Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cute Threadholders

During an episode of blog trolling a little while back, I saw that all these stitchy bloggers were buying cool threadholders from Monique so I, of course, had to jump on that bandwagon. When I first looked, she didn't have any available that caught my eye but I knew she would be making more soon since her Etsy shop almost was out! I looked back a few days later and these jumped out as being completely me. Always the dreamer...chasing my dreams and seeing if they will come true...ever hopeful. I bought one clear "dream" one and an opaque "daydream" one with blue, green and white bubbles. I love them! And as a thank you, Monique included a skein of Vikki Clayton silk. I didn't know there would be thread in the package though and my letter opener sliced through parts of the skein. Oops!! But it's still useable and I can't wait to find a little project to try out this yummy silk. Thanks Monique...these threadholders are so cute!

1 comment:

CraftyT said...

Those are very cute! I want one,but will wait till our move is finall.

The floss she included is very pretty.