Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playing with Scissors

Playing with scissors...something mom said to never do unless they were those blunt ends ones that barely even cut paper! Well, Nina is having a giveaway and she is encouraging us to play with our scissors!
Her giveaway is gorgeous! It includes this box, cool scissors with coordinating scissor fob! It's very generous. The condition of the giveaway is to leave a comment on her blog here and for an extra entry in her giveaway, you are to post a picture of your scissor collection with a link back to her blog.
Above is my meager scissor collection. I threw in my fabric shears just to beef up the picture a little. The Dovo's on the left are my *at home* scissors dressed with a lovely fob CarolR made for QFRR members (thanks Carol!). The light blue scissors are my travel around pair for when I cart projects about to work. And the antiquey ones on the right are all for show. This meager showing makes me realize I need more cool scissors! You can play with scissors too...just comment on Nina's blog by April 30th!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Totally Useless Reporting

I'm a couple of days late in my Totally Useless SAL reporting as the New Moon was this past Friday but it's hard uploading pictures on my new laptop and *the boy* was close to useless himself this weekend. He wasn't feeling well and so the plans for the weekend were tossed aside but that did mean I got some stitching done! Woo! Of course, it's all stuff I either can't show or you probably wouldn't want to see anyways. I managed to get the stitching part done on my secret giveaway...now it's just time to piece it all together. That will be a project to continue throughout the week and into the weekend. I also worked on frogging more of my bottom border on my Bent Creek Snappers. I've frogged two months worth, seven more months to go. I've decided to only frog one month at a time to not burn out on it.

I was about to start the BBD Freebie that everyone and their mother seems to be stitching. I knew there was no way I could finish it in time for the contest but I thought it would be a nice project to stitch up in honor of my maternal grandmother to give to my mom for Mother's Day. Trim it with lace and frame up myself. Nothing fancy...simple. I had the fabric and threads in mind from my stash...Lakeside Linens Pearled Barley with Belle Soie Sister Scarlett silk. Here is my situation and question to you...I pulled a length of the silk and slid it on the fabric to compare the color variagation throughout the thread and if it would complement the fabric. When I pulled the silk away, it left a red line on the fabric! In a panic, I rubbed and rubbed and the color transfer went away. The leftover dye in this silk is unbelievable! Has anyone else had this problem?! I even rubbed a napkin down the length of the silk and the color transfered to the napkin. I'm very worried about using the silk on the fabric. I decided to soak/rinse the silk in cold water but the dye is still bleeding despite repeated rinses and soaks in cold water. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was disappointed to encounter this problem as I was all excited about curling up and starting this project yesterday but I had to put it on the back burner.

Anyways, the regular programming for this post was Totally Useless SAL reporting. Below is where my little glass jar sits. It's not very full. In fact, it looks downright empty!
Even though I have been stitching more than the last couple of months, I still didn't accumulate very many orts. Below are the meager pickings...psychedelic looking photo isn't it?! The orangy-red bits are from stitching Edgar's QFRR and the springlike colors are from my giveaway stitching and there are some linen threads that escaped the unserged cut of fabric I've been using. I can't wait for the jar to get more filled and colorful!Please note that Stitchy Tuesday may be postponed as I have a doctor's appointment, need to visit the parentals to take care of some paperwork and while I'm at it, may as well "borrow" the washer and dryer for the evening to do like three/four loads of laundry. Since the parentals live close to the doctor, it all seems to make sense even though it's doubtful I'll get much stitching (or frogging) done.

Remember the deadline for my Blogoversary giveaway is May 1st at 5pm PST. All you need to do is comment here and mention my giveaway on your own blog.

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Away at Conference

Oh, I am so happy to see new and old friends visiting and commenting for the giveaway. Yay!

Stitchy Tuesday will return next week as I am away at conference this week and don't have my camera with me. The conference is only in San Jose which is an hour away from home but I am staying at the hotel and pretending it's a getaway. It's a nice break from the office and the trials and tribulations of being chauffer and caretaker for *the boy*. Don't worry...he's ok. My very nice, quirky and talkative apartment manager is checking in on *the boy* and they are having fun conversations about politics, computers, music, entrepreneurial ideas, business and other boy stuff that sometimes puts girl to sleep!

