading out of the house. Sheesh!

I had to entertain a nice, but amazingly shy guy. I wonder how I become a magnet for this type. They are nice...don't get me wrong...but I can't help wanting exciting too. The meetup wasn't bad but it wasn't great either.

Since the weekend was so crazy and I was running around looking for stuff I couldn't find, the sitching agenda got blown and I've barely worked on my January BC Snapper. It isn't even worth a snap since all I have done is the light blue border and maybe a third of the snowman. It is so boring and tedious stitching in white!!

The Cool Stuff

I met up with my friend Claire and we went to Rose's Cafe for brunch. We got there early enough that there was no wait and the potato hash and strong coffee was the perfect way to start my day. Eggs and potato make this girl very happy and I was able to sneak a couple of bites of Claire's french toast for a little bready sweetness. Everything was so good! We waked to Fort Mason and that was when I remembered I should have brought my camera to take and share pictures but I have been so scattered lately that I forgot. We were heading to the Renegade Craft Fair. It was cool to see what people create. A lot of things were cool, some were weird and some were quite original. I love looking at crafty stuff but I am choosy about what I buy since clothes are hard to pick out if you can't try them on and I am allergic to most metals in jewelry and I can make most textile related stuff so it's gotta be cool and something I can't make in order for me to pull out my wallet. I walked away with some very cute flat cards for writing notes and Claire bought a very cool cloth tote bag.

I did laundry. It's boring but having clean undies is very important!

So the mishaps far outnumbered the "cool stuff" this weekend. Where is that damn re-do button?!

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