Thursday, October 25, 2012

IHSW Recap

Hmmm...late again. But I know you guys forgive me! I am still backlogged with all the things I threw aside for the last few months but I'm happy to say, I've been stitching a lot more. Eh, the closets can stay messier for a few more days...right?

I did not have as much stitching time as I thought last weekend though. The closer I get to the weekend, the more plans were made and next thing I know, I'm was in full blown social mode.

However, last week, I started a knitting class for the Trixie Cowl. I had seen the model at my local knitting shop stitched up in Smooshy sock yarn. Let's just say I'm the only one in the class psychotic adventurous enough to do the same which means I have been knitting my little heart out trying to keep up with the class. Holy cow! So.much.knitting! And I am still on the first phase! But it's coming along. I can't wait to get to the stockinette part so that I can see the stripey effect this variegated yarn will achieve.
Right now, I am working on the lace section and it requires more attention. I even created a little spreadsheet to help me keep track of the rows in the pattern which not only makes me the overachiever...but the nerd in the class. So far, I have 21 out of 30 inches stitched...almost there. Then it's onto the stockinette.

Since I was distracted with the knitting, I didn't stitch as much. I managed to finish the "M" pumpkin and start on the "U". Perhaps this weekend will show some more progress when I take a break from knitting.
The one dangerous thing about taking a class at a knitting shop is that I see models of things I want to knit and buy fabulous yarn that I have no idea what to use for. As much as I enjoy knitting, I still don't feel very adept at it. I'm no good at fixing my mistakes and my hands also get crampy after a short while. Does anyone else have that problem?

I have been trying to be kind to myself and allow the time to just relax and putt around my apartment. Now that the weather is cooling down and the nights are getting longer, my urge to hermit is great. This can be dangerous because I can then hermit indefinitely (outside of work; rent still needs to be paid somehow) so I am being conscious to be social. I spend one day/night a week with the beau (do I still call him that?) and so last night we went to dinner and I tagged along to his chorus practice. I really enjoyed this because while he practiced, I knit and got free entertainment out of the whole deal. Nice! The men in the chorus are very friendly and I chitchatted with a wife that always goes to the practice to catch up on her magazine reading or work on her own needlework.

This weekend is shaping up to be a quiet one and I am hoping it stays that way. There is so much home stuff I want to do. Crockpot cooking, start on big closet re-org, farmers market, knit/stitch and go to the gym. I have the feeling I will be distracted by the World Series. Go Giants! I hope they continue to play well.

I just realized I forgot to take a photo of my TUSAL jar. I'll try to remember for the next post.

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catching Up know what they say about going away for the weekend being a test of a new relationship? Well, it's true. Things didn't go necessarily as planned with me and the beau and so now we are "on a break". Definitely not how I thought my birthday weekend would go and despite the abundance of wine and chocolate...which helped to sooth some of the pain...I've been sad. We've decided to hang around though so maybe after a little bit of time, the stars will realign again...properly this time. In the meantime, I've been determined to keep busy. God knows, I've thrown everything to the wayside the last few months and so now it's time for me to focus on some home projects. The closet purge and re-org, thinking about home financing (scary!), stitching and blogging (I've missed you guys something fierce), return to the gym and develop a true routine so that I can properly thrive instead of walking around sleepily bumping into everything hoping someone will buy me coffee so I can focus. Yes, being single isn't as easy and cracked up as people think...neither is being in a relationship.

I'd talk about my birthday weekend but it is still overshadowed by the sadness that followed the remainder of the week. I didn't get very much done which is probably good I was off from work. So hard to focus when you're emotionally influx.

Oh but I can't forget to mention the birthday kindness I received from Carol R and Sweet Carol. Carol R sent me her new pattern, Sew Buttons. It's lovely and I can't wait to stitch it one day. I can see it being a lovely Mother's Day gift for my mom provided I can get my act together. And Carol sent me a wonder Halloween pillow and a chart from my wishlist. I just love it! Being an October baby, I am a huge Halloween fan. Huge! I'm thrilled to have another pillow to add to my decorations this year. And isn't that pop of yellow wonderful? Thank you Carol!

When I could, I would stitch on my LHN Pumpkins for Sale. I started this project last month. I needed a seasonal small to lug around with me to work and such. It just doesn't feel right to not be working on something Halloweeny or Christmasy this time of year. Pumpkins for Sale is the only project that has been getting any stitchy love.

This past week, I dug out my Halloween decorations and knick knacks and put them up to get me into the spirit. I have to say it's working. I love my Halloweeny stuff. I even headed to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival this past weekend and acquired a new decoration. Isn't this Trick or Treat Cat Lady the best or what?!

And a "candy corn" "mommy" glass pumpkin! I wanted a glass pumpkin that was a bigger size than the three I acquired last year and this one was just calling to me. Next year, I'm shooting for a "daddy" one to make my pumpkin patch family complete. I better start saving now. The "daddy" ones are not cheap!

And here is my display in my living room.

This coming weekend is IHSW! I am hoping to hermit and try to at least finish the "PUM" in Pumpkins for Sale. I hope I succeed!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and sticking with me through my absence. I've lost a few followers but it means a lot to me those who stick around during the bumpy roads and the occasional absence.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Until next time...

Monday, October 01, 2012

They Say It's My Birthday!

I'm on vacation with the beau...drinking wine, relaxing, visiting the beach and hoping that I can score myself a scrumptious slice of chocolate cake!  Love and hugs. I'll return to regular blogging soon. =)