Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas amongst those that make you happy. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were busy and family filled. Lots of cooking, food, laughs and chatter. I was happy to see my sister and her family and I played catchup with all of them. *The boy* met my sister and her family and they all seemed to get along without any problems so that was good and I was actually able to relax and not worry about where the conversation was going.

The days after Christmas were not so great though. I came down with a bad head cold and have probably gone through two boxes of Kleenex in the process. *The boy* got a different variety of sickness that involved a high fever and stomach issues. I've been whiny...he's been whiny. It's a miracle we're both alive and haven't killed each other! Once my nose issues resolved, I came down with an awful migraine and it's mostly subsided but I can feel it's dull thud in the background. I am hoping that it fully goes away and doesn't make an appearance anytime soon.

So my lovely plans of stitching all weekend were instead filled with sneezing, noseblowing, whining and sleeping. I did start (and almost finish) a little selfish stitching. I just couldn't resist and I started it while at my parents on Christmas Eve. I am hoping to finish it by tomorrow, New Years Day. Perhaps I will have a lovely picture to show tomorrow!

In the meantime, I hope everyone has an enjoyable New Years' Eve and that you merrily ring in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wishing one and all a very merry Christmas! May you have a day filled with joy and wonder.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Things and Stuff

What a great weekend! *The boy* and I had a funfilled time and I actually started my Monday on a good note. Miracle of miracles! On Friday night, we settled in to watch Semi-Pro with *the boy*. For every 2 Valerie movies, I'll pick out a boy movie off Netflix to share with *the boy*. I really do not understand the Will Farrell draw but whatever. It was an ok movie with a bunch of basketball references I didn't understand or would pick up like 10 minutes know...when the joke is old.

On Saturday, *the boy* and I headed onto Bart for our little city adventure. We avoided the masses by heading through the Financial District and then walking up to North Beach. We grabbed an awesome chinese lunch at Brandy Ho's and walked about the neighborhood running errands. Not too long though because we had to hustle to grab two buses to the Castro Theatre to see Milk. With 15 minutes to spare before the movie was to start, the theatre was packed and we had to climb up to the balcony. I've been to the Castro Theatre tens of times and have never sat up in the balcony but it was very nice and much less crowded. *The boy* was in awe of the old glory of the theatre. I guess I've been there so may times that I now take it for granted but it was funny to see his reaction. The movie was fabulous but very sad considering the subject matter. All the actors did a wonderful job. After the movie, we walked back to Bart to end our journey. Once home, we tucked in to see a Bing Crosby movie called Going My Way. I had never heard of it before but it was very well done and quite funny! We both really enjoyed it.

On Sunday, I told *the boy* I wanted to stay home and stitch. It was supposed to be stormy and I had no desire to be out in the rain. While I stitched, *the boy* went to the grocery store, watched some football, took a nap and made a scrumptious roast chicken dinner. I had such a great day. Before the sun went down, I took this picture of my progress on Donna's Quaker RR. Not much to show but it's progress. I did stitch more after taking this picture and have that bull's horns motif almost done. That was a pesky motif seeing as there were a couple of mistakes in the chart and so I had to do a bit of frogging. With the holiday approaching, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to stitch since I have out-of-town visitors and big family dinners planned but I already have some time slotted for next Saturday to continue on this project. I really love this fabric and dark shade of green!
And after dinner, *the boy* and I tucked into watch Holiday Inn...another Bing Crosby movie. I had never seen it before and it was also quite funny. Not to mention, Bing Crosby's voice is amazing and Fred Astaire can dance like no other! Lots of movie watching this weekend!

This morning, I received an email from Carol telling me she received the birthday package I sent to her. I was so hoping I would time it right and that it would arrive on her birthday but alas, I was a few days late. Here is the pinkeep that I made for her. She told me she really liked it so I am very happy!
Quaker 2008 by Gazette94
32 Count Lakeside Linens Navy Bean
Crescent Colors Belle Soie Blue Lagoon

Carol included some much better pictures of the pinkeep details and extras which you can find on her blog here. I am so happy she liked her birthday surprise! Yay!

Be merry and delight...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Woo! I'm a Winner!

No, I didn't win the lotto but the next best thing is winning a bloggiversary prize. Monique had a giveaway on her blog a few weeks back and I was the lucky winner. I was shocked! I don't ever win anything! I was very eager to see what Monique had in store for me and I was so happy to see her package in the mail on Monday. She included two of her designs, a cut of 32 count belfast which will come in handy for sure and some lovely hand-dyed Dinky Dyes floss. I think it's hysterical that she sent me her *Daydream* design seeing as I ordered a threadholder that looks exactly like that from Monique a few months back! Thanks Monique!
A few weeks ago, I finished Brittercup Kitty with Bird for *the boy's* mom as a Christmas gift to her. Natasha asked that I post a picture once it was framed and here it is in all it's glory. *The boy* did good with picking out the frame. He did it all himself since I don't know what the mom likes or how she decorates. He picked this antiqued gold frame which actually accents the bird charm, yellows and the pale blue of the bird very nicely. I'm very happy with the framing job and I think that the mom will like it very much. At least I hope so!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

Perhaps the week is looking up? I hope so.