I thought I would check in anyways and say hi and update on my projects sans photos. Last week, I put the finishing touches in the September block of the Snappers and started frogging the bottom border. I didn't frog much since I started getting little Dried Thyme bits all over the place. That will be unfrogged little by little. I put a good 100 stitches into Fairy Moon which isn't a lot but I will now consider it officially started. This won't get a decent photo in for a while since it's been started with a dusty purple color on SMF Dragon Moon fabby which is a dark splotchy navy blue color. The purple blends into the fabric some now but will stand out once I stitch the lighter colors surrounding it. And, I, of course, stitched on my giveaway project which is a surprise until is't received by the winner. Remember to comment on my previous post with link back by 5pm PST on May 1st.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Until next time..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FogCity Dweller is Four!!

We interrupt regular Stitchy Tuesday programming to announce that FogCity Dweller is Four!
Four years ago today, I decided to start up my own blog and share my life with the world...or um, at least those who happened to stumble upon my little space in blogland. Back then, it was a way to chronicle my many dating escapades and my interest in knitting. Knitting seems ages ago and frankly, I'm pretty happy to be dating one fellow who makes me smile instead of many that drive me nuts. As a person who is quite shy and seemingly introverted, it amazes me how much I dated way back when and how much I had to say on the topic. I always talked about my dates here as the one place I can journal my experiences and look back on it as "research" should I ever decide to write that chick-lit fictional novel I've always talked about doing. Time is more scarce now than ever before but I have hopes that I can at least get a short story (if not that novel) out of my escapades as a commitment-phobe and serial dater. My, how things change in four years!

Now, I'm pretty content in blogging about my stitchy projects or lack of time to get my projects completed. I'm still shy and I'm still introverted and in an effort to meet more stitchy bloggers I'd like to extend an invitation of welcome for folks to come across my little spot of blogland and enter themselves for a giveaway to celebrate my four years of blog babbling. The giveaway is open to all folks...old or new to my little blog. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post only and mention my giveaway on your blog with a link back to mine. It's that easy! The giveaway objects will be something made by me along with some extras to be determined once I ransack through my stash. No sneakpeeks as I am currently stitching on it and am apt to change my mind and start something else for the lucky winner!

Oh! And the deadline will be May 1st at 5pm PST. Good things should happen on May Day! Good luck and I look forward to making new stitchy friends in year 5!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Retro Charms Giveaway!

Alicja with Retro Charm Garden is having a giveaway! If you comment on her blog and post about her giveaway on your own blog, you have the chance to win a retro charm of your own. They are quite lovely and during my browsing this one caught my eye.
As you can see, there is a four-leaf clover pressed inside for good luck. I could use all the luck I can get! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stream of Consciousness Babble

**start brain buzz

It's Wednesday but at the rate of this week, it does definitely feel like Friday. I'd give anything for it to be Friday. It's been a rough 3 days so far.

I've sleepwalked my way to work and through the morning...quite sleepy and logged onto email. *the boy* tells me he's working from home. Jealous! So wish I had a job that would let me work from home too. Laptop...jammies = heaven.

Too sleepy to work through all the grant stuff I need to focus on...will attempt these projects later.

Internal debate of what my stitchy project will be. I think I will be pulling out the Tumult fabric and Fairy Moon supplies tonight to see if the combo speaks to me and asks me to finally put that needle to fabric.

*The boy* calls me in the morning. He never calls me at work. The news: $60K hospital bill has been waived and all he owes is $200. Super relief! Then he jokes about being able to use the money (what money?!) for a Porsche! What a dork! Any extra money should go into a house fund. I will believe that he no longer owes it when we get it in writing. Good news though!

Lunchtime...not really hungry and I scope out the empty office and put my attention to the Snappers. Stems and leaf veins are stitched, Dried Thyme is examined and deemed worthy of use for the border. I feel a stitchy groove coming on. I start in on the top border over September block. Maybe if I skip yoga...I can stitch all evening. Hmmm...bad to skip yoga but good to take advantage of stitching groove.

Phone rings...*the boy* again. What is going on?! Twice in a day...very weird. Now it's bad news but not unexpected news. *The boy's* been let go so the job hunt is truly on...again. There's some relief. Unemployment actually pays him more than the job was paying him after the drastic paycut. Awful time to be looking for a job though.

Wow...lots of news in one day! *The boy* wonders what might happen next since things happen in threes. I am so buying a lottery ticket on my way home!

