Sunday, May 29, 2005

Blast From The Past...Again!?!

Ok...sorry I have NO stories! I didn't hit my quota of three dates this week. In fact, the last date I had was last week with Tiara Man and I never heard back from him. Whatever. It's no biggie. But no dates means no dating stories. Plus, I am not knitting so I have no frustrating dropped stitches and tangled in yarn stories. And my days have been busy with boring stuff like seeing the an idiot, visiting a grad party with a migraine...very painful!, visiting my old boss and his new baby and eating a ton. I feel FAT! But what else is new. I've decided I am hitting "the wall". You know the one everyone says you'll hit at 30 when "everything goes". I am NOT letting that happen. I am cute dammit and I am not letting 30 take it away! I just need to exercise and lose these 5-7 pounds that will NOT go away! Go away dammit! And people...stop giving me brownies and foccacia and all that other fattening stuff. I mean...I can only be so strong when you are waving bread or sweets in my face! And I swear the dust bunnies in my apartment are mutating into these little people in the middle of the night who take my pants down to the dryer and shrink them. They have some sort of special power though because they only seem to shrink width-wise and never length wise.* So I have to start on my walking regime. And C... you calling me at work while YOU are walking does not mean I am walking...I'm at WORK. And you telling me to walk isn't going to work either because I need to get into this walking regime again and that means that I need YOU to go WITH me cuz otherwise, I'll think about it and then decide I can't change my lazy existence and just sit on the futon and watch tv. I am so lazy, I don't even flip the futon considering the right side of it is considerably flatter than the left side since I only sit on MY side...being the right.

Wait...this wasn't where I was going with this post. Blast from the Past...It was weird enough bumping into Larry Bird Lookalike last week but again! Now really...very, very strange. Me and C were at a favorite breakfast spot and we sat down and can be pretty oblivious. So we were chatting until I realized there was a baby sitting with the couple next to me. I look over at baby, lean back to look at the "dad" and OMG, it's old buddy Larry Bird Lookalike. A little strange to bump into each other 2x in a week. I met his wife, met baby...cute! and just chitchatted but let him be since I wanted to catch up on my week and enjoy breakfast. But it's all very weird. real stories..It's been a busy weekend but nothing to really chat about here...

* recommendations for cleaning people gladly received to take care of mutant dust bunny situation.


Steph said... you are saying 30 is bad? Let's look at my score card here:

(1) turned 30 and had the best party ever
(2) turned 30 and lost weight
(3) turn 30 and got pregnant

nah, 30's not so bad ;)

Kelster said...

SOME of us have a vague recollection of what it is like to be 30.

Besides, you are frigging adorable.

valerie said...


If I manage to change things regarding men, my job (Ick!), my living situation AND lose these 5-7 pounds by 30...I'll have better things to say about the big 3-0.