Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas amongst those that make you happy. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were busy and family filled. Lots of cooking, food, laughs and chatter. I was happy to see my sister and her family and I played catchup with all of them. *The boy* met my sister and her family and they all seemed to get along without any problems so that was good and I was actually able to relax and not worry about where the conversation was going.

The days after Christmas were not so great though. I came down with a bad head cold and have probably gone through two boxes of Kleenex in the process. *The boy* got a different variety of sickness that involved a high fever and stomach issues. I've been whiny...he's been whiny. It's a miracle we're both alive and haven't killed each other! Once my nose issues resolved, I came down with an awful migraine and it's mostly subsided but I can feel it's dull thud in the background. I am hoping that it fully goes away and doesn't make an appearance anytime soon.

So my lovely plans of stitching all weekend were instead filled with sneezing, noseblowing, whining and sleeping. I did start (and almost finish) a little selfish stitching. I just couldn't resist and I started it while at my parents on Christmas Eve. I am hoping to finish it by tomorrow, New Years Day. Perhaps I will have a lovely picture to show tomorrow!

In the meantime, I hope everyone has an enjoyable New Years' Eve and that you merrily ring in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wishing one and all a very merry Christmas! May you have a day filled with joy and wonder.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Things and Stuff

What a great weekend! *The boy* and I had a funfilled time and I actually started my Monday on a good note. Miracle of miracles! On Friday night, we settled in to watch Semi-Pro with *the boy*. For every 2 Valerie movies, I'll pick out a boy movie off Netflix to share with *the boy*. I really do not understand the Will Farrell draw but whatever. It was an ok movie with a bunch of basketball references I didn't understand or would pick up like 10 minutes know...when the joke is old.

On Saturday, *the boy* and I headed onto Bart for our little city adventure. We avoided the masses by heading through the Financial District and then walking up to North Beach. We grabbed an awesome chinese lunch at Brandy Ho's and walked about the neighborhood running errands. Not too long though because we had to hustle to grab two buses to the Castro Theatre to see Milk. With 15 minutes to spare before the movie was to start, the theatre was packed and we had to climb up to the balcony. I've been to the Castro Theatre tens of times and have never sat up in the balcony but it was very nice and much less crowded. *The boy* was in awe of the old glory of the theatre. I guess I've been there so may times that I now take it for granted but it was funny to see his reaction. The movie was fabulous but very sad considering the subject matter. All the actors did a wonderful job. After the movie, we walked back to Bart to end our journey. Once home, we tucked in to see a Bing Crosby movie called Going My Way. I had never heard of it before but it was very well done and quite funny! We both really enjoyed it.

On Sunday, I told *the boy* I wanted to stay home and stitch. It was supposed to be stormy and I had no desire to be out in the rain. While I stitched, *the boy* went to the grocery store, watched some football, took a nap and made a scrumptious roast chicken dinner. I had such a great day. Before the sun went down, I took this picture of my progress on Donna's Quaker RR. Not much to show but it's progress. I did stitch more after taking this picture and have that bull's horns motif almost done. That was a pesky motif seeing as there were a couple of mistakes in the chart and so I had to do a bit of frogging. With the holiday approaching, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to stitch since I have out-of-town visitors and big family dinners planned but I already have some time slotted for next Saturday to continue on this project. I really love this fabric and dark shade of green!
And after dinner, *the boy* and I tucked into watch Holiday Inn...another Bing Crosby movie. I had never seen it before and it was also quite funny. Not to mention, Bing Crosby's voice is amazing and Fred Astaire can dance like no other! Lots of movie watching this weekend!

This morning, I received an email from Carol telling me she received the birthday package I sent to her. I was so hoping I would time it right and that it would arrive on her birthday but alas, I was a few days late. Here is the pinkeep that I made for her. She told me she really liked it so I am very happy!
Quaker 2008 by Gazette94
32 Count Lakeside Linens Navy Bean
Crescent Colors Belle Soie Blue Lagoon

Carol included some much better pictures of the pinkeep details and extras which you can find on her blog here. I am so happy she liked her birthday surprise! Yay!

Be merry and delight...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Woo! I'm a Winner!

No, I didn't win the lotto but the next best thing is winning a bloggiversary prize. Monique had a giveaway on her blog a few weeks back and I was the lucky winner. I was shocked! I don't ever win anything! I was very eager to see what Monique had in store for me and I was so happy to see her package in the mail on Monday. She included two of her designs, a cut of 32 count belfast which will come in handy for sure and some lovely hand-dyed Dinky Dyes floss. I think it's hysterical that she sent me her *Daydream* design seeing as I ordered a threadholder that looks exactly like that from Monique a few months back! Thanks Monique!
A few weeks ago, I finished Brittercup Kitty with Bird for *the boy's* mom as a Christmas gift to her. Natasha asked that I post a picture once it was framed and here it is in all it's glory. *The boy* did good with picking out the frame. He did it all himself since I don't know what the mom likes or how she decorates. He picked this antiqued gold frame which actually accents the bird charm, yellows and the pale blue of the bird very nicely. I'm very happy with the framing job and I think that the mom will like it very much. At least I hope so!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

Perhaps the week is looking up? I hope so.

We had a wonderful holiday luncheon today complete with caesar salad, fried chicken, bbq ribs, green beans, jambalaya, sinful cookies and a crazy array of other decadent desserts. I cannot eat another bite!! It was all very good and everyone was in a jovial spirit.

I received an email from Silkweaver apologizing for the error in shipment and advising that they are sending me the correct fabric that I ordered. Hallelujah!! And as an apology for the error, they are letting me keep the pinky-mauve fabric they originally sent to me. Now, I'm not a pinky-mauve sort of a girl but I'm sure I can find a project for this fabric sometime in the next 30 years. Thanks goodness for good customer service! I am just so happy that my sparkley orange-y fabric is on its way!

And because of this...I will truly...

Be merry and delight!

O Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
You fill my heart with music
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
You fill my heart with music
Reminding me on Christmas day
To think of you and then be gay
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
You fill my heart with music

*The boy* took a much better picture of the tree with his fancy schmancy super camera so I am flaunting the "pretty tree" again since I have no stitchy pictures to share. I will soon. I received treats from Monique for being the lucky winner on her bloggiversary drawing! Woo!! I actually won something! But for the time being, delight in my tree and if you look very carefully, you can see my framed Christmas Elf Fairy on display on the lower left of the photo. She made her seasonal appearance too!

Be merry and delight...


The last five days have been very trying. I am cranky and tired. It may exhaust me to rehash it all so I will bullet point my frustrations.

~Whiny sick boys drive me berserk especially when I am sick too but don't have the time or luxury of being sick because there is so much to do! Argh!

~Not having *me* time anymore. I'm not used to this relationship stuff. Not that I'm not happy with *the boy*. I am...totally am! I just need to find my happy median.

~Forgetting my wet laundry at my parents and having my dad put my delicate sweaters in the dryer. I am scared to see what the damage is.

~Being super hormonal because it's you know...that time of the month. Being a girl is just lovely sometimes.

~Whacking my head so hard trying to get into a co-worker's car. Owww! Ugh! It's hard being a tall girl.

~Dealing with all the crazy people who are in spastic holiday mode.

~Standing in line at the Post Office on the "busiest mailing day of the year". Argh! Why didn't I plan things better?!

