Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed!

er..I mean the postman has arrived and two of my three packages have reached their final destination. That means I can share stuff. Woot!

Last month, Missy Ann sent me an old floor stand she had stored up in her attic and was no longer using. I mentioned earlier about how I had a floor stand fairy! I was so grateful that she was willing to give me the floor stand and I know I'll get much use out of it. It already had Mary Wigham ready and waiting for my SAL with Lisa to begin on Friday. I decided I would send her a little thank you package and Missy Ann let me know she received it. I'm so happy she liked everything. I made her an Isis scarf similar to the one I made for *the boy's* mom but with the correct cast on and needle size in an aqua, purple and fushia colorway. I also sent La D Da's Something Wicked with recommended silks, Tournicoton's Pere Noel and some other little things I came across.
A special thank you to Carol R. for being the courier for the yarn. Isis yarn isn't readily available around here not to mention the price hike is astronomical. But UK residents benefit of buying it at cost which is much more affordable, even with her shipping it to me. Thanks Carol!!

I also heard from Laura who was my partner in the SBBC birthday exchange. She sent me a funny email letting me know that she was so surprised to get a package as her birthday was actually September 22nd and not November 22nd and she had since forgotten. Oops! Guess there was a misunderstanding somewhere but she got her package and is happy and that's most important. Many of you may remember me talking about working on this exchange. I took my time, finished early and loved everything about it!

I stitched a tasseled pincushion and floss tag. The pincushion is filled with crushed walnuts to keep needles and pins sharp.
La D Da Tiny Sampler (freebie)
32 count Platinum Belfast
Recommended threads (omitted beads and added GAST Brandy in it's place)

I added SBBC on the back of the floss tag since that was the origin of the exchange and "happy birthday" on the back of the pincushion so she remembers why it was received.
And the entire exchange! I also included a couple of charts from Laura's wishlist and the corresponding threads for Mayflower Landing and a couple of other little goodies.

I hope it was all worth the wait Laura...happy birthday!

I'll fill you in on sewing pics tomorrow. I'm delayed. I finished all my samples but haven't done a thing about my pants other than take measurements. Time for me to peel off and trace my pattern now.

Until next time...


Missy Ann said...

Oops! Forgot about the chocolate, um... that didn't make it into my picture. lol

Thanks again for kitting Something Wicked, I was so excited about Pere Noel that I didn't notice that the silks matched SW. I should always be this lucky, so over excited about everything that I miss the details.

staci said...

What a fantastic box of goodies you put together for Missy!

And the exchange you made for Laura is stunning! A lovely design, beautifully stitched and perfectly finished!!!

Branlaadee said...

Your SBBC exchange is lovely! It came out wonderfully.

Missy is a lucky woman! I love Something Wicked too.

RuthB said...

Well, happy dancing on your behalf -- Those are lovely packs you've graced the world with. :)

Daffycat said...

A lovely thank-you gift, Valerie. The generosity of stitchers never ceases to amaze me.

Oh no! You finished the exchange early only it was LATE! I'm sure Laura was thrilled with the package anyway.

CindyMae said...

Oooh, it all looks wonderful! Love it all!!

Carol R said...

Great thank you gift for Missy - love how the Isis yarn knitted up!

Pretty little tassled pincushion - where did you get the crushed walnuts from? I wonder if I have this freebie in my freebie folder - must check.

Margaret said...

Wow, nice gifts/exchanges you sent! What a nice way to thank one person and what a nice birthday exchange for the other! Whoops on the birthday date being wrong. Life happens! lol!

Katrina said...

What nice exchanges! I love the La D Da pieces you stitched, gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I simply love the tasseled pincushion : it is so romantically pretty.

stitcheranon said...

Lovely: just perfect. Great stitching too!

caerbannog said...

That's such a cute little pincushion!

doris said...

Great boxes of fun! I love your little pin cushion and floss tag. Those turned out great.

Anonymous said...

Val-- I just loved everything and wanted to say so, again, here on your blog! I still look at that wonderful pincushion sitting next to my stitchy chair, with the floss tag, and think they are just so great, and perfectly picked for me! I love the colors and everything about them. And, the whole package was just so fun and generous. I hope that your neighbors ease up on the noise a bit, and you can enjoy your sanctuary in peace!