We had a wonderful holiday luncheon today complete with caesar salad, fried chicken, bbq ribs, green beans, jambalaya, sinful cookies and a crazy array of other decadent desserts. I cannot eat another bite!! It was all very good and everyone was in a jovial spirit.

I received an email from Silkweaver apologizing for the error in shipment and advising that they are sending me the correct fabric that I ordered. Hallelujah!! And as an apology for the error, they are letting me keep the pinky-mauve fabric they originally sent to me. Now, I'm not a pinky-mauve sort of a girl but I'm sure I can find a project for this fabric sometime in the next 30 years. Thanks goodness for good customer service! I am just so happy that my sparkley orange-y fabric is on its way!

And because of this...I will truly...

Be merry and delight!

O Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
You fill my heart with music
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
You fill my heart with music
Reminding me on Christmas day
To think of you and then be gay
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
You fill my heart with music

*The boy* took a much better picture of the tree with his fancy schmancy super camera so I am flaunting the "pretty tree" again since I have no stitchy pictures to share. I will soon. I received treats from Monique for being the lucky winner on her bloggiversary drawing! Woo!! I actually won something! But for the time being, delight in my tree and if you look very carefully, you can see my framed Christmas Elf Fairy on display on the lower left of the photo. She made her seasonal appearance too!

Be merry and delight...


The last five days have been very trying. I am cranky and tired. It may exhaust me to rehash it all so I will bullet point my frustrations.

~Whiny sick boys drive me berserk especially when I am sick too but don't have the time or luxury of being sick because there is so much to do! Argh!

~Not having *me* time anymore. I'm not used to this relationship stuff. Not that I'm not happy with *the boy*. I am...totally am! I just need to find my happy median.

~Forgetting my wet laundry at my parents and having my dad put my delicate sweaters in the dryer. I am scared to see what the damage is.

~Being super hormonal because it's you know...that time of the month. Being a girl is just lovely sometimes.

~Whacking my head so hard trying to get into a co-worker's car. Owww! Ugh! It's hard being a tall girl.

~Dealing with all the crazy people who are in spastic holiday mode.

~Standing in line at the Post Office on the "busiest mailing day of the year". Argh! Why didn't I plan things better?!

~Spending 40 minutes talking to AT&T disputing a $7 long distance call on my phone bill because...ummm...I don't even *have* long distance to begin with. Yet, I was told that I must have made the call. If someone can explain to me how someone can make a long distance call when they don't have long distance privileges to begin with..I'll give you the $7 because I am *not* giving it to AT&T. I tried to keep calm, I asked the "supervisor" for his name, he was rude, not helpful and it was an awful customer service experience. This probably wasn't helped by my being hormonal (see above) and I was super upset, talking very sternly to this man while I was at work and I finally "thanked him for nothing", hung up and redialed. On my second attempt, the lady customer service lady was shocked at my story, apologized and credited me $7 because even she couldn't explain how I have a long distance charge when I don't have long distance. She was a gem. Why did it have to take 40 minutes to get things fixed?!?! Virgil from AT& can go take a flying leap. I'll figure out how to write my nasty letter about you.

~I finally broke down and ordered fabric from Silkweaver. Perfect beautiful opalescent orangish fabric for Trick or Treat Fairy waiting for me in the wings. Perfect fabric! I got my shipment in the mail today and they sent me the WRONG fabric!! I was ready to cry. Where is my perfect beautiful solo?! I still have not heard from Silkweaver to tell me how, if even possible, I get the solo I actually ordered instead of this pink, mauvy fabric they sent to me. As my first exposure to Silkweaver, I am not happy...not happy at all. I want my fabric!! :::stomps feet and whines:::

So...ummm...not the best days right now. I need to go on a vacation...or win the lotto...or at least act like an ostrich and stick my head in the sand because I don't think I can take one more bad thing!

And because it is the holiday season, I will end with my normal tag merry and delight! Even though I am not merry or delighting much today.


Be merry and delight... :0)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Alone

Last Wednesday, I had an entire evening to myself. It was magical. No *boy*, no class, no computer, no nothing. It was me, the tv and my stitching. I had a goal in mind and I would not go to sleep until I finished my stitching. I stitched and I stitched and I stitched until I was done with the task at hand and I felt relieved...and tired! It was 1230am!! On a weeknight! As I scrambled to put away my supplies, turn off the lights and scurry towards my warm bed, I took in the glow of my pretty Christmas tree. As usual, an overflashed photo but I love sitting in the glow of the twinkling Christmas lights at night.
And Fat Santa made his annual appearance. Everytime I look at him, he makes me smile. He is the perfect decoration for my living room. Red, Christmas-y and whimsical. Hi Fat Santa!
And the fact that I am now blogging on Monday about last Wednesday is a sad fact indeed. A true indication of how behind I am in everything! But the good news is that as of today, I am done with my Christmas shopping and card writing! Yay! The cards are in the mail and I will soon immerse myself with gift wrap, ribbons and gift tags. And I am sure that my QFRR friends will be happy to hear that I finally pulled out one of the round robins to stitch on! Yay! But I did not stitch enough to be photo worthy. Perhaps later on in the week? Hope, hope.