~Spending 40 minutes talking to AT&T disputing a $7 long distance call on my phone bill because...ummm...I don't even *have* long distance to begin with. Yet, I was told that I must have made the call. If someone can explain to me how someone can make a long distance call when they don't have long distance privileges to begin with..I'll give you the $7 because I am *not* giving it to AT&T. I tried to keep calm, I asked the "supervisor" for his name, he was rude, not helpful and it was an awful customer service experience. This probably wasn't helped by my being hormonal (see above) and I was super upset, talking very sternly to this man while I was at work and I finally "thanked him for nothing", hung up and redialed. On my second attempt, the lady customer service lady was shocked at my story, apologized and credited me $7 because even she couldn't explain how I have a long distance charge when I don't have long distance. She was a gem. Why did it have to take 40 minutes to get things fixed?!?! Virgil from AT& can go take a flying leap. I'll figure out how to write my nasty letter about you.

~I finally broke down and ordered fabric from Silkweaver. Perfect beautiful opalescent orangish fabric for Trick or Treat Fairy waiting for me in the wings. Perfect fabric! I got my shipment in the mail today and they sent me the WRONG fabric!! I was ready to cry. Where is my perfect beautiful solo?! I still have not heard from Silkweaver to tell me how, if even possible, I get the solo I actually ordered instead of this pink, mauvy fabric they sent to me. As my first exposure to Silkweaver, I am not happy...not happy at all. I want my fabric!! :::stomps feet and whines:::

So...ummm...not the best days right now. I need to go on a vacation...or win the lotto...or at least act like an ostrich and stick my head in the sand because I don't think I can take one more bad thing!

And because it is the holiday season, I will end with my normal tag merry and delight! Even though I am not merry or delighting much today.


Be merry and delight... :0)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Alone

Last Wednesday, I had an entire evening to myself. It was magical. No *boy*, no class, no computer, no nothing. It was me, the tv and my stitching. I had a goal in mind and I would not go to sleep until I finished my stitching. I stitched and I stitched and I stitched until I was done with the task at hand and I felt relieved...and tired! It was 1230am!! On a weeknight! As I scrambled to put away my supplies, turn off the lights and scurry towards my warm bed, I took in the glow of my pretty Christmas tree. As usual, an overflashed photo but I love sitting in the glow of the twinkling Christmas lights at night.
And Fat Santa made his annual appearance. Everytime I look at him, he makes me smile. He is the perfect decoration for my living room. Red, Christmas-y and whimsical. Hi Fat Santa!
And the fact that I am now blogging on Monday about last Wednesday is a sad fact indeed. A true indication of how behind I am in everything! But the good news is that as of today, I am done with my Christmas shopping and card writing! Yay! The cards are in the mail and I will soon immerse myself with gift wrap, ribbons and gift tags. And I am sure that my QFRR friends will be happy to hear that I finally pulled out one of the round robins to stitch on! Yay! But I did not stitch enough to be photo worthy. Perhaps later on in the week? Hope, hope.

In the meantime, be merry and delight!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I heard that Marie from the HoE Exchanging group received my Christmas Ornament Exchange package. Yay! I was getting a little worried that it was taking so long to get to the East Coast. Marie sent me a lovely email saying she really liked the ornament and the goodies I sent her. And since Marie can take much better pictures than me, I am *borrowing* the snaps she took of the front and back of the ornament. Following is the front:
And here is the back.
I stitched the Noel Ornament by Les Grilles des Maryse charted in the Gift of Stitching Magazine November issue. It just screamed to me and looked like Marie's taste from what I could gather off her blog. I stitched it on 32 count Lakeside Linens Vintage Light Examplar (my favorite) with Crescent Colors Cupid, which is a beautiful variegated red. I hope to stitch this for myself again one day. This ornament was my first pillow ornament with cording. Cording was a pain in the bum!!! Making the cording = easy. Attaching the cording to the pillow part = lots of swear words. In the end, it was a very good attempt for my first try but as any stitcher, I am uber-critical and not super happy. I know I can do better so I will have to practice. Good thing I signed up for Carol's 2009 Christmas Challenge. Lots of opportunities to practice and have more stitched ornaments for my Christmas Tree next year. It's a good win-win situation. I think Carol still has spots open in the challenge. If you're new to finishing like me, it's a nice environment to learn with no pressure. Go check it out if you want to perfect your skills...

oh yea, back to the exchange. I also included lots of christmas-y goodies for Marie...m&m's, holiday candle, floss, ribbon, gingerbread kitchen towel, holiday cards and notepad. Things I thought would come handy during the holiday season.
Marie, so glad you liked everything!!

That's all for merry and delight!

Friday, December 05, 2008


Five days into December and I feel a mess. How in the world did the holiday season sneak up on me?! Usually, by this time of year, all the presents are bought, the tree is up and cards are in the process of being written up. But this year, I'm struggling to find presents and having fights with salespeople, have a tree that won't fit in the tree stand and have no idea where my cards or address book are. How am I such a mess?!

Thanksgiving weekend was nice but stressful. At the last minute, I decided to have *the boy* meet the parents. That was a big deal and I was worried considering the language barrier between my parents and *the boy*. But I think that he and my dad had a good time and there was more than enough food for everyone. The roasted veggies, sweet yams, pumpkin pie, wine and ice cream we brought over were a hit so that made me happy. Round #2 will be at christmastime when *the boy* meets my sister and her family.

I've been feeling out of sorts. The original plan for christmas was that I would fly out to the East Coast to meet *the boy's* family. The plans were on, the plans were off, the plans were on and I placed a hold on a ticket buying more miles to do so, the plans were off and then the plans were maybe back on but lets see and now they are definitely OFF! Ugh! The back and forth was killing me! I am a planner...cannot stand wishy-washy behavior. *The boy* is lucky I didn't smack him! I'm relieved. I want to go to the East Coast and have been dying to go in the winter but I just don't feel ready to spend money I don't really have right now. If I'm making a trip back East, there is loads I want to do...most of it evolving around NY...which is expensive, yet I wouldn't want to deny myself the experience and I would have ponied up the money. So now, I have time to shop, and do cards, and decorate...and breathe. I know *the boy* is bummed that he(we) won't spend the holiday with his family but I am hoping he'll be happy to spend it with my crazy and dysfunctional one.

I haven't been stitching...and it's making me loony. I was on such a good roll but am still stuck on making and finishing off two gifts. Once I'm done with the gifts, I must move onto the round robins. I have two and will be late getting both of them off by the deadline. They all know so it's ok but I just feel like such a slacker for being late. Not to mention all the wonderful projects I have lined up in my head. Since I haven't had time to stitch, I've been sneaking time on the computer at work and buying loads of stash! OMG...must stop the madness! I've talked to *the boy* and we made a deal that I get to go to NiaH for hours tomorrow so I can stitch in peace while he helps friends get ready for a holiday party I will join later. And on Sunday, he can watch football and hang out with the boys so I can stitch some more and watch all the awful shows he apparently hates watching with me. Sounds like a win to me. I must stitch before I lose my mind!! And if I have to deal with another idiot employee at Macy's again anytime soon...I just might!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and an even better upcoming weekend. I'm hoping to have at least some pictures to include in my next post.

