Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Going out with a Drummer??

No...that can't be Val! Ms. straight and narrow Val? Eh, I'm bored so I'll meet the drummer.

B, I swear...It'll be ok. I'm just meeting him. It's only lunch...in the middle of the day and there will be lots of people around. It can't hurt right? Besides I am really, really, REALLY curious!

Plus...um, we all know us girls have the soft spot for certain things...uniforms and musicians being a couple of the "oh my gawd, how hot!". But in the back of my mind, I am also thinking, I may as well step on a goddamn live wire because despite the hotness, there is also that level of "bad news". We all know it. C'mon, fess up!

Yea, so how did Val even get to this "meet a drummer" stage. Yea, I know...so Un-Val.

Well over the weekend, I was bored and decided to post an ad on CL. Yea, I know crazy! I was BORED and annoyed that Guy #3 didn't live up to my expectations and I needed some entertainment. Plus, I was also doing it as an experiment for this board that my friend moderates. Get data, report to the board. Easy! If anyone interesting responded, I'd respond. So this guy replied who sounded cool, if not a little generic BUT he has a good picture. Good = Cute people and Cute peaks my interest. Yes, I can really be that vain and shallow to choose a guy based on looks BUT he also has to be smart and cool for me to really stick around so I'm not THAT vain...just a itty bit. So I emailed, asked where he grew up and told him I grew up in South City and bam(!) 7 emails, 2 additional pictures (if he truly looks like those pictures, I'll be in heaven...for an hour at least), one phone call and an hour IM chat later, we have established that we have a shitload of stuff in common. So much so it's a little weird and nervewracking and I know it's the truth since he spilled the beans before I did and I'd sit there in front of the computer trying to lift my dropped jaw back to it's normal location...you know, up near my face instead of dropped down to my desk. He grew up up the hill from me, he is Nicaraguan and his dad is from the same town my parents are from, his sister went to high school at the same time I did but different year, he teaches at the high school my brother went to, he has the same birthday as my mother, he's a LIBRA (woohoo!! Libras rock!). Those are the major things...we have other commonalities too but those are the most "what the? No way!" commonalities I've had with anyone. We're hoping we aren't related. LOL Ewwwww...Gross!

And he's a drummer...who plays gigs in the city. I think I forgot this at some point during our conversation and I said to him "you don't look like the geeky band guy stereotype". In which he responded, "I'm a drummer". Oh yea...the drummer is always hot! And obviously he knows it. Shit! I'm in deep, deep trouble people.

But I'm curious...if anything...he can be a compadre...a new friend to shoot the shit with. Yea, who am I kidding. We'll see what happens. I leave for "yee-haw" land Thursday. If I don't meet him before I leave, I'll go batty wondering what he's really like...if he'll still be interested in meeting me a week after we connected on email and phone. Better to meet and get it over with already and determine if I think he's a troll or truly a hottie. So I'm meeting him for lunch later today and details after that.

Yea, I hear you already. You want a frigging update..."enquiring minds wanna know". Alright...you got it!

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