Monday, November 02, 2009

De Basura a Tresoro

A while ago, I had mentioned getting some items as gifts from relatives in Nicaragua that I wasn't really into. In August, I did my butterfly adoption and the idea seemed popular so I'm moving forward with this and calling it De Basura a Tresoro which is Spanish for "From Junk to Treasure". Or it can also be "Save My Stuff from the Goodwill!". You can call it whatever, the end result is the same. I think I will try to put one thing up each Monday in November and the winner will be announced the following Monday. That gives the item one week to hopefully find a new owner that will treasure the item. All items are new. All items are from Nicaragua. You wouldn't find any of these things in the US unless someone from Nicaragua shipped it here for their own relatives or to sell in a bodega.

The first item is a wooden key ring holder with an aluminum plate with a butterfly and flower on it. The main colors are shades of orange, green, yellow and silver. It's meant to be hung on a wall and has two little key hooks on the bottom. The size is 4" x 8" so it's not that big. I think this is cute. I don't have any use for a hanging key holder especially since I live in a 1930's building with original plaster walls. My lease says no holes in the plaster so I hang all my art with heavy duty fishing line and moulding hooks. Sounds weird, huh? It's actually kind of cool but requires a certain amount of effort that I won't exert for this little key holder.
Excuse the plastic...pillow is not included! Item will be shipped the cheapest way possible and may take me a couple of days to ship depending on schedule and on-hand shipping supplies.

If you're interested, please post a comment being really specific that you want to be entered for the adoption/giveaway. I'm pretty dense otherwise and apt to get all confused! If there is more than one person, I will pick at random or have *the boy* do it if he's around and announce the winner next Monday, November 9th at 11pm PST.

Until next time...


Margaret said...

Oh what fun! And I love your first treasure! Please do enter me for the giveaway -- I'm first, but whatever. lol! That is a beautiful key holder -- and I can always use a key holder. :D Thanks for allowing us to adopt your treasures.

Daffycat said...

I would adopt that lovely butterfly! Enter me too, please!

That's day two for us. We must cheer each other on, right?

CindyMae said...

I would love to adopt!!

ariadne said...

As I have nothing from Nicaragua and I love butterflies I would love the butterfly too!So if you please add me to the drawing!Ariadne from Greece