Be merry and delight...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble, Gobble

Wishing and hoping that everyone in blogland has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Ornament Exchange

On Friday, I received a wonderful package from Mylene! Absolutely love seeing packages in my mailbox instead of bills! This is the second time Mylene has stitched for me for the HoE Exchange Group and she outdid herself again. She stitched up a wonderful little pillow ornament with beading around the edge. Here is a snap of the front of the ornament:
I absolutely love the beading around the edge. I must learn and practice how to do this! And here is a snap of the back where she stitched out *Merry Christmas*
I love this design but I'm not sure who it is by. I think the two shades of green in the tree add real dimension. Here is a photo of the whole exchange with goodies!Sorry for the overflashed photos...hard to get good pictures at night with my little camera. Mylene included a little stitched holiday card with a teddy bear on it, some chocolate, a piece of nice blue "Noel" fabric, a JBW Designs Christmas Tree chart and a package of embellishments. Yay! Thanks Mylene. The ornament will grace my tree this year and all the goodies will be put to good use or eaten! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Recently, *the boy* has been subjected to a lot of "omg, I need time to stitch, I am so behind!* comments. Sometimes, he will sit with me and watch me pull needle through thread and other times, he'll head off to the other room to watch boring news shows. When I was making the floss tag for Claire, he said that he would really like it if I would make something for his mom and he really liked the Brittercup Kitty I stitched up on the tag so I had him pick out a pattern for me to stitch and he chose Brittercup Designs Kitty with Bird. It was a fast stitch and shown below. Not the best photo and the little blue bird is a very pale blue. I am debating whether I should stitch it up in a darker light blue. *The boy* wants to frame it so we'll head off to Aaron Brothers to see if we can find a nice frame for it.
Brittercup Designs Kitty with Bird
28 count Zwiegart Lugana Bisque
suggested WDW threads

That's all for now. The weekend will be filled with ornament finishing and a couple of new starts. All for gifts. I hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend before the insanity of what is always Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tag! I'm It!

Yay! I've been tagged by Natasha to share some information about myself. Hopefully I don't bore you guys to death! Here are the rules ...

Rule #1 ~ Link to the person that tagged you.
Rule #2 ~ Post the rules on your Blog.
Rule #3 ~ Write 6 random things about yourself.
Rule #4 ~ Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
Rule #5 ~ Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog.
Rule #6 ~ Let the tagger know your entry is up.

Factoid #1 ~ I'm 100% Nicaraguan. If there were ever the occasion that I pass you on the street and tell you that, your mouth would drop open in shock. I am pretty tall (for a girl) and incredibly fair and often mistaken for Italian, Greek and Irish most of the time. It works to my advantage. I can eavesdrop with the best of them and surprise people with my spoken's all very funny.

Factoid #2 ~ Even though I am 100% latina...I have no spice tolerance whatsoever. Really! It's gotten better over the years so now I have a little (un poquito) spice tolerance.

Factoid #3 ~ Even though I've taken years of dancing and fitness classes, I'm amazingly clumsy and execute a nasty fall on my bum at least once a year. I should just walk around with a pillow strapped around it to avoid further trauma to bum.

Factoid #4 ~I cannot fully function without caffeine. I love coffee like you wouldn't believe and have been drinking coffee (cafe con leche) since I was six years old! A nonfat hazelnut latte from Peet's is my ultimate favorite!

Factoid #5 ~ I am the youngest child out of three and my two siblings are old enough to be my parents. Yes, we all have the same parents but I was an extreme afterthought...apparently.

Factoid #6 ~ I am one of those rare SF natives.'s a big deal! Everyone who lives around here now are transplants.

And I know it only asked for six random facts but I will do seven because I like odd numbers...

Factoid #7 ~ Besides the fact I like odd numbers, I love cake and think it should be one of those essential food groups that they talk about in grammer school. Things definitely seem more manageable and cheery after a piece of cake and a cup of coffee or tea.

I will not tag anyone to complete this fun little exercise unless they feel up to it. If you would like to, please go ahead and post to your blog and link back to me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Jetsetter? I Wish!

A couple of weekends ago, I finished the June Square of my Bent Creek Snappers. This square seemed to take me a while to do and was tedious. I think it's because the stitching area is more dense. I do get a kick out of the stamps on the suitcase. They are all for places I've never been too but are on my destination list. New York, London and I day!! Here is a close up on the square.
And here is a snap of how the project looks so far. I am half way done! Seems weird to be stuck on July though since we're already in November but I didn't start this project until mid-July so not bad. I think the Snappers will have to be put away in the drawer for the time being. I have too many other stitchy obligations right now and I don't think *July Sings* will be debuted until January.
In other stitchy news, stitching has been slow. I am working on the ornament for the HoE Christmas exchange and after that, I have a couple of gifts lined up. If only I could clone myself. I'd stay home and stitch all day and the clone could go to work! Haha...wouldn't that be wonderful?!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

The week before last, Claire and I spent a wonderful four days away in Mendocino. I had never been to Mendocino before and everyone kept telling me that it was very scenic and beautiful but that the drive was awful. I have no idea what they are talking about! Mind you, I was the passenger on the way up and on the way down and we took the less scenic route to get there. The scenic route is Highway 1 which hugs the coastline. The less scenic route is Highway 128 which goes through the woods, along a winery path and then through a forest of redwoods. Who says that's not scenic?! Plus, there were so many wineries that we had to do a few stops for tasting and acquisition. I came away from this trip with 7 bottles of wine and a new favorite for pinot noir. If anyone finds Toulouse Vineyard Pinot Noir...grab it! It's so yummy and what a strange coincidence that it's owned by a retired Fire Captain from the Bay Area. It truly is a small world! It's still a new winery and their tasting room is non-existent but the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about wine.

Following are some pictures from the trip. I think the picture below was taken at Navarro Vineyards. Sorry...the wine made my brain fuzzy and I can't totally remember! But Navarro did have lovely grounds and if you look closely, you will notice sheep dozing under the grapevines. Baaaa!!!
Anther snap at Navarro. I love how the line of skinny trees looked in the background.
And here is a snap of the grounds at Goldeneye Winery. Good pinot noir but very pricey and out of my budget...that's for sure! But the grounds were lovely. The autumnal colors of the grapevines look terrific against the deep green on all the pines and other trees. This winery serves their tasting out on their deck with little nibbles of crackers, dried cherries, almonds and bits of cheese. Very nice and classy. I would recommend if only to stop and take in the view.
Ocean, waves and rocks
Ahhh, ocean is much calmer near the bluff. Claire and I actually walked and explored all around the bluff. It was nice. She was adventurous and climbed down these sand stairs to the ocean cove below. I was all scared I'd fall and create more havoc to the bum that I bruised falling down stairs a few weeks ago. I may look graceful...nut I'm not really.
Here's is the view of the downtown area of Mendocino from the bluff we explored.Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. I thought it would be huge! It's very tiny and I have no idea who those folks are that are walking in the foreground.
And the most amazing thing from the trip...this was the view from the deck of our hotel room at sunset. Isn't it amazing?! How in the world did I leave and how soon can I get back?!
This photo completely reminds me of a Hawaii photo except instead of palm trees, it's these. I don't even know what kind of trees they are! Mendocino was fabulously relaxing and the people were *so* friendly. It was so completely different from the hustle and bustle of the city and I relished every moment. I think this will easily be my *go to* destination for a relaxing getaway that is still kind of local and won't bust the bank account...and I must return sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Goodbye Angelina

August 5, 1981 - October 29, 2008
You will be missed...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Beautiful City

