Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Japanese Adventure

So my first date with Mr. D was to Moracco..well, in a way...we went to a moraccan restaurant so last night's adventure was to Japan. It was a lot of fun and he seems to like to hold out on the details so it's a "surprise" when he picks me up. He called me from two blocks away to let me know that he was close by and I gathered my stuff together and went downstairs. He pulled up just I got to the door. Perfect timing! He gave me a kiss hello, opened the car door and I commented on his "hong kong style" jacket. He said he was dressed for the theme of the evening. Hey, what if I wanted to dress in theme?! So he picked a japanese restaurant over near the Embarcadero and the atmosphere and dinner were great! The restaurant was the nicest, trendiest japanese restaurant I have ever seen, let alone been in. I told Mr. D what I liked and he ordered enough food and hot sake to get us through dinner and our conversation. The original plan was to have dinner and then go to the comedy club nearby but when we thought to look at the was already 10pm. That's just as well. I was more than happy to just sit there in the restaurant and talk and get to know each other better. Plus I am a slow're not gonna get me to happily scarf down food to try and rush to make a show. It just doesn't happen anymore.

So we ate, laughed and talked lots. At some point, I noticed that the two girls sitting at the table next to us were making eyes in Mr. D's direction. Oh hellow, so obviously on a date...take your little looks elsewhere please. But he didn't even notice which was nice and at some point he made some comment about being borderline attractive so I decide to give him the little ego boost of letting him in on the looky-loo girls who had been sitting next to us. He hadn't even noticed but said "I hope you noticed who I was paying attention to!". Awww...that'd be me! We talked a bit more and then this server came up to us with a cosmo neither of us ordered and I said "it's them girls!" and we both cracked up. The server got the wrong table besides a cosmo is SUCH a girl drink! So much so...I rarely have one! Too girly...and everyone knows I don't play into the girlie mentality. After we finished dinner, we migrated to the bar and had a couple of cocktails and it was so comfortable just sitting there together, bodies so close we're almost touching but not and just talking and laughing up a storm. I think I got more laugh lines from all the smiling and laughing! We closed out the restaurant and got the keys from the valet and as he was walking towards the car, I go "I thought we were going to walk." So walk we did. It wasn't the ideal weather to be walking around in...that foggy mist that slowly coats your clothes and hair in this fine wet moisture. And I also wasn't wearing the best shoes for it either. I figure with Mr. D being 6'4", I can take full advantage of wearing my heels and I had my 4" strappy "Vegas" sandals on. If I fell down...I was gonna fall down hard from that height! Ha! Thank gawd I didn't fall...a huge feat considering my track record. But I wasn't ready to call the night to an end and I don't think he was either. It was pretty warm in the bar and we just had a couple of drinks. Better to walk around in the cool air and just take it all in. So we walked along the water...talked about this and that. And despite my 4" heels, as I was brought in for the classic bear hug * love those* I was the perfect height for him to rest his chin on the top of my head. I got such a kick out of that! I did step in puddles and through wet grass but I didn't care. I was having such a great time and it was nice to just walk and hold hands and occasionally point out things in the city which I think he has learned better in his one year here than in my 29. Go figure!

After our little walk, we drove to my place taking the long route and making a little stop at the Marina Green in his hope that the view would be nice. But with all the fog, mist and drizzle...that wasn't going to happen. But I didn't mind being out and we talked about hijacking one of the sailboats and jetsetting around the bay and asking why his 007 car couldn't sprout wings and fly. All in jest, you know. We weren't about to commit a felony or anything. But fun to joke around. We headed back to my place and said our goodbye. He stood me up on my entry step and he stood below so that we could be almost the same height for our goodnight kiss. Thank the heavens that he can f-in kiss! And then he held my face in my hands and said "don't get sick, don't get sick, don't get sick! and kissed me again. Yes, I just spent more than an hour walking in mist, puddles and wet grass in high strappy sandals. My feet were wet, my hair was damp but getting sick was really farthest from my mind. Sweet that he was so concerned...

*Sigh* I had a great time. So much so that I was excited at 12:30am when I got home and called C cuz I had to express my excitement of having had such a good time to someone and she is the only one I know would be awake. She answered with "are you ok?!". Poor thing....freaked her out calling so late!

So all went well...we didn't make plans for a third date but I'm sure (I hope!) I'll hear from Mr.D to plan something soon. Hope, hope, hope *fingers crossed*.


C said...

You cracked me up that night when you called. It was either something was wrong or you had a great date. I'm glad it was the latter.

Anonymous said...

12:30A!!?? Crazy. I would have thought there was something wrong.


Anonymous said...

Cosmos rule! Even though I haven't had one in ages =)

Mr. D sounds like a really cool guy and it sounds like you're having lots of fun with him. --AM