Saturday, November 14, 2009


So...remember way back when, when I said that I got birthday money from my parents and *the boy's* mom and I was wondering what to do with it?

Well, *the boy* bought me a lovely red leather purse for my birthday and I wanted to get a matching wallet. But all the wallets were garmongous and I only wanted a french wallet. You know, one of those that are maybe 2/3 the size of a checkbook wallet? Well, no such luck for me.

And I needed some new work flats since my comfie ones are worn down and eaten through the leather. Seriously...they are ghetto flats now but so comfy! But I have gone to every shoe store imaginable and still can't find a pair that is both cute, stylish AND comfy.

So I bought a ton of stash! I do have to say that I was holding out for a while knowing that I would have my birthday discount at Needlecraft Corner. This is my favorite online needlework shop. They are brick and morter but umm...Maryland is pretty far for me to travel to shop in the store!
Plum Street Samplers Paradise Lost and Christmas Tea with recommended Belle Soie. I couldn't resist Paradise Lost with it's 60's style Eve and funky trees and let's not even get started with the animals! I'll get to it someday. Christmas Tea will be my December start this year. There's something about it. And after stumbling upon many times in the last year, I finally decided to just get it already! I am hoping to get to NiaH next weekend to buy some fabric so that I can maybe put some stitches into it Thanksgiving weekend.
I also bought LHN's Love One Another, assorted Cresecent Colors for my LHN Traveling Stitcher and Pumpkins for Sale which will be started sometime soon in my head but probably much later in reality, as well as a ton of AVAS for my American Sampler. you know why I was waiting for birthday discount. I think American Sampler requires 37 different colors and I really wanted to do it in silk if I was going to attempt it. I also purchased 3 French charts from another online needlework store called The Threadbasket. The owner has the same name I do! Except with the french accent and all. I thought that was funny.

I also bought stash for gifts and my exchange so I pulled that stuff from the photos. Someone needs to take my stash buying priviledges away! Ummm...but that's not it.

I saw on Danielle's blog that she had ordered some scroll covers off of etsy. Now that I am about to start Mary Wigham and she will be strictly an at home project sitting on scroll rods, I decided that I needed nice protective covers too! So I bought a cover for my 16" rods and 20" rods...which are the only ones I have! LOL Ann was a pleasure to work with! The scroll covers are a custom item so you have to email her directly to request them. Be sure to give her the correct scroll measurements as I discovered my scroll rod measurements were different than Danielle's. I love the prints I chose plus she quilted them. I think I'll be getting a lot of use out of them!
Speaking of Mary Wigham, Lisa and I are going to SAL together and start on Thanksgiving weekend! Ok, I've put it out there for all of blogland to see so I am committed and definitely starting! I am so looking forward to turkey weekend. I have lots of stitching time planned and 2 starts to attempt.

*sigh* I am very behind! I didn't knit Thursday and I haven't even started on my sewing. Looks like tomorrow will be an all-day sewing fest attempting to finish making (umm...haven't even started!) my pants.

*The boy* leaves tonight...back to RI. Looks like I'm solo through the holidays. Again with the mixed feelings. But I'll go back to all out craft mode and hopefully, get into some sort of fitness routine. You know you've gotten out of shape when you get winded climbing up your own damn stairs!!

OK...sewing pics tomorrow! :)

Until next time...


Daffycat said...

Ooo, I hate buying shoes. They are either cute and way too uncomfortable or cosy and nice but freakishly ugly. *sigh*

Wowzers that is SOME stash! Don'tcha LOVE birthday money?

CindyMae said...

Wonderful new stash!!!! Look forward to watching your SAL with Lisa progress!!

Theresa said...

Wow!!!!! Great stash!!!!! Must go check that scroll cover out!!

Vonna said...

Love the stash...always great to just buy someething new! :)
And the scroll covers...beautiful!

Chiloe said...

GReat stash !!! I love buying stash.

Hope you won't be too lonely during the holidays ;-)

Missy Ann said...

I like those covers. I use pillows cases. Really ugly ones too. :D

I can't tell you how many times I've had Paradise Lost in my hands and put it back. One of these days I'll lose the battle. lol I'm going to use my b-day discount for Christmas at HoHRH.

Love all the colors of thread... so pretty.

And you won't be alone, you'll have use & we'll have you.

Margaret said...

Nice stash! I didn't even know there were scroll covers. :D Good luck with the sewing and knitting etc. Hope you don't miss the boy too much.

Katrina said...

Great stash and I love the cover for your scroll rods.

Good luck finding the right shoes.

So then will the boy be back after the holidays? Hope he's gaining his strength back, I imagine it takes a while after being on crutches for so long.

staci said...

Sounds like you were meant to spend your bday money on stash, lol ;) Love it all, enjoy using it (or looking at it!)

Melissa said...

Great stash. It's such a rush isn't it when you lay all those goodies in front of you? I love those yummy silks!

Branlaadee said...

Wonderful stash! I am jealous. :)

Carol R said...

Great stash haul!

Hazel said...

Oh me oh my what a lot to feast my eyes upon!! Gorgeous new stash - I am so jealous. I love CC threads, they are amazing to work with. They are my favourite threads at the moment. You can do so much with them. The colours just blend so well together. Ahhh Mary Wig.... I feel so bad being head girl in the UK and not stitched much on her. I have promised my group that I will be starting back on her in the new year for definite. xx

Laural said...

Wonderful everything!! I'm definitely going to have to get cranberry tea. I can't wait to see it stitched.

Ranae said...

Ah! Love all the stash. You have some great stuff there.
I started MW sometime ago and just can't get into it. Maybe you will inspire me,

Meari said...

I'm with Daffy... I hate buying shoes, too. I never find ones in my size that are stylish. :(

Awesome stash!