Sunday, May 22, 2005

The $4 Date...

I don't care how much a guy spends on me on a meet and greet and if you can fulfill a cool atmosphere and be able to buy me two vodka tonics (yummmmmmmmmmm!!) for $4...that is awesome in itself! At $4, there are no expectations other than getting to know you and have a few laughs.

In my bummed out and ticked off mood Friday night, I reposted on CL and got a few responses despite posting in the non-optimal time of a friday night. Depsite that, I got a response from Tiara Man. I'll call him that because the picture he sent me with his reply sported him wearing a tiara as a "honorary bridesmaid" for whatever friends bridal shower.

We talked, we laughed..he's cuter than that stupid picture and he's also skinnier than I expected. But I have so much respect for a guy who will show up to a meet and greet in torn jeans and an old tee shirt. You wanna know why?! Because that means I can dress as casual as I frigging want and he told me that off the bat. So I showed up in my classic jeans and a tank top with a hoodie. Love hoodies...the classic sign of comfort for a girl...short of the yoga capris.

Do I know if I have a second date on the horizon with Tiara Man? Nope. Do I care...Nope. Why..because I'm here to date around and I am the third girl in a weekend out of my circle that has been given the "brush off" by a " man". Guys are frigging stupid! So I may as well go with the flow and have fun. Tm said he had a busy week before we even met so definitely not holding my breathe.

On the other hand...I have another lunch date with DB. He resurfaced...and I know he is way into me. I stopped by to say hi during his gig today and he was so happy to see me. It made me smile just to see him light up and the hug and kiss on the cheek he gave me as a greeting took me by surprise. I just need to determine how into him I am. Tuesday's lunch may help me figure it out.

Just me..playing the dating game until I have THE reason to stop


Anonymous said...

You are right V, guys ARE stupid! Except for guys with the initials DPM. Those guys are not only angels but intelligent angels!


Kelster said...

DB??? Are you on CRACK?? Be sure and lube up with lots of Crisco so you can slip away from his clingy self when you suddenly beam back to reality.

Until you return, I am not calling you with sympathy or support anymore.


On a side note, I hear Bostonians with the initials DPM are awesome. So, there is some hope out there.

valerie said...

DPM is Coworker D and he dates this cool girl, M. Hi M!

Sidenote...Kel...Shad up! No yelling at me on MY blog! =P

Kelster said...

*eye roll* Ok ok. I still get to yell at you on the phone. And I will still wave my arms while I type in an exasperated manner.

And, I was not implying that you date DPM (hi M)...was just saying that not all men are poops. There is still hope.

Debra said...

Ohhh! Ohhh! I'm part of the brush off circle! LOL!

Anonymous said...

DPM is awesome and does prove there is hope out there, valerie!

i met a good man when i was least expecting it (and after meeting quite a few duds). don't lose hope! even if you have bad dates, at least you've got amusing stories. it is exhausting, sometimes disheartening, but not hopeless!!


valerie said...

Woohoo! Hi M...glad to see you commenting. Oh yea, I got LOADS of stories. I have another in the making as we speak. But if I don't meet a good one soon, I am gonna take a break cuz I am getting tired of the dating rate race. Perhaps date with V#3 will be cool next week. We'll see,

Anonymous said...

thanks for having me on your "show". it's been fun reading your stories!

i totally understand about wanting to take a break. i definitely did that. but, that being said...i'm crossing my fingers for your next date. good luck!