A couple of weeks ago, *the boy* and I headed into the city to see the North Beach Columbus Day Parade and watch the Blue Angels. My amateur picturetaking did not capture essence the parade or the Blue Angels very well. The parade was interesting but both our tummies were complaining and we went off in search for food and grabbed slices at Golden Boy Pizza. Oh my, talk about yummy pizza! How come I've never been there before?! After finishing our slices, we raced to our viewing spot where we would watch the Blue Angels and here are the snaps I came away with. Below is a snap of the Transamerica Building, Financial District with the Bay Bridge in the background. The day was beautiful with nary a cloud in the sky!
And here is St. Peter and Paul Church in North Beach which sits on the edge of Washington Square. A truly beautiful church which looks even more stunning from the height we were at as you can see the San Francisco Bay with all the little boats out for a sail on a sunny day.
And even more boats out on the bay...and if you look really closely, you'll see Alcatraz to the far right...also known as "The Rock". If you ever take the night's super creepy being there after sunset.
And to the right is Coit Tower which does in fast look like a fire nozzle. Seems fitting to have this picture considering where I work. You can read more about the history of this tower here. The view from the hill is incredibly picturesque and the murals in the interior of the tower are true works of art.
And the only decent snap I actually captured of the Blue Angels. It's hard taking pictures of jets flying at lightening speed all over the Bay!! But if I got one decent one, I'm happy it's this one. You can see all six jets breaking their formation in a nosedive. Scary, yet amazing and beautiful. I'm glad to have battled the massive crowds to see these talented pilots in action.
And here ends my *show and tell* of a day in my beautiful city. My heart truly belongs to my hometown and I am happy to explore it (and act like a tourist) whatever chance I get!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Giftie for Claire

This past weekend, I went on a relaxing getaway with my dear friend, Claire. She's an October baby too so this was a quasi-birthday getaway as well. I decided to try my hand at making a floss ring tag using the cute kitty from Brittercup Designs. Claire is new to cross stitch and has been dying to have me take her to Needle in a Haystack so she could gt the supplies fort he Trick or Treat Kitty featured in the JCS Halloween Ornament issue. Since it was her birthday, I decided to get the supplies for the project as part of her birthday gift and attach all the threads to the Kitty floss ring tag. Here is the front and back of the floss ring tag to be. It was a quick stitch! On the back I stitched her name with the year and a couple of pink hearts.
Below is the finished product. I was very proud of myself! It was super easy to make thanks to the handy-dandy Crop-o-Dile I bought at Michael's recently. And the best thing is that Claire really liked it and loved her birthday present overall. Yay! That makes me happy!
28 ct. Mushroom Jazlyn
WDW Onyx and Hibiscus
Design: Brittercup Designs Kitty Freebie

May Blooms

As I promised long, long ago, here is a snap of my progress so far with the Bent Creek Snappers. I really enjoy working on this project as the small patterns give me quick gratification and sense of accomplishment. I finished *May Blooms* about a month ago but the picture has been stored on my camera since I no longer seem to have time to work on my computer at night anymore. The May Snapper is one of my favorites. Cute flowers in spring-like flowers! Here it is! Please excuse the icky snap though. I was too lazy to take the piece off the Q-Snaps since they are such a pain to put on as the fabric is super long. I have to tie up the excess fabric with yarn so that it doesn't get in my way while stitching! I've started *June Zooms* and it is slow moving. It's a denser pattern and not really one of my favorites although I like the expression of *June Zooms* and it meaning being a jetsetter. I wish I could be a jetsetter but I guess a girl can only dream...for now. Updated photo will be coming soon...

Giftie for Edgar

I finally dragged out my camera and just brought it to work with me this morning in the hopes that I could be productive in my *show and tell* and I discovered this photo. Wow, I am really behind on blogging!! I made this little quaker pinkeep for Edgar in celebration of his birthday at the beginning of October. Edgar's birthday is 3 days after mine so it was really easy to remember! Edgar likes all things quaker and pinkeeps which he calls pynkeepes so I decided to make him something within that realm. Along with the pinkeep, I included a tin of Altoid licorice mints because I remembered he said he liked licorice candy, as well as a skein of Crescent Colors overdyed floss in Camaoflage. Edgar sent me a nice email and thank you card to let me know how much he liked the giftie and extras. Yay!! Happy Birthday Edgar!
Pinkeep for Edgar
32 ct. Lakeside Linens Vintage Light Examplar
Crescent Colors Belle Soie Moss
Pattern: Gazette94

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy but Happy

Hmm...I've probably lost the few readers I had since I've become pretty lax about blogging lately. Things have been very busy but I am incredibly happy...and tired. Things with *the boy* are going great! We've been enjoying each others' company and learning more about the other. I've played hooky and gone into the city to have a picnic on the lawn in Washington Square Park. We've gone to see Cake perform live for a Proposition H Benefit. We went to see Weezer at the local University stadium and whereas the surroundings and the crowd seemed strange, the music was steller! And we also saw the Blue Angels and some parts of the Columbus Day Parade in North Beach. He's introduced me to his friends in his old neighborhood and now I feel like I know them...not to mention the "six degrees of separation" moments we keep having. We are having a blast with each other and things would be completely perfect if he could only find a job and an apartment share. This downturn in the economy has thrown a wrench into things but I'm sure things will come together soon.

My stitching has suffered as I expected it would. I am trying to force myself to sit down and work on projects and *the boy* is very encouraging. He tells me I need to work on my projects and gets a kick out of watching me pull needle through thread. But things move slowly in between work, concerts, fun times with *the boy* and other obligations. I have no photos to show. But I promise to have lots to share next week. The only progress I've made is on a floss tag I am making for my friends' birthday. It's my first one and coming along nicely!

My weekend of relaxation has finally come and not a moment too soon! Claire and I are heading to Mendocino tomorrow. I can't wait!! The only things on the agenda are rest, relaxation, walks along the beach, maybe a little wine tasting, a massage, some reading and lots and lots of stitching!! Yay! My goals for the weekend are to get the stitching done for my christmas ornament exchange, a little giftie for *the boy* and June on my Snappers. If I can get that done, I will feel successful...if I get more stitching done, that will be icing on the cake! I also plan on taking a ton of pictures since I've been told Mendocino is incredibly scenic and beautiful.

So upon my return, be ready for stitchy pictures, Blue Angels pictures and scenic Mendocino pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Exchange to Shay

I heard from Shay (no blog) that she received the HoE Halloween Exchange package I sent to her and that she liked the pinkeep and the goodies. Yay!! Following is a snap of the exchange (thanks to Shay's camera...woo!!) Since I had seen that Shay wasn't too into Halloween designs, I decided to go more traditional and stitched up JBW Designs Pumpkin in GAST Fragrant Cloves. I really liked how it came out and the backing fabric is of different pumpkins. I also included a fat quarter of orange fabby, a Sweet Nothings chart, some pins, a little stuffed pumpkin, some autumnal DMC threads and some chocolate peppermint Altoids. The ghosts in the background are from the Boo!! card I sent to her with my note. I love that card...the ghosts are super cute!!
And here is a close-up of the pinkeep itself. I was very happy to hear that Shay enjoyed it. I had fun putting it all together!

Spooky Exchange from Wendo Jo!

I am slowly catching up on my stitching news. I am very behind and just haven't managed to sit down at my computer and upload my own pictures in the evening so I am borrowing pictures from the folks who are so much more organized than me!

Last week, I received my HoE Halloween Exchange from Wendy Jo. Below is the full exchange she sent me and boy did she spoil me. She stitched up the Homespun elegance design from the recent JCS October 2008 issue and finished it into a pinkeep. This is sitting on my coffee table along with my Halloweenie floss tag from Carol S. Wendy Jo also researched on my wishlist and sent me the CCN Home Sweet Home chart and JBW Designs Autumn Harvest. Yay! Plus, there were some cute Halloween post-its, a couple of skeins of Crescent Colors overdyed floss and a baggie full of candy corn.
Here is a close up of the pinkeep. Very spooky! Thanks Wendy Jo! I loved all of it!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Birthday Surprise from Carol R.!

