Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bit of a Break

Hi Everyone,

I'm forced to take a little bit of a blogging break. I managed to have a little accident with my laptop and it's my main outlet to the internets. Time for me to do a little research and buy a new one and then transfer all my data to a safe place. Ouch! I think my vacation fund is going to take a hit and I may end up with a staycation soon instead. Oh well.

I might just catch up on the housework now! Oh who am I kidding. More stitching time!

Be back soon....

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Finishes and More Finishes

Hello my's been a while hasn't it? It's been busy in my little corner of the world. Busy, busy...yet when I reflect at the end of the week, I can barely remember what kept me so busy. Anyone else relate?

Anywho...I've lots to share so you all might want to get a cup of tea and a snack. Don't get those crumbs in the keyboard though!

A while back, I was talking about finishing and how I actually got a couple of pieces finish-finished and off in the mail. Well, they've been happily received and now I can share. I shared this finish earlier. It's Blackbird Designs Bluebird stitched on a scrap of 32 count Lakeside with GAST Brethren Blue.
I made it up into a pinpillow. Very simple...filled with crushed walnut litter. I found a black safety pin lying about and thought it would be fitting and made simple pins. I bought terrible glue and those crystals were sliding. I am just hoping that they finally set. I backed it with some of my favorite blue batik shown below.
I mailed the pinpillow to my penpal Belen in France and I can only hope that it cheered her up. She recently celebrated her birthday and I felt a cause to make her something handmade. 2010 was an unkind year to her as well and unfortunate circumstances made her a widow way too young. She needed a little cheering. Blue is one of her favorite colors and she wrote me to tell me that she liked the gift and the goodie I included. I am so glad!

2010 was an unkind year. I am glad it's in my past but there was one outstanding piece of business leftover from last blogiversary giveaway. I'm not sure what the mental hangup was. The finishing or the fact it was what I was stitching on when everything imploded. I'm not one to owe anyone anything though and I finally sat down and did the finishing. It was all I had to do. I am embarrassed that it took me so long to finish and send on but I am happy it's been passed onto it's new owner. Sharon won my giveaway many moons ago and she was happy with the gift and the goodies. I stilled the Shepherd's Bush 2009 scissor fob and included a pair of silver Ginghers. Here's the front.
And the back. It was charted to say "All Is Fine in 2009". Ummm...yea. So I changed it to say "Stitch and Be Happy" because that is true to a stitcher 100% of the time...well...outside of any major frogging.
I used the kit supplies and filled the fob with crushed walnut litter as well. It was my first time doing this finish with the ribbon and despite it being fiddly and poking myself with a beading needle multiple times, I am really happy with it! Now I need to stitch it for myself! Sharon posted photos of the goodies I sent here. I was in such a rush to send things off that I forgot to take photos of the goodies. I had a runner up winner for my blogiversary too and made good with Lisa and sent some non-stitched goodies off to her too. I am not doing that again. Next time, I will have the stitched goodie done *before* the drawing. Yeesh...guess that means I better get busy again and quick!

I also finished the first Blackbird Designs Bonus Pattern for my Anniversaries of the Heart! I know...I'm shocked myself. But that pre-stitching for my class drove me bananas and I needed something to keep me sane so I decided to get a head start.
I am SALing with Lisa and Sally. Their AotH projects look great! Here's how mine looks so far.
I am really enjoying this project. I don't seem to want to stop stitching on it but I am going to try and take a break from it for the rest of March so I can devote a little bit of time on my Mary Wigham and some smalls.

Now for the stitching that was driving me crazy! The pre-stitching for my class. The stitching itself didn't seem like a lot but it was very time consuming and really had to pay attention. My class was with Sandie Vanosdall of The Sweetheart Tree though the Bay Area Sampler Guild and the pre-stitching was for the M'Lady's Quadreille. I was hoping to be a super stitcher and finish all the stitching and backstitching before class but I only managed 1/2.
I had to frog a good portion because I found a counting error and had gotten sidetracked with my AotH. Sandie only wanted us to do the first side of the quadrille and all the outlining anyways so I was ahead. The class was nice and we covered specialty stitches I had never done before. Finishing this quadrille will be a challenge but seeing as I stitched the date...I had better get this done this year. We were also given Lady Dunmore's Sampler kit which I think is stunning and the main reason I signed up for this class. It has the same stitches as the quadrille so if I can master this quadrille, I can definitely tackle the sampler! Strangely enough, The Sweetheart Tree isn't really my usual thing but this really caught my eye.

Here's a close up of my 2 completed sides of the quadrille before any specialty stitches.
I will have to add this to the rotation for this year so I can complete it!

And TUSAL for the new moon. My jar is rapidly getting full. I guess I've been getting a ton of stitching done. Amazing how it never feels like enough. All the projects I want to do play like a slideshow in my head!
I have a new little friend to help me display my jar this month. Isn't she cute?!

Well, I better run. It's the Southland finale!

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Let Your Life Speak

I've been struggling to find my words the past few days. But today, I find I need to fumble through a little bit to express the sadness and appreciation I feel for Lisa Roswell of The Primitive Needle and the Roswell family. I am so saddened that she passed away and had great hopes that things would turn out well for her when I learned of what happened yesterday. Lisa brought her wonderful designs and charisma to our stitching community and we will sorely miss her.

The title of my post is the title of one of Lisa's designs. Lisa's life spoke to all of us. We were inspired by her love of Halloween and her creativity and she spoke loudly to many of us even though we may have never met her in person. Our stitching community has suffered a great loss but I know we will pay tribute to Lisa in our stitches and by continuing to bring her designs to life via linen and thread. She will not be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to her family.

Since I feel that today is about Lisa, I'll share my stitching and stuff in the next day or two.

Remember to let your life speak. Take pleasure in the little things. Dance as if no one is looking. Love freely.