In the meantime, be merry and delight!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I heard that Marie from the HoE Exchanging group received my Christmas Ornament Exchange package. Yay! I was getting a little worried that it was taking so long to get to the East Coast. Marie sent me a lovely email saying she really liked the ornament and the goodies I sent her. And since Marie can take much better pictures than me, I am *borrowing* the snaps she took of the front and back of the ornament. Following is the front:
And here is the back.
I stitched the Noel Ornament by Les Grilles des Maryse charted in the Gift of Stitching Magazine November issue. It just screamed to me and looked like Marie's taste from what I could gather off her blog. I stitched it on 32 count Lakeside Linens Vintage Light Examplar (my favorite) with Crescent Colors Cupid, which is a beautiful variegated red. I hope to stitch this for myself again one day. This ornament was my first pillow ornament with cording. Cording was a pain in the bum!!! Making the cording = easy. Attaching the cording to the pillow part = lots of swear words. In the end, it was a very good attempt for my first try but as any stitcher, I am uber-critical and not super happy. I know I can do better so I will have to practice. Good thing I signed up for Carol's 2009 Christmas Challenge. Lots of opportunities to practice and have more stitched ornaments for my Christmas Tree next year. It's a good win-win situation. I think Carol still has spots open in the challenge. If you're new to finishing like me, it's a nice environment to learn with no pressure. Go check it out if you want to perfect your skills...

oh yea, back to the exchange. I also included lots of christmas-y goodies for Marie...m&m's, holiday candle, floss, ribbon, gingerbread kitchen towel, holiday cards and notepad. Things I thought would come handy during the holiday season.
Marie, so glad you liked everything!!

That's all for merry and delight!

Friday, December 05, 2008


Five days into December and I feel a mess. How in the world did the holiday season sneak up on me?! Usually, by this time of year, all the presents are bought, the tree is up and cards are in the process of being written up. But this year, I'm struggling to find presents and having fights with salespeople, have a tree that won't fit in the tree stand and have no idea where my cards or address book are. How am I such a mess?!

Thanksgiving weekend was nice but stressful. At the last minute, I decided to have *the boy* meet the parents. That was a big deal and I was worried considering the language barrier between my parents and *the boy*. But I think that he and my dad had a good time and there was more than enough food for everyone. The roasted veggies, sweet yams, pumpkin pie, wine and ice cream we brought over were a hit so that made me happy. Round #2 will be at christmastime when *the boy* meets my sister and her family.

I've been feeling out of sorts. The original plan for christmas was that I would fly out to the East Coast to meet *the boy's* family. The plans were on, the plans were off, the plans were on and I placed a hold on a ticket buying more miles to do so, the plans were off and then the plans were maybe back on but lets see and now they are definitely OFF! Ugh! The back and forth was killing me! I am a planner...cannot stand wishy-washy behavior. *The boy* is lucky I didn't smack him! I'm relieved. I want to go to the East Coast and have been dying to go in the winter but I just don't feel ready to spend money I don't really have right now. If I'm making a trip back East, there is loads I want to do...most of it evolving around NY...which is expensive, yet I wouldn't want to deny myself the experience and I would have ponied up the money. So now, I have time to shop, and do cards, and decorate...and breathe. I know *the boy* is bummed that he(we) won't spend the holiday with his family but I am hoping he'll be happy to spend it with my crazy and dysfunctional one.

I haven't been stitching...and it's making me loony. I was on such a good roll but am still stuck on making and finishing off two gifts. Once I'm done with the gifts, I must move onto the round robins. I have two and will be late getting both of them off by the deadline. They all know so it's ok but I just feel like such a slacker for being late. Not to mention all the wonderful projects I have lined up in my head. Since I haven't had time to stitch, I've been sneaking time on the computer at work and buying loads of stash! OMG...must stop the madness! I've talked to *the boy* and we made a deal that I get to go to NiaH for hours tomorrow so I can stitch in peace while he helps friends get ready for a holiday party I will join later. And on Sunday, he can watch football and hang out with the boys so I can stitch some more and watch all the awful shows he apparently hates watching with me. Sounds like a win to me. I must stitch before I lose my mind!! And if I have to deal with another idiot employee at Macy's again anytime soon...I just might!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and an even better upcoming weekend. I'm hoping to have at least some pictures to include in my next post.

Be merry and delight...