And as if getting a lovely giftie from Carol S. wasn't a great way to start off birthday festivities, I received a lovely package from Carol R. from the UK!. I was very excited to get that package and I tore into it immedately despite the insanely late hour and the good amount of celebratory cocktails I had that evening. Each thing I pulled out made me smile even wider in happiness and awe. I stole...oh, um...borrowed...the photo of the beautifully stitched and finished pincushion from Carol's blog. Isn't it lovely?! I'm in awe...must study and learn from Carol! She stitched both our names and the year along the perimeter sides of the little "box". I absolutely love it!!
And to make me even giddier and smilier, she included lots of goodies. I will have to update with a photo. There were some lovely swaroski pins and matching beaded scissor fob, some deep blue ribbon that will come in handy, a couple of cute little clips and some of the infamous floss tags that Carol makes herself with my name on one side and fluffy clouds on the other. What makes the floss tags even more special is that Carol told me she had take a picture of the sky from her English garden and that the clouds on the tags are printed from that photo. Wow! They are English clouds! Awesome!

And I must not forget to mention the lovely piecce of linen, backing fabric and very cute birthday card she sent me as well. I was so completely and totally spoiled. Carol, thank you for everything. It made my special day even more special.

Happy Birthday to me indeed! :)

Birthday Giftie from Carol S.

Since I am so completely behind in blogging and sending out my thanks to some very sweet people via the stitchy community, I am now resorting to picture stealing since I just have not had the chance to charge my camera battery and upload photos. I am sure they wont mind since I am seemingly a slacker and they are so "on the ball". I have a great excuse though...birthday festivities and the distraction of my guy's arrival to the Bay Area. Woohoo! It's much better when he is here versus 3,000 miles away.

Sweet Carol S. stitched up this cute and fun little Halloween floss tag and mailed it to me for my birthday! I love it and actually still have it out on my coffee table as Halloween decoration right now. I dug out the few Halloween decorations I have for my apartment over the weekend and felt that it should be displayed for the month of October. It's the first floss tag I've received and am now eager to try my hand at this finish!
Carol let me know that this was a Holly House Designs piece called Halloween Night. Very cute! Never heard of Holly House before... She also included some floss bobbins that will come in very handy. So sweet of her to remember my birthday when I made a passing comment on an exchange deadline falling on the day and how it will be easy for me to remember! Heck, the memory is the first thing to go...or so they say. At least I think that's what they said...

Thanks Carol! :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos a Mi

Feliz Cumpleanos a Mi...
I am thirty-three...
I thank dad for good genes...
Happy Birthday to Me!!!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Lowdown

Ok, so I'm back from smoggy Southern California and back in my little land of Fog. If I could hug fog, I totally would. I was told that I may be put in the loony bin if I went running around San Francisco trying to hug the fog. I suppose that may be true but considering how many crazies are in San Francisco anyways, I'd probably be ignored and labeled a crazy. No biggie! SoCal was fun and AM posted on her blog here and here about our eating adventures. Sweet Jesus...did we eat! I think I'm still trying to digest over week later! It was nice hanging out with AM and seeing where she lived...finally!

I then had to put fun on the back burner in exchange for business and went to my conference. I was happy to see that the ratio was more like 75% men and 25% women. I was worried I would be one in a handful of girls. It's interesting being at a conference that is more geared towards men. There are a lot of men, there is a ton of food (gah! more food?!?!), sitting in between two guys in a small conference room can be claustraphobic because they take up too much space and there is a ton of drinking going on...after the conference, of course. I managed to take away from the conference which is a plus. It's awful to go to one of these things and them be a complete waste. But after an entire week in Southern California, I was excited to be back home. I wanted my own bed and my own pillow and my laptop and to have the freedom to stitch, watch tv and email when I wanted. Oh, and I missed the fog.

My stitching time has seriously been monopolized and I will be working very hard this week and weekend to get my Halloween exchange and other bits finished so they can go to their new homes. Travelling, housesitting and dating will definitely put some time constraints on anyone's schedule. I'm not complaining much though since I am in *happy dating mode*. This means that I talk to and/or (usually both) email my guy everyday. One of my coworkers said that I sounded like a teenager but if that's the only way you can talk to someone you're interested in, you're willing to chat via phone for hours on end. But I better check my phone bill. I may have overextended on my minutes by now...uh-oh! So things with the guy continue to go well. But it will be even better when he is back on my 11 days! Yay!

My parents are *finally* (!!!!!) coming back home on Friday. Double yay!! They've been gone 4 months and as much as they drive me bonkers, I miss having them nearby. Plus, no offense or anything, I will be ecstatic to relinquish my housesitting duties. Sheesh...taking care of a house is hard work and I can barely take care of my apartment which is only about one quarter of the size of my parents house. Oh yes, daunting task!

In 8 days, I will be turning one year older. I hate celebrating my birthday because I've been often disappointed on a day that is supposed to be special. So my plan is to go to work and to go to my exercise class and pretend that it's any other day. I already know that my co-workers will throw me a breakfast party which usually means it'll be an *eat all fricking day* party. We know how to eat at work and everyone knows I will eat breakfast no matter what time of day it is. That'll be nice and make it worth being at work on my birthday. Hardly seemed worth taking the day off since it falls on a Wednesday. If it was closer to the weekend, I'd make a deal about it and gone for a little getaway. And I already know that my mom will call me and sing me happy birthday on the phone. But the best part about the whole birthday is that three days later, my guy moves back to SF for good. Belated birthday present in a way...

Blogging will woefully be scarce as I'm still trying to work on gifts and pieces I can't show to you guys yet and will be preoccupied with my parents' arrival and then the arrival of my guy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We Interrupt Regular Programming...

Oh yea...awful blogger!

It has been a crazy, fun, wonderful week but I'm hesitant to give details for fear of jinxing. I will say that I met a fantastic guy whom I've hit it off with after an exchange of about 100 emails over the last 6 weeks. I have no idea what will happen, if things will work or if/when I will see him again but this is the happiest I've been about dating in the past year and a half.

Of course, my stitching has now suffered but I am only working on exchanges and other bits that I can't show now anyways. I do still need to share a snap of my May Snapper but I keep forgetting to take a picture during the daytime since the light quality is so much better.

I will be leaving today for SoCal to visit with my dear friend, AM. She's lived down there for what, six years and this is my first time visiting her. We have foodie visits, a movie, shopping and chatter planned. It'll be fun! That will be the prelude to a four-day business conference near the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! I am doubtful I will make the trip to the theme park but if the inner child in me starts to throw a tantrum fit, it'll be close enough for me to hop on the shuttle and walk around. I will be sans computer while away so there will be no blogging or catching up on bloggers in the next week. Looks like I have my work cut out for me when I return!

Have a wonderful weekend and start to the week!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Who's Got Time for Blogging?!

Ugh, I've been a terrible blogger. My last real post was over a week ago! I am in awe that time flies by as fast as it does. I don't have much to say really. After my progress and mailing of my QFRR, I decided to do a bit of selfish stitching so I started and finished my May Snapper and will take a picture soon to share. I just started my Halloween exchange piece last night so that will be my focus this week followed by other small bits. Of course, that means that I can't share pictures of the exchange or bits so this site will be photo stingy for a while. Bear with me you guys...I swear I've got cool and pretty things to share! Just not right now.

The Labor Day weekend was a semi-relaxing and semi-productive blur. Lots of relaxing, stitching, shopping, craft organization, housesitting and chores and a perfect North Beach excursion on one of the clearest days in San Francisco this year so far. And of course, on that day, I forgot my camera at home! Gah! How could I let that happen?! I should know that despite living in the city and traversing its streets, it doesn't always look the same. Those slight differences make a huge effect. And seeing the Golden Gate Bridge on one side and the Bay Bridge on the other without a single cloud in the sky definitely makes an impression. Clear blue, cloudless and fogless days in this city are rare and anyone who gets to experience it is a lucky person. Labor Day tourists sure had a great treat this weekend with the weather and stellar picture taking conditions.

