Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Blast From The Past

So today, with earphones on and walking along to my music in search of lunch, I saw a blast from the past. My "Larry Bird" lookalike friend from college. Good guy, lots of fun, married now with a cute baby girl. I wave from down the street. He is with a coworker and he stops to say hi and gives me a hug and asks for a business card since he is running to a meeting. Of course, I am apprehensive about seeing him because back in December, I dated his friend and I don't know if Larry Bird Lookalike knows that I went out with Tall Guy M. And who knows what Tall Guy M may have said to Larry Bird Lookalike. Tall Guy M broke it off with me after like 2 dates. Hhmmm...now that I think about it...all these 6'4" guys break it off after two dates. Mr. Sandman, Tall Guy M and Mr. D. Weird...must stay away from 6'4" guys...they are bad news...and they are fucking wasting my time! Anyways...it was nice to see him but I am worried about getting a funky email from him saying "so I hear you went out with Tall Guy M and said blah de blah!" Crap...that is a all I need. Although Tall Guy M left it on good terms considering the friend we have in common (Larry Bird Lookalike, c'mon people...you really need to keep up here!) and the intense liklihood that we may bump into each other at a college bball game. So far...it hasn't happened but you never know.

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