Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Drummer Boy, Part Deux

So I am back from Yee Haw Land and had to contact Drummer Boy to see if we were going to meet up again. I had told him I would call him when I got back but my phone-a-phobia kicked in so I just sent him a nice little email thinking he'd reply with a "let's hang out again". he replied was "things were fine while you were gone and mom's day was nice". Um...what?! So I called him and asked what was up and if he wanted to meet again.

DB said "uhhh, yea".

me: Hey, if you don't want to, we don't have to. You don't have to be nice. I just can't read you and when I got that email from you, you were so vague and I don't know what is going on.

DB: Yea, I still want to meet. I thought I was bugging you too much while you were in Yee Haw Land and I was giving you space. Plus, you said YOU would call.

Ah ha! I have encountered the needy male...just as bad as a girl pulling the I can't reply to you via email to make plans because you said you would I am waiting for you to call. What is that!? What is that!! Ooooo...that makes me so mad. People and their stupid games. I explain to him my phone-a-phobia...which no one seems to frigging understand by the way and make plans with him for Saturday night. And I's a form of communication...get over it!

So I am going into this date kinda wary...not knowing what to expect and with the opinion forming in the back of my mind that he is sensitive and attention needy. Two things I can't stand as a "blunt as fuck, tell it like it is" girl. I rarely beat around the bush...I don't have the time or patience for it and I just come out and say what I am feeling. Most friends know this. I only beat around the bush when I am scared of the outcome. So he picks me up, I ask where we are going and he thinks we should stay in my "hood" since I wanted to have an early night for B2B the next morning. We go to a nearby mexican restaurant where I wonder why we just didn't park near my place since it's only 4 blocks from me and we are circling and circling and circling for parking. We get in, order and I talked...a LOT...damn tequila. They make their margaritas frigging strong! Must remember that next time. But let me not forget that on the drive over, he had asked if I had been on a "CL" date the night before. I hadn't been since Mr. D was from the other online site I am on...yes, I am a total e-slut...leave me alone! But is it really any of his business? I mean, he was on CL and responded to my post. Isn't it normal that people are dating a couple of people at the same time until they hit that connection? So why am I being grilled about how many responses I got and how many people I am dating, etc. It is none of his business at date #1.5.

Then during dinner, I am asked, "have you ever been engaged?" I was surprised he asked me this. No one has ever asked me if I have ever been engaged...and I asked him why he would think I had been in the first place. Answer: "Look at you, you're so beautiful! Who wouldn't want to be married to you". *SIGH!!!* I hate hearing shit like this. I really really do. I appreciate that I was blessed with good genes and all but I want, more than anything, to be known and appreciated for my personality, for being loyal, honest, fun, humorous, sarcastic and caring. Not purely because I am cute, pretty, beautiful or whatever other adjective you can come up with. It's a stupid reason to get married to someone because of their the end...looks will fade and you are left with your personality. Maybe that's why I still cling to my glasses...they tone things down a bit. At least in mind they do...cute, geeky librarian look. Eh,'s probably just in my mind. The meal went on...I chatted a lot and felt like he was trying to read me too much and not relaxing enough to just be himself, have a good time and talk.

After dinner, we walked and I asked why he was giving me such a hard time if he had been on CL and what was he doing on there anyways. He said he was bored and that it was better than being on yahoo or match. Well, I fessed up and told him I was on one of those two sites. So then he went on to say that that was why I couldn't get back to him in a timely manner. I was being bombarded by email. DB is so insecure. This is how online dating works juggle a bit until you find someone you really connect my juggle a freaking lot! Ugh!

We walked back to his car, drove the four blocks home, hugged him goodbye and that it that. I am not calling him and dealing with this guy's insecurities and jealousy that he is not the only guy I am seeing. And frankly, between DB and Mr. D. I choose Mr. D because he is cool and has his shit together. Considering my shit is all over the freaking place, maybe dating someone stable is a good idea. You think??

Well, it's Wednesday and my date with DB was on Saturday. No call, no email, nothing. Just as well..I guess he felt the same way.

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