Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaBloPoMo Begins!

Well, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for NaBloPoMo for November. If you're interested, there's still time to sign up and post. Just click the button on my sidebar!

I wonder how well I will do with blogging everyday but I wanted to try and having my IRL buddy, AM as motivational support will really help too.

I'm a pretty shy and quiet person...which people don't generally think from my writing style. Behind the computer...I can be a super chatty girl but in person, I'm pretty shy especially around big groups. It's amazing I was such a crazy serial dater! This blog isn't so much about dating and crazy encounters now as it was when it was first launched. Now, it's more about making connections with like-minded people and seeking advice and opinions on things and methods I am passionate about...mainly stitching nowadays. So when I asked for some input and advice about floor stands a little while ago, never did I think I had a floor stand fairy out in blogland...but I did. I was pleasantly surprised by an offer of a no longer used original Gazelle. I gratefully accepted and look what landed on my doorstep this week!! Even more shocking is that my floor stand fairy, waved her wand and got it out to me while she was hosting her huge and amazing Halloween giveaway. God knows she was busy juggling that!
There was some serious happy dancing and huge smiles when I got this sucker assembled...which was easy once my apartment manager came by with the right size allen wrench! This is perfect! I can't wait to mount a BAP on it. I would love to do it now but am buried under gift crafting at the moment. Thank you so much to my wonderful floor stand fairy!

I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Halloween. *The boy* landed back into SFO and we headed into the city to watch Nosferatu at Davies. Davies is the local symphony hall so a horror movie in the realm of a world-renowned classical music venue is odd to begin with but since the movie is a silent film, the orchestra will play the accompaniment. With this movie, the main instrument was the Ruffatti organ with some cool percussion sound effects. It was an interesting movie..I had never watched it before but it's one of those one time is enough type of movies for me. I love the organ though. It was funny to see people dressed up in costume at the Symphony Hall!

Today was a breakfast at home type of day with some fresh coffee and homemade blueberry muffins. Yum! I had decided to be a nice girlfriend and bake *the boy's* favorite pastry yesterday for his arrival.
The rest of the day was farmer's market (forgot my blasted camera!) and the supermarket.

In between, I've been crafting. I'm making a birthday scarf for *the boy's* mom. I think I got the pattern least the cast on amount wrong. I've remembered why I don't knit as much can be frustrating! As I kept knitting, I noticed the yarn dwindling but the length not growing enough to become scarf worthy. I think I cast on 4 stitches too many! But *the boy* likes the width of the scarf so I've ordered more yarn so I can finish up the scarf. I hope it arrives quickly as the birthday is next Monday and needs to be shipped. I also have the problem of not remembering how in the world to cast off. Looks like I'll be pulling my Knitting for Dummies book off the shelf or checking YouTube! lol

And besides the scarf, I've been stitching away on my exchange. So no crafty snaps yet.

Happy November everyone...can you believe it?! This year is flying!

Until next time...erm...tomorrow!


Daffycat said...

I'm doing "it" too. I survived it last year so couldn't resist trying it again. Crazy me.

Congratulations on the new floor stand!

Missy Ann said...

I'm so glad it's all set up & being enjoyed. It was my first floor stand and I remember how insanely happy I was those first few days. :D

Looking forward to daily postings! I am totally not participating. I'm parsecs behind on my stitching. In fact I should be stitching not surfing the blogs right now. lol

Margaret said...

Good luck with NaBloPoMo! :D Nice new floor stand!

CindyMae said...

Love the new stand! Glad "the boy" landed safely!! Good luck with the posting daily!!

Lisa said...

I look forward to reading the daily postings of the FogCity Dweller (but don't stress over it :) ). The floor stand looks wonderful, I am definitely jealous as my hands have been aching when I hold my projects up too long...or maybe that is just my age (Lol). Take care!

Theresa said...

Wow!!! Great floor stand!!!! You will be speeding through your stitchings with that!!!
Good luck with NaBloPoMo!!!

Vonna said...

WOW...that IS a floor stand fairy! Missy Ann is tremendously generous :)

staci said...

Good luck with Nablopomo :)

Enjoy that wonderful floor stand! What a sweetie Missy Ann is ;)

drea_dear said...

I'm also a one-a-day poster for the next month! Good luck! What a fabulous surprise with the stand!!!

Katrina said...

OH have fun, I will just look forward to reading your posts :-). I'd be happy if I could manage once a week, LOL.

So the boy is back? The symphony thing sounds like fun.

Big congrats on the floor stand, what a nice gesture. Can't wait to see which project goes on it first.