Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Well, I had thought I’d be on the game with the blogging this year but it doesn’t look like I can get my act together. The beginning of the year was busy with work deadlines and bridesmaid duties but that is all finally over and done with. And it’s time to get back on track! I’m hoping that everyone has had a good start to the new year. Mine was pretty rough with grant deadlines and an incredibly disorganized and procrastinating group of people who I was working with in conjunction with that plan. I ended up getting sick and losing my voice right before my friend’s wedding and it was a little rough trying to be productive and lucid with a croaky voice and extreme fatigue. I managed to pull through with flying colors and at the beginning of what I considered my new year, January 14th, I managed to sideswipe my car. Lesson learned…do not drive when extremely tired. Lucky for me, I just grazed the corner of this guy’s bumper and he just got a scrape and I have some light scratches along the side of my car. Of course, it probably wouldn’t have happened if my friend was actually able to follow someone instead of getting lost three blocks from our point of origin! I mean really….is following someone so fricking hard?! So as I’m freaked out wondering where the heck she went, I wasn’t paying enough attention to fully clear this car as I was turning in to wait out my friend’s return. Not a good start to Valerie’s self-proclaimed start of the year. But enough about that…I have New Years’ Resolutions.

**Be more crafty – I have sacrificed craftiness over the past two years for the sake of dating. Obviously, that hasn’t worked out well for me. I’m more cynical, frustrated and hyper-critical about dating than ever before. This resolution has actually been met so far with an extreme amount of energy! I finished my cousin’s baby birth announcement and am in the midst of trying to frame it myself. I also finished a tiny *Happy Birthday* cross stitch for my sister. Right now…I am working on a little Christmas ornament and have even enrolled in a class to get back into knitting. This time socks. I’ve always wanted to try and this seemed like as good a time as any! The class starts this Saturday and I am really looking forward to it. Once I can get a hold of a digital camera, I’ll show off pictures!

**Work out – lose and keep off 10 pounds – Surprise, surprise…I haven’t even touched this resolution with a 10 foot pole! But I want to and need to lose at least 10 pounds. I just do NOT have the drive and motivation to do it. I so hate working out but it'll happen.

**Take a real vacation - right now, I'm thinking road trip to Seattle. I have a gfood friend who lives there, it isn't horribly far and I absolutely love the foggy, misty city of Seattle. If I didn't live in the SF Bay Area, Seattle would be my second choice. And considering I've dated practically dated every eligible man in 2 counties here as it is, I may just have to move there anyways.

**Clean and organize - pretty self explanatory. My place is a's a cute finally put together place with the recent acquisition of a chair and an area rug but it's messy and unorganized and ummm...cluttered. So since I've spent loads of money on the chair and the rug, I should have the time to clean. Yea...we'll see how well that goes!

**Get a digital camera - now that I'm being crafty, I want to document my creations. Hopefully I can acquire one after I file my taxes and I find out if the government owes me money or if I owe them.

So that's it for the new year and my resolutions. I'll update on my progress throughout the year!