Other than that...typical workweek fare. Work, errands, chores, appointments and exercise class. Hardly thrilling. I'm a tad bored. Hopefully something...or someone...will capture my attention soon.

Don't Call Me Princess

More observations from the Boys Club. It's hard working with guys sometimes. Other times, it's the best thing. I like being immersed in the Boys Club. I think it's better than working in an organization full of women. There are women in my office and sometimes, we step on each other's toes but for the most part, we're ok with each other. No major cattyness or soap opera drama. I can't imagine that being the case in an office with more than the 5 women that we have now.

The guys, they call me names...kid, kiddo, sweetheart, dear, darling, girl. I like those names. Maybe because I don't have a boyfriend so I need to get my fill of pet names from somewhere? Hmm....don't know. But yesterday, one of the guys, called me princess and I just about jumped out of my skin. I've never liked the term "princess". I am *not* a princess! I think I don't like it because I relate it to being spoiled and taken care of and that's not me. I've worked since I was 14, I take care of myself and I never ask for help or money unless I'm in complete dire need of it. So I am not a princess. Ick!

If I could find a boy that will call me *sunshine*, I'd smile for days and be over the moon. Why can't I meet that guy?!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quickie Post

I almost made my deadline. OMG, so close. Only one day late though...not too bad. I had issues trying to decide between 1 strand vs 2 strands of silk for the "Creme de Menthe" and I had to set this aside for a day or so to decide. I decided on 1 strand and boy am I really happy with it. Here is how my QFRR stands for now. I've completed my vine with the year, my "matchy-matchy" initials and a little bunny. Now I will send it off to Wendy so she can stitch her section and pass it round and round. Oh, sounds like such fun! I can't wait to get the next one I stitch on. And for some reason, I can't really figure out whose I get now but I guess that will be a surprise for me from the mailman! I love mail surprises!
Now that I don't have any QFRR obligations for the time being, I will focus on my May Snapper until the weekend. I think the weekend has a NiaH trip in store for me again. I need to get supplies for my Halloween exchange and other tidbits for the next month or so. That will keep me busy and of course means I can't share those details until received by the recipient. So I will try to keep the May Snapper going to at least show some stitchy progress.

But for now, I bid adieu. The very yummy petrole sole risotto I had for dinner is causing major food coma symptoms. I need to lie down and take a nap!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Peek into the Boy's Club

The weekend is over and it's Monday...again. I seriously need to figure out how to hop onto that "work 4 days a week" bandwagon because only having two days off in a week, just about kills me. I need another day!

This weekend was "boy's club" weekend. For being a girl, I probably go out with and have more guy friends than girl friends. I work in a boy's club and I can be a smart-ass and a prankster with the best of them if I have to be. Maybe this is why I have so many guy friends? I don't know...would be nice to just find a guy to be a boyfriend already. But perhaps this is another reason for lack of boyfriend. I know too much. I know the games. I know what happened even when they haven't told me. I can sense it.

And because of this...I'm pretty good at taking care of myself in the crazy little world of online dating. Don't stamina for dating has decreased dramatically and I am sitting here waiting for my fairy godmother to show up already and wave her little wand and bring my Prince Charming to light. Hmmm...not likely but a nice thought.

Boy's Club weekend always contains a lot of interesting conversation which usually revolves around dating, relationships, who we know in common and how we've become friends in the first place. Dating and relationships are always topics in my conversation repertoire. Mainly because I have "girl insight" and way too much dating experience. The topics were particularly interesting this weekend.

Why do guys always find the most damaged, crazy mess of a girl to "fall in love" with and then wonder why things are so f-ed up? Anyone involved in drugs or a heavy alcohol for the hills as fast as you can. Seriously, this will save anyone (guy or girl alike) a lot of time and heartache. Put your tennis shoes on and run...pretend you're in a track race. And then I have to hear how "girls are crazy". Ok, yes, there are a lot of crazy girls but not all girls are crazy! I'm not...quirky, maybe but not crazy. But see...I can't even defend my gender because I've come across a lot of crazy girls in my time and so I know girls are crazy just like guys are *insert adjective or noun here*.

Then there was trying to justify the difference between a date and a hook-up. I had to go a couple of rounds on this one and I still think I'm right. Guys can think what they want. And as usual, I had to have my usual conversation about how sometimes, dating within your age bracket is good and maybe the girls would be more responsible, non-crazy and together. No girl in their early 20's is all that responsible, sane or at all together. They are cute and crazy! Once you hit your 30's and 40's, I feel the maximum age difference should be no more than 10 years. Anymore than that and there are some major differences and that girl will be asking you who John Hughes is. Trust one wants to feel that old!

Boy's Club weekend was fun though. How else can a girl hang out with guys, drink beer, bourbon and whiskey, swear a blue streak, eat what they want and argue the sides of dating and relationships? Plus, it gives me more guy insight. Girls can never have too much...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ta-Da...April Snapper!

Last night, I worked diligently to get my April Snapper done and out of the way. I've got a few other stitching commitments on the horizon and I just wanted to leave this project at a clean point versus in the middle of the square. I like how these are coming out but I've seen the frog many times already and am getting annoyed. First with the border, then with the heart in February and I had to frog out some of the umbrella to get a decent contrast between the two blues there. I am hoping that the frog will hibernate for a while. Here is April:
And here is how it looks in it's entirety so far. Sorry for the messy snap. It really needs to be pressed but what's the point if it's only going to get *more* wrinkled down the road?!
Next on the stitching agenda is starting my Quaker Friendship Round Robin. Hopefully I can start tonight, but if not, definitely tomorrow. It should be a fast stitch and then I can get on with stitching up some Halloween fun and other bits!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quiet Time and Mistaken Identity

This week is very quiet. No social fun on the calendar which is unlike me and whereas I find it strange, I'm not really interested in filling the quiet time with events and activities. The quiet time is nice and I could definitely use this time to get ahead on my stitching projects and obligations...not to mention the apartment projects I should have gotten to months ago. So the goal for tonight is to finish the April Snapper with border so I can start the Quaker Friendship Round Robin and get that on its way. I'll also start in on cleaning and organizing my office at home which has become the ultimate disaster area. Trust me...there are even more apartment projects after I get finished with this one.

But I do have to say that I know things are very quiet when the most exciting thing to happen so far this week is a funny little case of mistaken identity at the dentist's office yesterday. I was apprehensive about my appointment because the hygenist I had been assigned to the last three times must thrill in torturing me. Why else would I be gripping my hands and cringing so much during a cleaning. She likes torturing the patients. I'm sure of it! I requested a new hygenist and it was my first time visiting with her and I was so hoping she wasn't all into torturing patients too.

So I arrived at the dentist's office and the receptionist said that she would let Dr. H know that I was there. Hmmm. Confused. I had to clarify that I was not there to see Dr. H since I was Dr. L's patient. A little weird but she must have read the screen incorrectly. Then Dr. L mumbled that it was time to go into the exam area and whereas he said a name, I didn't really hear him but I was also the only person in the waiting room and of course, assumed it was me since who else was there? I get situated into the dental chair and Dr. L says "ok, we're going to remove the crown and scrape away the decay..." and I just about yelped and jumped out of the chair! "Um, Dr. L, I think you have me mistaken with someone else. I don't have a crown. I'm just here for a cleaning!" At that point I was thinking...I might be better off without the cleaning and maybe they could just write down that I did one and we can pretend like nothing weird happened. Because let me tell you, that crown business did not sound cool and I wanted no part of it! I turned around and I never saw Dr. L look more red. He was so embarrassed! It was pretty funny and he apologized and said he felt like a "tool". Ha! I haven't heard someone say "tool" in a very, very long time! Maybe now, he'll remember who I am? That would be nice.

