Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Back but Defeated

Well...I'm back from Yee Haw Land. Made it back last night but let me tell you, I feel defeated. Tired, run-down, beaten...aww crap! Who am I kidding! I feel like that most of the time but seriously, this is bad. I spent the last 5 days with two smart-alecky kids and two dogs that used me as a vertical trampoline for most of my stay and all on maybe, JUST MAYBE, 3 hours of sleep a night. I could barely email, barely blog, barely veg out in front of the tv and could barely make a phone call. People...I was making calls in the bathroom at 1am! Why?! Because that was when everyone was sleeping and I could find a corner...or a bathroom...where I could have a semi-private conversation...and 1am there is only 11pm in SF.

I'm happy to be in SF, happy to have seen a friendly face at the airport, have gotten a ride home and even happier to have climbed onto my super soft and cushy bed after having been kicked, smooshed, swatted at, robbed of the covers and woken up at 6am EVERY fucking day for the past 4 nights. 6am!! Did I mention this was supposed to be a goddamn vacation. Now I need a vacation to recuperate from this trip to Yee Haw Land.

If I could only get to sleep early and actually sleep for 8-9 hours...things would be a lot better!


Kelster said...

Let's just hope your neighbors dont decide to start throwing "end of the year" parties

Claire said...

Didn't you know? Everyone needs a vacation from a vacation. Especially a family vacation!