Monday, July 14, 2008

Letter to the Cheater

It took me a few days to draft a short email to S, The Cheater. I didn't want to ignore him. He'd just think I had lost interest or gotten sidetracked emailing with someone else. I wanted S to know that I found him out and that if I so wanted to, I could contact his wife and rat him out as to his anticipated infidelities. So this is what I wrote...


I have strong suspicions that you are married. I didn't realize that I had to be specific in my post that only single and available men should reply to me considering the venue in which I posted is supposed to be geared towards dating and long-term relationships. Married men are supposed to be done with dating and have obviously found their long term relationship if they are wearing a wedding ring. I highly resent the fact that you have wasted my time. I am a pretty busy lady and don't have time for stupid games from unavailable men. I am looking for someone honest and true who I can feel comfortable sharing things with and that so obviously isn't you. If you are not happy within your marriage, you should definitely talk it out with your wife. Most of my friends have told me I should advise her that you are trolling on CL
but I don't need to put myself in that situation.

Please do not contact me...I don't have time to waste on married men.


So far so good. I haven't heard from him. I did, however, meet the other guy I was talking to during the weekend and he is so unbelievably shy. I'm really looking for someone who can take the lead in a relationship instead of me always being the dominant one. Lately, I don't know how I end up meeting this guys with no game, no action, no nothing. It's so amazingly frustrating and I have pretty much reached the end of my patience for this segment of my life. I feel lonely despite keeping myself really busy. I just want to meet someone I can relate to who I'm attracted to and who is attracted to me to hang out with and enjoy some fun "recreational" activities. I'm still pretty aware of what I deserve so I'm not yet willing to settle for just anyone but this waiting and being patient game is not working to my advantage. I'm going to act like an ostrich now and bury my head in the sand....

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