It's interesting dating *the boy*. Things are much more hectic and news-filled. I'm pretty quiet and introverted. He is talkative and extroverted. So I listen and he talks. When I talk, I then quiz him to make sure he is listening. He listens...that's good. Me: I walk and do yoga and watch more tv than is good and stitch. Boy: he cooks and plays guitar and watches political stuff and the stock market. We're quite different. I like to be lazy and he likes to be out. He likes making good food and I like eating it. He's happy that I don't cook because then we don't have fights about who cooks better and debates on recipes. Fine by me...I like baking. He hates baking. We're a good team that way. He cooks...I bake...we eat...we're happy. Despite the commonalities, we're quite different but we get along well.

**end brain buzz

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

Another Tuesday and I'm not in the best of moods. Honestly, I'm pouty, whiny and so incredibly tired and stressed but I won't really get into it. Work has been kicking me in the tushie with all sorts of problematic projects and I sit at my desk daydreaming of long, relaxing vacations anywhere but here. It's been two years since my last long vacation. I don't count long weekends as they are so *rush, rush, rush*.

Since my last post, things have been pretty much the norm this past weekend. I pick up *the boy*, we hang out, he cooks, I sleep and then I take him back "home". I think the highlight of the weekend was visiting my parents for Easter and me getting locked inside the bathroom with no way out! I hadn't noticed that the knob was missing until I went to leave. Thank goodness my brother was there so he could bust me out of the bathroom! My parents are quite deaf and *the boy* isn't too mobile so I could have been pounding for a while if he hadn't been there!

The week proved to be too busy for stitching. Below is my progress on the September block of the BC Snappers. Not much but I am almost finished with the block itself. Just the stems and leaf veins to longstitch. I am still in debate over my border and as you can see, I haven't finished the top border for the block yet. I have about 7 skeins of Dried Thyme to pick through and make sure that they are similar enough in color for me to use for the entirety of the project. Since I'll be working on border for a while, things will not look too exciting. I still seem to be in debate as to what my next project will be while I work on this border disaster. So many options and I can't seem to choose!
I do have the feeling that my pick will be Fairy Moon but still debating. I don't think Italy will happen this year after all so there is no pressure to start Letter G. *The boy* is looking for yet another new job. He hasn't lost his current job but things do not look good. Amazing that he is now looking for his third job in six months! Unbelievable!

On an interesting note, next week will mark my four year bloggaversary. Four years! I can't believe it's been that long and to think this little space started off as a venting post for my trials and tribulations in the world of dating. Whoa, the dating world is crazy...especially when you dated and juggled as much as I did! Over the last year or so, it's spun off from dating to crafting. I laugh at that interesting turn. I had high hopes to be a stitching whiz this winter and have something fabulous all made up as a prize for giveaway. I'm quite disappointed that I don't. Apparently, I am still not a hard-core stitchy blogger or I'd be organized for this already! *sigh*

Since I don't have access to a garden, I bring spring indoors. Here are some colorful beauties I brought home from Safeway and Trader Joes! I absolutely love orange tulips and I love to see daffodils opening up. They are both quite cheerful and I display them on top of my TV so I can get the most enjoyment out of them. Aren't they pretty?!
I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter and a nice weekend. I hope to have more stitchy progress later this week...I just don't know on what! :)

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

Yay! Monday was so productive that I made great progress on Edgar's QFRR. I only had 60 stitches or so left to do by the end of the night and I finished those easily this afternoon. Here is the section that I stitched on his RR.
And here is his RR as it stands in all it's glory. As you can see, my section is the one on the upper right. Only one more section to go!
Edgar's RR
32 count Lakeside Linens Lentil
Vikki Clayton Raisin Wine and Old Maid of the Soil Silk

I really like how the colors variegate in this piece and it was my first time to stitch with Vikki Clayton silk. It was lovely! After finishing this up and getting a couple of packages together, I debated what to do and I dug out the BC Snappers to continue working on the September block. I didn't get too much done on it so no picture. My thought is to finish the block before tackling the major border repair. I can just feel that the border repair will be tedious and not so fun but I think it will be necessary for me to feel happy about that eventual finish. I haven't had anytime to get to NiaH for fabric for Letter G so I may just start on Fairy Moon. She's all kitted up and has been patiently waiting forever for me to bring her to life. It's such a daunting project as well but I know that once I see her start coming to life, it will bring me lots of happiness and I could use some happy vibes. Stay tuned...I'm sure more pictures will soon follow.

