Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Naked People...Unite!

So this past weekend, I did B2B with C. How the fuck she talked me into it, I have no idea! But it required me to get up at the crack of dawn on a SUNDAY, clock in 8.5 miles before 3pm and now I have a shin splint which coworker D says happens when lazy people exercise too much. Yea, thanks for that little tidbit D. Yea, I am super lazy and clocking in 8.5 miles is a huge feat. I mean that is like 21,000 steps! I should have lost those pesky 5 pounds walking that much! But you know what...damn pounds are still there. Ugh!

But it was a fun time, lots of people, lots of costumes, lots of naked people that should NOT be going around flaunting their nakedness. Eewwww!! I mean, really...can't there at least be some cute young guys in the naked mix? It's all these big, old guys and some equally big old women with pendulum breasts which really, truly...I do NOT wanna see. That's what clothes are for. To hide that stuff and if you wanna go around naked, be at home with the person who would like to see you naked...the whole B2B crowd really doesn't want to. Trust's like a circus freak show. And then you have the crowd who laughs and giggles at the naked people. What these giggling voyuers don't understand is that the naked people know the voyuers are pointing and giggling at them and it feeds their exhibitionist need and they will go into the crowd and pose with you and demand that you go ahead and have friend take a picture of you and naked person. How do I know this?! Cuz I was one of those stupid giggling voyuer girls last year and had like three big naked men come up to me and my friend and want to take pictures with me and her. Yes, honest to God...I have the proof somewhere...not that I really want to find it cuz...ewwww!! So this year, I tried to keep my eyes above waist level and there weren't any cute naked guys anywhere near me to even peak the interest to look below waist level...*sigh*. Oh well...

I had fun, C had was fun...I'm still tired though. Combine tiredness with pms and I'm a little cranky. Yea, cranky not so good...gotta hide this shit before date with Mr. D.


Kelster said...

Dear e-slut;

Those expositionists know where you are trying desperately not to look. THAT feeds their sadistic tendancies.

Next year you should just let loose and go nekkid yerself.

Kelster said...

BTW....I am very impressed with how much posting you have been doing lately.

C said...

I got tired also. I think is was after mile 5 that I started aching. I had an awesome time. The pics are up from the walk. Did you get the email? I was all eneregized after the walk until we had lunch and was wishing there was a bed right next to me. I napped about 3 hours that evening.

Anonymous said...

In today's class, we will study that age old equation:

Lazy people + exercise = shin splints.


valerie said...

I got new more shin splints for me...I hope!