And the new hygenist was a dream! No torture session, super gentle and I'll be going back to her. Plus...the best cavaties. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stitchy Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! Lots of rest, some shopping, accomplishment on chores, massage, video viewing and stitching. Things are good.

Saturday was the highlight of the weekend. I headed to Alameda and met Sweet Mary of NiaH, before the shop opened, for breakfast. She is such a sweetheart with all sorts of crafty ideas. It was so nice to sit and chat when she wasn't working. The shop gets busy and she has to juggle lots of customers. After breakfast, we headed over the shop so I could pick fabric and floss for the Quaker Friendship Round Robin. Last week, Edgar asked me if I had any interest in joining since the group had a problem with one of the members and now needed a sixth. After just a slight episode of nervousness, I said "of course" and now I'm the sixth. It's kind of exciting. I've never done a round robin before but I like the idea of my piece traveling more than I get to and lots of people working on it and it being a work of friendship. Isn't that a nice thought? I think so. So Mary told me to pick 6 colors I like so I headed to the task at hand and gave them to her and then she picked a bunch of complimentary colors. Whoa, there were a lot of colors to pick from. Given many choices, my indecisive Libra trait really shines. *gulp* I had gone into the shop thinking reds or sage green. Next was comparing all the thread colors to fabrics. Oh God, more choices! I managed to set aside all the fabrics I thought were too dark and the threads that were a tad blah and was trying to decide between red/brown or green/gold. And here is what I decided on:

I will be stitching my QFRR on 36 count Lakeside Linens Vintage Light Examplar with Crescent Colors Belle Soie *Creme de Menthe* and Gloriana *Birch Brown*. I am thinking the green for the large motifs in the sampler and the brown (I say gold) for the smaller bits and initials. We'll see if I stay with the two-tone plan. Also in the picture are a lovely pair of scissors. I decided to treat myself to my first pair of Dovos. After hearing so many stitchers talking about their Dovos, I had to check out what they were talking about. Wow, these little scissors are fabulous! I never knew what I was missing out on. It was funny...after coming home and looking at the colors, they reminded me of the colors of my college alma mater. Ha! Very subconsious. So a little shout out. Go Dons! They'll all be starting school and sports soon.

The rest of Saturday was spent housesitting and doing about 4 loads of laundry and other little bits. Sunday was relaxing...massage appointment, going through a mountain of mail (ok, not so relaxing) and stitching. Below is my progress so far on my Bent Creek Snappers. I was really hoping to be done with April tonight but no dice. I'll keep plugging away at this until I get my QFRR chart. Just an umbrella, raindrops and accompanying border to crank out.
I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a smooth start to the workweek...

Where to Begin... blog template = much excitement! I've had a few days for the new look to sink in and I'm really happy with the work Lena did and highly recommend her. She's got lots of freebie blogger templates and is great to work with for customs too.

Now that I'm back to reality, I've realized that I'm very behind on the posts that I've built out in my head so I'll blog about what I consider are the highlights. Starting with last weekend...yep, old news but still good stuff. Last weekend was fairly social. I decided to hit the Burlingame Festival which was very nice. Lots of vendors, lots of food, not much of a crowd since I hit it early and I ran into one of my favorite jewelry vendors who I acquired my thumb ring from. She's great and when I told her that I was contemplating getting a spare, you know, in case something happens to the one I have, she burst into a fit of laughs. Hmmm, I guess that's weird. Apparently no one else thinks of having backups but when I find something I absolutely love that I use over and over again, I worry about wear out and not being able to find it when I want it. Ok, so a tad weird. I also ran into a coworker and his son at the festival and it was nice to visit and chat. That evening, I had decided to meet the "self-centered guy" from an earlier post. Just for coffee and a chat. He stated that he was just a guy who was bad at email and dealt better with one on one interaction. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Initially, it was difficult...I found myself asking a million questions and nervously babbling to just keep the conversation going. Silences straight off the bat is not really all that good. Again, I was the one asking questions and really not having any asked of me. I was feeling like this meetup was a waste of time. But as the minutes ticked past, he seemed to be more comfortable, opened up and asked more about me. That was good but I still didn't have warm fuzzies. I have the feeling that him being touted as a "cute, sexy eligible geek" on national tv may have gone to his head some. Too much to be able to deal with a simple *blue collar* girl who loves life and fun. Things shouldn't be as hard as they end up being and for the present time, I'm just content emailing with a seemingly nice guy. I don't know where that'll take me but it's simple and it's fun.

On Sunday, I met up with an old friend, Lien. Old coworker and old friend who moved out to Austin for grad school. I hadn't seen her in over a year!! It was fantastic to see here. We went to one of our old haunts, ChaChaCha. Wow, it had been forever since I've been there! Although the food is decent at best, the highlight of this little establishment is their sangria and omg, it is so worth going there...unless I'm, of course, making it myself. So after a long boozy lunch filled with eyeopening news and tons of laughs, we walked around Haight Street to see what was new and what was old. And despite being so close to Ameoba (oh, the tension was palpable!), I did not go in and buy out half the store. After our little quest for shoes and shopping, we heading into the park to go to the DeYoung Museum to check out the Chihuly exhibit. Dale Chihuly is an exceptional artist no matter what the SF Chronicle wants to say. I've made special trips to Seattle and Tacoma specifically to view glass artists in action and to the Museum of Glass to see the Chihuly team work in the Hot Shop. Just because glass doesn't have a major following does not mean it is not art. I could totally rip into this reviewer. Apparently I am an admirer of "empty virtuosity" and glass sculptors have no place in the art world despite the fact that the subject at hand is seemingly unpliable yet fragile and that person works under extreme heat and stress to develop the right shape, color and density. I'd like to see that reviewer try to recreate anything that Chihuly or his team can make. And as we strolled through the museum and saw other exhibits consisting of traditional 1800, tribal, modern and some weird stuff made with rock sugar and shellac, I felt that the Chihuly exhibit was 100% more beautiful and inspiring than anything else in that museum. I mean, yes, the rock sugar shallac chandeliers were completely interesting but what the heck?! A tad bizarre, no? Each room in the Chihuly was filled with light and color, shape and beauty. It left me feeling a lot of wonder and inspiration and filled me with questions of how and what. I actually want to go back before the exhibit ends so that I can admire and perhaps answer some of my own questions. It is truly worth it, no matter what some "art critic" thinks.

And that was the extent of last weekend. Lien and I parted ways and it was back to my weekly grind.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog Transformation!

Woohoo! Look at me. Yep, I have a new look which has been some time in the making. I hope that everyone likes the browns and blues over the white and the dots. I was really trying to come up with something that felt more personalized to me, my city and my blog name and be easy on the eyes. As many may or may not know, I am one of the few San Francisco natives out there. Most of the city has been taken over by transplants and that's okay since San Franciscans have always been open and happy to share. Just think of the 60's, Summer of Love and Haight-Ashbury. My heart truly belongs to San Francisco and it's the city I love and I can't ever imagine being far from it long...whether it be distance or time.

