Friday, May 06, 2005

"Vegas, Vegas, Vegas"

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas *opens eyes*. Damn, I'm still in Dallas...AND it's only Friday.

Yep, that's how I feel. Frankly, I don't need to be in Vegas...just anywhere I can lay out and have access to alcoholic drinks like pina coladas and margaritas. Yum!

But I am Yee Haw Land where I am forced to share a room with my neice. Love the neice but damn, she tosses and turns a lot and I never realized until now, how light a sleeper I have become. I used to be able to sleep through earthquakes and now the littlest motion has me awake and irritated. I need sleep...I'm on vacation! So with the tossing and turning, my bro-in-law and sister making their awake noises downstairs and the dogs making their barks, I didn't get much sleep until they all left the house. The topper of course was waking up at 6am (6am people, remember I am supposed to be on vacation...and 6am here is 4am at home!) by one of the dogs licking my face and trying to climb up on the bed! I get irritated, yell for my sister, stumble to the bathroom and come out to have both dogs start jumping on me. OMG! What is up with these dogs and all the goddamn jumping on people?! I, of course, can't see crap since I don't have my glasses on and ask where they are since I don't see their familiar shape lying where I put them. "Oh, they are over on the dresser, I noticed one of the dogs had it in his mouth". What?!!?!?! Nothing is safe! They are trying to eat my glasses, yesterday one of them tried to eat my phone that I was trying to recharge...they are worse than toddlers! Thank goodness the dog only had it in his mouth and wasn't chewing the bejesus out of them because I truly am pretty blind without them and I didn't bring a backup pair or contacts on this trip. Who would have thought they'd be in danger of being eaten by a dog?! Plus, my frames are discontinued. I love my glasses to death. I searched high and low for another pair of my DKNY tortoiseshell rectangular, geeky-looking librarian frames and I would have cried buckets and been in a rage should I have encountered a beyond recognizeable chewed up pair of glasses. I'm not kidding...truly serious here. These glasses have been and are my "look". I'm comfortable, I can see, I think they are cute, it's the persona I want to exude and I'm not ready to give it up just yet.

I finally have the house to myself and can relax. I can watch Judging Amy in the middle of the day in my pj's and not worry about anything and that's just grand. Now I just need to remember to put all my valuable stuff like glasses, phone and Rio on a high shelf or I may never see these things again.


Anonymous said...

I see what you mean about Dallas not being too relaxing ... two huge rambunctious dogs?? On top of energetice niece & nephew. Eek. Sounds like you'll need another few days off to recuperate from your vacation. --AM

Kelster said...

You gonna need a vacation to recover from your vacation.

Next vacation should be spent in Portland in a house full of cats. Not that I am being pushy :o)

Anonymous said...

That's funny. Great stuff. While you were in Dallas muttering "Vegas, Vegas, Vegas" I was in Vegas muttering "Dallas, Dallas, Dallas". Wait, no I wasn't. I was sitting in a jacuzzi up in a country club resort, overlooking the Vegas Strip.