Thursday, November 19, 2009


On Monday nights, I have my sewing class. You know, the one I keep complaining about because I am so behind. I have to admit that I enjoy the class but it's difficult to find the time to do the samples and projects while juggling work, errands, giftmaking and other hobbies. Not to mention things in general have been very stressful.

On Monday, I arrived to class early to do my labtime and decided to work on my reversible mini-vest sample. I couldn't really remember the construction of it and plodded along and got to a point where I was really excited because I was almost done...or so I thought. I had started blind-stitching the hem when I realized I sewed the sides up but not to each other hence it wasn't a vest but more like a back with front flaps! Argh!

In a Beginner Sewing class, the seam ripper becomes your best friend!

So I ripped out my seams, started over with the sides, got one side done well and screwed up the other end. So in my classic frustration, I threw everything in my backpack and headed home.

Today I decided to give it another go and I finished my mini-vest.
One sample done...two more to go! I'm currently working on one for princess seams. I've already had to rip a seam out.

As for the pants...this is as far as I've gotten.
The pattern has been sitting on the floor since the weekend...waiting for tracing. Since I don't have a craft table, the floor is it for me. Maybe if I finish all my samples by tomorrow night, I can start on the tracing so I can cut and construct on Saturday? Hope, hope.

The rest of the class is on vests and I'm still on pants! So the goal is to catch up and get the pants and the samples done by the end of the weekend so I can shop for a vest pattern and fabric.

Wish me luck!

Until next time...


Margaret said...

cute little mini vest! I hope you can get everything else done that you want to get done. It must be hard to take a class in the middle of work and wanting to do so much else too! Good luck!

Branlaadee said...

Good luck!

The little vest is cute!

Laural said...

The vest is cute! Pins are your friends too. I used to loathe using them but have found a lot less frustration the more that I don't skimp on them.