With help from Lena at Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates, she helped create my blurry, indecisive idea into a reality. I won't lie and say it was easy on my part because it wasn't. I had an idea and searched high and low for a picture that I thought fit me and I finally found the picture above on Flickr and I asked permission from the photographer to use the photo for the blog. That all took a while...many websites of photos and going cross-eyed and not being able to decide what was best. My friend, AM, helped me tremendously. Thanks AM! But the Flickr photographer, Charlie, was kind enough to let me use his picture. What a relief! For those not familiar with San Francisco, this picture was taken on one of the piers along the waterfront and is facing inward. The very tall triangular building is the famous Transamerica Building obscured by the fog that San Francisco is so known for. And everyone knows that I absolutely love fog.

Once the picture was picked out, Lena said I should look at digital scrapbooking templates. Whoa, who knew there were so many?! More looking and indecisiveness and I finally decided on chocolate and blue and Lena made me some different templates to look at and ta-da!!!!

Welcome to my new blog! Isn't she pretty? It's still in a period of transition since I need to update the blogroll, stitching projects and actually write the posts that still exist only in my head. But for now, I'll just sit and admire the new look for a bit.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Reflections on Dating

I haven't had anything positive to say about dating in some time...and I still don't. There has been a lot of reflection and frustration on the subject though. In the past month, I've found myself conversing with unavailable men. There was...

The married guy I had to tell off for the obvious reason that he's married and his wife is dying to have loads of his babies. I will not get involved with attached men and frankly, I don't see screaming, wailing babies in my future.

And there was...

The guy who was married and is now divorced with 2 kids in Reno. Oh geez, that's way more baggage than I can deal with and I told him so. I can deal with divorce but not someone else's children. I don't think I'd even be able to deal with any supposed children I'd have hence me just saying I won't have any.

And there was this...

A while back, I sent an email to this guy on a new dating site I am trying out. We matched up high and even agreed that the other was cute and seemed cool. I contacted him. Problem #1. I contacted HIM. He emailed me back and commented on all the questions I asked of him but he didn't ask any questions of me. Hmmm. Problem #2. If a guy doesn't ask me anything about me and only rambles about himself, I am not interested in "chatting" anymore. I am very good about balancing both and I pose questions throughout my email versus the 20 questions at the end. If you only talk about yourself, I'm going to assume that you're self-centered and not really all that interested in getting to know me. So I never wrote him back. Well, yesterday I received an email from him that said that after review of his last email to me, he realized that he may have come off disinterested but that that wasn't the case at all and that he'd like to meet me for coffee if I was so inclined. Problem #3...why did it take him 6 weeks to figure that out?!

*bangs head on table*

You see what I'm dealing with here? I should just stop dating altogether and start writing that chicklit novel or Guide to Men for Dating from Girl Standpoint already. I have more than enough "research" but now seem to be low on time.

I've been wasting too much time on unavailable men. And I keep telling myself to just lay low, relax and do my own thing. People keep telling me that that's when you "least suspect it". Blech! I hate hearing that. Oh and the whole bit about guys being attracted to happy people. Oh hey...I'm just a little bitter and annoyed right now but I'm truly a happy, smiley person with some sarcasm and quirkiness thrown in. What's not to like about that?! I mean, I'm obviously attracting men here...they are just all the wrong types of men. *sigh*

So I try to deal with the rotten apples I'm being handed here and I also try not to think about the fact that I'm a little pent up. It's been a while...a long one and I'm getting annoyed that it's actually THIS hard to meet a cool yet nice guy. But I still have my wits about me (barely) and am not about to "hook up" with any of the rotten apples I've been handed because that is so not my style. But if things around here don't change soon, I will not be held responsible for any stupid decisions I may end up making.

I've been talking to friends at work and they've been trying to convince me to look into Team in Training as a cool way to meet new people. There's a problem though. I haven't run in about 20 years, I am scared to death of falling off a bicycle and getting run over by a car in the process so I don't bike and I am one of the worst swimmers out there. I do not see a triathalon in my all. So I am brainstorming how to put myself out there. For some reason, I don't have problems meeting strange men on dates but the prospect of putting myself out there to meet new people as friends makes me nervous. I think it's because I've always felt much more comfortable meeting people one on one or in small groups. But all these meet up events are bigger groups and when I'm in a big group...I'm not so witty and sarcastic but more reserved and shy. Go figure.

Does it all really have to be this hard?!

Shopping Frustrations

At lunchtime, I ventured to the local shopping mall to try and find a birthday present for my niece. Note that the keyword in that statement is try. She'll be turning 14 and I was given instructions to find her clothes for her birthday. Ok...I can do that. She likes how I dress except with the hemlines shorter and the necklines lower (much to the objections of her mother). Now, I know I shouldn't have tried to accomplish this task during my allotted one hour lunchtime but I like to multitask during lunch as much as possible so that I can have as much of the evening to myself to lounge or socialize as I see fit. I arrived at the mall and immediately hit:

Gap: I had seen some very cute shorts online and found a pair of them in the size 2. Ummm, yea. Do people out there actually wear a size 2?! Because let me tell you, I for sure do not and neither does my niece. I saw some possibilities there but it all seemed too boring and overpriced. Next...

American Eagle: I think I saw the shortest miniskirt ever made! If it will not cover my butt, it sure ain't being bought. Is there a shortage on fabric that I don't know about? Because I for sure will not pay $40 for maybe 1/4 yard of fabric that somehow got turned into a skirt. Next...

PacSun: Dear Lord, there are stores out there that only carry Junior sizes? We're in America. Doesn't everyone say that we're the most overweight country in the world? How do these stores stay in business? I guess all teenyboppers are supposed to be straight and skinny or something. Next...

Hollister: I wanted to leave the moment I stepped foot into this godforsaken store. Why is it so loud?! I wonder if the kids who work here wear earplugs. There has to be some level of ear damage if you're in there a long time. I wonder if the company realizes that is a workers' comp liability. And why is it so dark?! How do people see what they are trying to potentially buy?! Oh and they only carry Junior sizes too. Next...

Abercrombie and Fitch: It smells like someone dropped a case of cheap cologne and every single bottle broke. I actually saw some cute shorts here but then realized that the biggest size they carried was a 10. I hate stores like that! Who are these stores to define what size they go up until? I guess 10=fat or something. I'm a size 12 on the bottom and a size Small on top. God definitely graced me with too much booty! If the store will not accomodate all of me, I am not shopping there. AnF...please air out your store.

So I managed six stores in one hour including The Walking Company where I bought some leather lotion for my handbags that are looking a little dull. I also managed to get lunch, socialize with some co-workers I ran into at the mall and get a venti iced coffee to keep me awake through the second half of the workday.

In terms of the birthday present...I've no idea where to find some decent fun clothes that will cover booty and the rack. I suppose I'll be hitting Old Navy and Target next. I kind of wish some moms with teenyboppers checked in so they could give me a clue. Finding cool teenybopper clothes that actually fit a curvy yet well proportioned girl...and woman for that matter...seems to be impossible.

Now I kind of wish I had just gone home at lunch to watch tv and stitch a little bit.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Two Down, Ten More To Go

I came back home from Pasadena in one piece and decided that after being away from home for almost an entire workweek, I would reserve the weekend for myself...and I stitched. My goal was to finish the February Snapper square with the accompanying border and I did it! Yay! Here is a picture of January and February with border. I am leaving the snaps off the piece until I am completely finished. Now it's on to March!
I really didn't do very much this weekend except stitch, lounge, eat, run some errands and saw All About Eve at the Stanford Theatre. I totally love this movie and was very happy to catch it on the big screen. Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet and ho-hum weekend. It was the best!