Sunday, May 01, 2005

Shout Out to Idiot Boy

Well, I managed to not get drunk and fall on guys Friday night.. Yet I couldn't prevent "Idiot Boy"from entering my life.

To the idiotic boy who invited himself to my table at the Tainted Love show last night.

Maybe you should lay off the damn booze and/or drugs to realize that you weren't welcome. We did not invite you to the table and you didn't even ask if you could. You just invited yourself and danced with me and my friend. I guess me giving you the cold shoulder and physically pushing you away from me as you kept on squishing me toward the corner escaped your clouded awareness. But despite all this, the kicker was you telling me to "lighten up" at the end of the night. I think you realized this was the wrong thing to say after I gave you a kind (not!) gesture and you escaped over the railing. Wise move! I don't need any frigging idiotic pimply 25 year old "hitting" on me and invading my space when I am trying to enjoy a concert. Take some pointers from a cute, older girl...ask, then do.

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C said...

He was so far gone that night it was funny. He didn't even get the hint when you were talking to what's his name. Can you believe what's his name was 30? He looked like he was 23! Ah, the music was great though wasn't it.