I thought I'd entertain you guys with a little post-it collage *the boy* left for me after the weekend. I guess all my napping inspired him?! Please ignore the mess under the coffee table but this is what I found when I went to sit on my futon to watch tv.
You probably can't read what they say so from L to R: pensive cat, sleepy cat on table, valerie cat with tongue out *smiling* and on the kleenex box: sleepy cat. I thought this was hysterical! I wonder if the sleepy cat on table was inspired by me practically falling asleep into my plate after breakfast?! Hmmmm....

And I guess he thinks I have some wild poufy hair?! And my hair is much longer than chin length! I've no idea but I thought this was just too funny that I had to share. Sorry for the dark pictures...still learning the camera. Hope this made you laugh as much as it made me.

Well, that's it for me...hope you guys are all seeing lots of stitchy progress.

Until next time...

Monday, April 06, 2009


Where to begin. Most of the disappointment revolves around *the boy*. He went in on Thursday for his x-ray and follow up and about 4 doctors crowded around his x-ray with pensive looks on their faces. The diagnosis was six more weeks on crutches. Six.More.Weeks!! *sigh* This was not what we were prepared to hear. In fact, we got the blunt doctor this time who said that 85% of the time, the tibia heals fine but there is a 15% chance that things will not heal fine and then alternative methods go into play. I think we were both too freaked out to find out what the "alternative" might be. Frankly, as pale as I am, I'm sure I grew even paler as my jaw hit the floor. And the blunt doctor also said that in all reality, it would be 3-6 months for the bone to heal. At the end of these additional six weeks, he'll have four months of crutching under his belt.

In addition to being dealt the card of six more weeks of crutching and no-weight bearing, *the boy* found out that his job is not as well-funded as they made themselves out to sound and therefore he will have to endure a 50% paycut for a little while until the company acquires more funding. 50% is a lot of money folks! *The boy* decided it was best to endure the paycut rather than go on unemployment. I agree but he was already getting paid less than his "worth". But hard times call for desperate measures.

And then remember that his "friends" were raising his rent by double starting May 1st?! The original plan was he'd move in with me temporarily while he looked for a cool housing situation. Well, the crutching an additional six weeks + 3 flights of stairs + no carpool options near me = less than ideal situation. When I dropped *the boy* back onto his side of the bay last night, it appears that the "friends" did the honorable thing and extended the lesser rent to him until he was back on his feet. So despite the circumstances, he's decided to take them up on their offer and stick it out over there since the carpool situation there helps him immensely.

Does anyone have a good luck spell that can cast on *the boy*. I mean really!! It seems like there is always some challenge or another.

Frankly, its too much drama for me to deal with. *The boy* seems to be handling this series of events better than me and it's actually happening to him! I don't know what my deal is but I'm feeling rather down and stressed.

I attended the funeral for my friend's dad and it was nice to see everyone, many whom I hadn't seen in years. They are devout Russian Orthodox and it was interesting to see a wake in that culture and how drastically different it is from Catholicism. Even in the saddest of circumstances, you can learn something new.

Most of the weekend, I had a migraine which means I didn't do much stitching and slept a ton. I could sleep another ton seeing as I feel so tired! Since I had a migraine, *the boy* (you know, the one on crutches!) was amazingly productive. He washed my dishes, he made dinner and repotted my plants. Me: I ran the errands for said dinner and potting and then slept and slept and slept. The productivity award goes to *the boy*!

I have only managed to stitch on one more motif on Edgar's QFRR but I have the feeling I can finish it all up tonight. By tomorrow, definitely. I didn't realize it was spring break so that means no yoga this week since I take classes at the local community college. No yoga = more time for stitching! Yay! It's not good news in the fight against the pudge but if the weather holds up, I'll take walks around the neighborhood.

I was also told by *the boy* that I have to get my darn act together and make a schedule and stick to it. *sigh* I've never been good at keeping to a schedule. All this stems from me going to sleep at 1am every night and waking up at 630am every day during the week which obviously isn't enough sleep which then taxes my body and I get these headaches or end up sleeping the entire weekend and moving at the same pace as a tortoise. Kind of bad for a 33 year old. Plus, for as late as I stay up, I haven't been getting very much stitching done. And then I complain very loudly about how I am not getting any stitching done and I go further into my funk. So I'll be playing around with a new schedule that will allow me more stitching time and get me to sleep earlier. We'll see how things go! Today we start....looking forward to more stitching and more sleeping!

No pictures today but come back tomorrow! :)

Until next time...